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 "Besides toothpaste name something sold in a tube?

 Im getting braces and im scared cuz alot of pepole are saying its going to hurt like crazzy so i need help?
If any bodyz haz any ifo give it to me cuz i needz it lotz ...

 Do dentists know if you smoke by looking at your teeth?

Additional Details
I only smoke like 10 each week n have only been doing it for like 5 months??...

 I have to get teeth braces do they hurt?
I have to get them can you please tell me what they do and if it hurts.

And I'm scared that people are going to make fun of me with them on, do you think they will?

Whats ...

 Best Toothpaste?
What is the best toothpaste? I want one that will keep my teeth white, keep my breath fresh, and help remove plaque....

 Braces! Good or Bad??
Hi, Im young ( i dont want to say my age)
and i just had a dental check up. My teeth are apparently fine, but i have a gap inbetween my two front teeth. i really dont like it and i want braces, ...

 What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth she collects?

 Do you brush your teeth when you go to bed?
I am not a kid, but just had some macaroni salad, & corona, wanna go to bed. Do you brush your teeth before you hit the sack?...

 What shoud you do first? brush or listerine??

 How can I get rid of bad breath?
I use mouthwash and brush my teeth regularly, and do not seem to have an unhealthy diet. But my breath smells like something rottern or maybe even like s**t. Is there any medicine or some other ...

 My braces HURT what do i do?
ya i got them tightened and they hurt like heck some1 plz help!...

 Does it hurt to get braces?
i'm just asking ,do orthodonist dentis actually put a shot to num your gum to put braces on?...

 Why are my teeth so yellow?
I have braces and brush my teeth 3 times a day but there soooo yellow, i dont no why? I dont drink coffee i know thats ment to stain your teeth what else could it be?

Also is there anyway ...

 When will my braces stop hurting?
I got them this morning around 9:00 and they started hurting around two. When will they stop?...

 How many times did you brush your teeth this week?

 How do i get rid of garlic breathe?

 Is it bad to chew on ice?
everytime i get home all i do is dig in the freezer and atleast eat 50 ice cubes a day...i'm curious if its bad or what it can cause??...

 Is it safe to use my friend's toothbrush?
he's gay, if that makes a difference....

 I have to get a couple teeth pulled in 2 weeks....does it hurt?
i heard that it doesnt but you can hear it come out...i'm gonna bring my ipod so i wont hear it. so what happens?
Additional Details

 I am going to get my wisdom teeth out on 5 hours.?
Any tips?...

Are you the owner of an electric toothbrush?
or not?

yes, it has a re-chargeable battery too so no extra cost there!

‚ô£Kermit the Frog‚ô£
Does it count if i dosnt actual work no more>?

Cause i still brush but with no Zoom

I own one, it's nice and stuff but I hate when I have to like get it charged again. But I'm too lazy to actually put some muscle into my teeth, lmao.

Dr Frank
Yes, its registration number is KLM 232 and I was not exceeding the speed limit.

yes but i switch between that one and ye olde school toothbrush, depending on which i can be bothered to reach for in the morning or if i can stand the sound of the electric one. :)

um... sure....

kerry s
yes, my mouth feels much cleaner using one but they go flat rather quickly!!

Yes its ok till it goes flat

Yes, and it's crap. After 3 years, I've gone back to manual. Much better!

yes mine is every one in my house has them good for the kids to as its more of a novelty to brush teeth

yes my whole family has them

mr bigs
yes-just fixed it because the plastic split replacing batteries !
I used superglue !

I used to own one (for years) and just recently went back to the plain vanilla toothbrush. I like it better.

once and i didnt like it in my opinion manual is much better.

I always seem to break them though.
I've gone through at least 4.

Yes, we own three of them. They have exchangeable heads and help us to brush longer and better.

yup have a braun one - had it for 4 years now and it makes my teeth feel very clean

Oh if only
I wish I had the teeth to clean

yeah.. batteries.

yes,a braun one..its really good.i charge it once a week..had it for 4 yrs,,but now,,i cant find a chemist,for a new one..so, its on my chistmas list..cheers..mary...the toothbrush is working fine,i need a new brush..thats all.


Indian Princess
Yes i am.


Yes, I own a battery operated toothbrush. I only use it for scrubbing things now. I found that it did not clean as well as the "old fashioned" method. But it works great in the shower!

steven e
once,but no more,back to manual.

yes, i have a manual one too

Yeah but the battery ran out and it wasn't all that anyway!

steve j
no but my wife is

Yes and they clean your teeth so much better than a manual one and with no effort.

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