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 how do I get the burn mark off me?
I was accidently burned by an iron maybe a week or so ago and a thought the mark it left would go away but it's still there how do I get rid of ...

 I've had a blood blister since wednesday and haven't popped it?
will it just go away?
Additional Details
it was a lite purple now it's black??...

 could this mole be cancerous?
sorry, no picture but i have become worried when i noticed a mole on the left side of my neck today...i am fair skinned, and have had the mole all my life and im 18 now...it is raised, and from what ...

 What should I do about my acne?
I am in eleventh grade, and have suffered with acne since eighth grade. I have tried absolutely everything, we've all heard the "I've tried everything" before, but this time, it&#...

 My skin is peeling...horribly! What can I do about it?
I recently had a sunburn maybe 2 weeks ago or so and it was really bad! I got over it but my arms, back and legs are peeling like crazy! Also, part of my chest. I use lotion pretty often but not too ...

 I have very dry skin+i use mousturizer everyday what could i use that works really good???????????????????????
very dry near my eye brows!!!!

help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 can you get spots by sweating ?

 Poison Ivy on my privates ... I'm scared ... please help?
Ok, a little background: I run a poison ivy grow operation in my garage. There are a lot of people who annoy me, mostly co-workers, and from time to time they come down with wicked poison ivy ...

 I'm a nurse. Yesterday a pt asked me to scratch his bum.?
he just had surgery and was fat. He had difficulty scratching his bum. I don't think it is my job to scratch his bum. What's the best way to tell him to scratch his own *** without ...

 What is a homemade cure for really bad dry hands.?

 I want to get rid of all the acne on my face.chest.everything.?
I have tried Netrogena.
That's a trip.
I have tried Proactive
But it runs out soon. And I'm totally broke to get more.
I've even tried Caress soap and water.

 can maggots get in a humans skin while they're still living?

 My son has ringworm, but he's only 9 months old. What could I use that would be safe to treat it?
Every medication I've researched is reccomended for children over the age of two. Any advice would be apreciated....

 How do I get rid of blackheads?
I have them on my nose and upper cheeks and chin.
I have tried popping them, all I get is a load of white gunky stuff. I sometimes manage to break the skin, which leaves marks. I have also tried ...

 Is it okay to pop blisters?
I played some hardcore drums today for the first time in a long time. I took a nap, and just woke up.

There is a really big ugly red bump in the middle of my middle finger. Its half the ...

 I have a mole on my left shoulder?
Should I bear through the pain and rip it off or let a doctor do it and let them check for cancer. How would I go about ripping it off, cutting it with scissors, or pulling with hands?

 I have terrible acne scars. How can I get rid of them fast? NOTHING works! (PICTURE)?
This picture is kind of old. The acne is completely gone thanks to Clearasil : ). But the scars are all still there and haven't gotten any better at all. I've been putting vitamin E oil on ...

 What is a good cure or a hang over?
I know there is no real cure for a hang over but come on there has to be something that takes the edge ...

 What is the best thing you've used for a dry skin (face)?
That doesn't over do it, and make your skin oily?...

 What product worked best for your acne?
Just curious here, what products or remedies worked best to get rid of your acne?

Regular vitamins and apple cider vinegar work best for me.
Additional Details
I use it as a ...

what can i do about my acne?
i've treated my acne with stridex and it works great but i have like red spots from where my acne has been and i still have a couple zits what can i do about them the red spots make me look like i have a couple of chicken pox or someone took a small red marker and put dots on my face.

Xandu M
hide behind an avatar, and hang out in dark places.

qt girl
clean your face

ℓuvαт1sтbıтэ ♥
sand paper

you can use a peel off mask a few times a week to make the marks less visible.

Forum Rider
Try out different products. Wash your face morning and night, don't eat sweets, dark colored soda's, or chocolate. Try a night-time oil removing mask. Reduce your stress.

A quick fix = tanning, go once or twice a week and your skin will improve almost immediately.


continue to use your acne treatment regularly. If the marks dont go away, make an appointment with your dermatologist.

Bio Oil!

on the doctors they said to use vinegar, but that was for bacne.
but it worked good for the people that used it, the new acne went away along with teh red dots they had from earlier attakcs.

First of all, stop using stridex! The red spots (may) fade if you give them time and just let them be (I had a few red spots that gradually disappeared over the course of a few months). Basically, the stridex has burned off your acne, leaving shallow cuts on your skin. Just let them be, and these little cuts will probably heal. In the future, use hot compresses instead! Hot compresses open the pores and let all of the puss out, without damaging the skin.

Ikram H
crush an asprin and add lemon juice and put it on ur face, asprin has acidic acid which kills zits

These are underlying scars from previous popped zits/pimples/chicken pox. Try finding a product that is good at helping scars disappear, I know that some OTC facial products and other scar products are available at Wal-Mart.

I'm currently dealing w/ acne & what I do is clean my face once a day. Drink plenty of water. Facials also work wonders. You should get that at least once a month. The acne treatment kit I use is called Soothys & it really works. My doctor also prescribed me dioxycycline, which kills the bacteria of acne. My skin is pretty clear. I occasionally break out.

pop them

pills. dont use pads and creams, that takes up so much time in the day. i take one dynacin pill each day, and blemishes dont appear. if they already exist, creams can help, but to keep them away, dynacin is best

I am using Clearasil but it doesn't do too much 4 me.

Please email me if u find something that works please.

Security Crasher
Well this is what i do and it works every time. I use teatree face washes and face masks. Boots here in england sell this teatree face masks that you rub on your face leave it on for 10 mins and it deeply cleanses your face and helps eliminate spots.

Also there is a acne soap on ebay which works well made of chinese herbs it also works well.
Its like a green soap

Daneosaurs Rex
I use to get loads back in the day but that was because I was eating junk, not getting enough sleep, no exercise and not enough liquid.

I live healthy now and gets enough exercise and i only rarely get spots anymore, and if they do they are not even big anymore.

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