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if my belly button is infected, what do i do?
i cant go to the docter.
and im freaking out.
what do i do?


Clean it out with some hydrogen peroxide. And for god's sake, don't dig/poke at it. You'll only make it worse.

I'm assuming you got it pierced and that is why it is infected. Leave the piercing in, do not take it out unless you want the hole closing. Gently use warm water and soap on it just to clean the base. Next dry it off and dab it with hydrogen peroxide numerous times. If it bubbles that is good! Do it until the bubbling stops (you may want to gently rub the cotton ball with peroxide on the infected area for best results). After you are done with the peroxide, put a bit of neosporin on it. Repeat process 3 times a day.

The Doodoo King
Pure some whiskey in that thing!

get it fixed, and begin to shower regularly.

We are all screwed
clean it with peroxide

Stephanie W
y not? Go to the hospital emergency room.

rowena utopia
Pick up some clotrimazole cream from the pharmacy, it's for yeast and fungal infections, exactly what you have in your belly button.

Why can't you go out to the doctors?
Look up some thing about treatments on google. I suggest you take your belly button ring out, OR use a belly button ring that is real silver... real gold... nickel free, etc.
Clean it more often. After showers, wipe the water around and in if possible? :S When it's wet (with the ring and all), probably more germs would be around the area.
But yeah seriously, look up on google "Belly Button Infected At Home Treatment"

Hope I helped.

Well it depends on how bad the infection and what kind. Do you have a piercing? Try to just clean it carefully. Hope it gets better!

Take it out,
use bactine.

go the webmed and see what you should do and dont touch it and clean it three times a day and put some antibacterial cream

Sam V

I'm guessing that you're underage and don't want to tell your parents you got a piercing.

Either way, and infection is an infection. You need antibiotics. It's not yeast. If it's pierced and infected, you need antibiotics. You have to go to the doctor.

Do NOT listen to the other answers who suggest hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound! Peroxide damages the surrounding tissue and impedes healing. Don't use it. Wash gently with soap and water, and use Neosporin or other antibiotic ointment. Cover the wound with dry gauze and tape.

If it's not pierced, it is probably yeast. You can use the yeast infection preparations found in the maxipad aisle at the store. Either way, I'd still get it checked out because you can get a nasty scar.

Put some neosporin in it, and patch with band aid.

Why can't you go to the doctor? Your parents don't know about it?

When mine got infected I really didn't want a scar so I just told my parents so they could take me to the doctor. They gave me anti bacterial pillz and told me to take it out.

DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. If you do at least dilute it. I recommend using Bactine or a SEA SALT/water mixture and not a million times a day. Cleaning it too much won't help. Don't touch it. If it doesn't go away then you should just take it out. The infection will be gone quickly but you may be left with a scar.

Also, when you're in the shower, a little soap on it should help, too.

OMG!!! People! Straight peroxide is way too harsh for infection! Usually peroxide is watered down when nurses use it, so water it down if you use peroxide 1/2 and 1/2. Cleanse it with anti-bacterial soap like dial and apply polysporin ointment (drug store) after you dry it. Do this twice a day for at least three days, if it looks like it is getting better, then keep doing it for a week. Do you have a piercing? Take some Zinc supplements to help your immunities.

peroxide and nerosporin

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