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 I am scratching my skin off!!!?
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how to get rid of sunburn fast!?
i have it on my face and i ran out of aloe

is there anything that i could use tht is in most homes
Additional Details
what will help clear the redness

peel it... otherwise you could use lotion

John C
keep it moist, some lemon juice maybe?

A raw potato will draw the heat out - mayo will soothe it - vinegar will also but stinks - you can also place frozen veggie bags on it for relief- lotion will most of the time feel cool to it at first but then some will end up stinging once it's on and gets warm. Some tanning oils odd as it sounds will soothe and help the redding turn to tan faster too. Good Luck

Barry F
You gotta wait it out.

haha ya i have the same prolblem. i was just outside for 4 hours straight and when i came home and looked in the mirror i was red as a lobster. lol.

cool the burn with water or ice and then apply lotion. dont apply lotion and then water it doesnt work that way. hope this helped email me if u have any questions. ive had plenty of sunburns. lol

Marvelous Marv
Sold in the pet department at Walmart is something called "Bag Balm".

It's used for cows but I've seen it work wonders on my daughter who blistered after a severe sunburn. It totally healed, no scar.
It's in a green square can.

Putting ice on it helps a little. OH and lotion is definitely a life saver; but since it's on your face, just use face lotion.

omg....i had a sunburn on my face over the summer and i continously put water on it and it burned then i got home and didnt put any water or anything on it and it went away in like 2-3 days. goood luck! hope this helped

Aloe Vera gel or lotion with Aloe vera

The sunburn itself will not go away fast, but you can ease the pain by some of the above suggestions, but you have to wait for the skin to heal in real time.

LOTION!!! (without perfume or it will sting)

aj a
face lotion and then add some vineger then let cool in front of A.C

vitamin E oil..if u have the capsules, just break them and put the liquid on ur burns. if not, GET MORE ALOEEEEEE

Vinegar will turn it to tan overnight. It smells bad for a little while, but works wonders!

doing the herbs
believe it or not mustard DOES work!(im not joking, i use it sometimes if im out of aloe, and for fresh burns like on a stove)

Vitamin E or aloe vera.

treat it like a burn. aloe is the best(my mom keeps an aloe plant in the house at all time, it works better then the bottled stuff). also try teabags after letting them soak for a little bit in warm water.

Vinegar will cool it down. But you will smell.

Ryan B
put a bottle of good lotion in the fridge for like a hour then put it on the sunburn it makes it feel really good, and it makes mine go away faster.

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