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how to get rid of acne by friday?
so i have to go to a sleepover on friday, and my skin just broke out really bad.
i use acne free 3 step program and last night i put on clean and clear persa gel.

i think the reason my skin broke out so bad was because last saturday i had an event where we had to wear a costume and i had to wear tons of foundations and even baby powder, which did not do my skin so well.

i have tried toothpaste. give me some suggestions, i also have bangs, and the only place i get acne is where the hair touches my forehead, which i know bangs don't help but please don't say pin them up when im at home because then my parents just say omg you need to clear up that acne i didnt know it was that bad. so idk what to do. i am stuck.

i just feel embarrased to have acne all over my forehead at her sleepover and in front of her family
Additional Details
I have tried SOOOOO many diff cleansers but NONE work! have u had any luck with acne free 3 step program? what can i use on top of it. she is my friend but she acts very young for her age and whenever i get a zit she likes to point it out, and it is embarrasing because it is all over my forehead plus scars! so idk what to do.
i don't want to keep makeup on all night!

krystal r
Just get a face wash and use it everyday and every night. Worked for me

Niki N

Ashlynn Marie
Okay, this seems weird but i SWEAR it works
I usually mix avocado, egg, and salt in a blender <you can use as a mask or a spot treatment>
put it on your face, wait about 10 mins
then WALLLA nice and soft, and pimples are smaller

you can also try the clean and clear acne advantage thing (its purple and silver bottle) that stuff works GREAT.

keep it moisturized =]

Rocky Rocco
pop the zits and take a shower and use bar soap on your face. do not pop zits if it hurts, and don't pick at them

june cleaver


what eve
what kind of friends family would make fun of you

Michael M
Wash your hair alot because you said you get zits where the hair touches your forehead....because of the oil in your hair..so just wash you hair! :-)

ok. here is a GREAT SOLUTION!!!!!!!
do you have acne cream? well, if you do, use that.
if u dont, then this is what i do...

take toothpaste, put it on the worst pimples, and then leave it over night.

if it is stinging, that means ITS WORKING!!!! so dont take it off.
works every time.

mix water with salt or just put salt on, be patient

Star dust
This is going to sound weird...but you know who can really help: Your GP.....my friend had really bad acne and her GP was able to help, i know that sometimes going on the pill can stop your acne...so they might have something.......i don't think many home cures and scrubs that you buy from shops are gonna help that much x x x x

Try washing the affected areas 2-3 times a day, but don't over do it as you can get other skin problems. Try to keep hair clean and off the face, as oils from the hair can make it worse.
If you're wearing make up use a water-based oil free one and remove thoroughly before going to bed.
Don't squeeze or pick them - they will only get worse and can scar the skin. If you do, dab a bit of perfume on them, the alcohol dries them out.
If it's still really bad, get some advice from your doctor or chemist.
If your just staying at a friends place, don't worry. It happens to all of us and is part of growing up. Remember, there are worse things in life than just worrying about zits.

michelle w
um have u tried pro actvie or u could be like me i wash my face day n night cause i have acne n tryin to get rid by middle school and also i go to face doctor and get medicne but my med not n stores but u can buy pro active or just wash your face morning and night

try putting toothpaste on them overnite or for a few hrs. After, wen u wake up, wash ur face with exfoliating stuff. Do this every day till tues. Try not to wear too much makeup for the rest of the week. The least pore-cloggage, the better!!

well if you want to get rid of the scars as well as pimples ( or at least lighten them) try this

cut a raw potato in half and place the cut side on the area that needs treating, leave it there for a half hour then wash the starch off with an oil free exfoliating wash

Well if you dont own proactive you should buy it. Then use it. You should get the clay mask thing they make too. It get rids of it within like 2-3 days.

everyone gets acne.

This is going to sound kind of gross but trust me it works: pin your bangs back, crack an egg into a bowel and mix it up. Then spread the egg over your face with your hands. Let the egg dry and wash it off. Your skin will be radiant and the acne disappears.

Jj C
try proactive

Crystal Violet
Neutrogena pore refining cleanser, it has alpha and beta hydroxy acid to clear up the pores.

Don't scrub hard, use the same pressure as you would shaving.

Queen Helene Mud Mask, it is cheap, and generic looking, but it is really good, not to many extra ingredients. Just the clay to draw the oil out.

Tree Tree oil, any brand, but make sure its 100% pure. It has a very strong medicinal smell that lingers, like vicks vapo rub. But it works great, both to kill bacteria and reduce the inflamation. You can apply it all over the face, but watch out for the eyes. Once your skin is clear you can use it to spot treat.

The first 2 things are gonna dry your skin up, so you need some lotion to keep skin healthy and not peeling. Use a mild one like Cetaphil, it has good ingredients.

As for the hair? Keep it clean, and at least the part that touches your face? No products, like hair spray, serum, palmade, gel. Nothing. If you don't wash you hair every day at least wash the bangs.

Hair has a way of collecting everything bad for your skin, because the natural oils act like glue, everything from dust to air polution gets stuck there. Think of how bad your hair smells when you have been somewhere smokey... same thing with everyday polutants all the time, you just don't notice.

Pull your hair off your face at bedtime, and switch pillowcases every day.
And - Don't pick, it spreads bacteria.

If you do this you should be clear in 3 days, you have time if you start now.

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