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 Any Good Acne Medicine?
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 I accidently burned my face with hot oil and rubbed some of my skin off. is there any way for it to get back?

 purple spots on my skin?
I have purple spots on my butt.
Looks like a rash but does not itch,hurt,burn or anything like that. they are not bumpy i cant feel them.
No its not a birthmark,and no its not brusies.

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Mini twin
how do I get the burn mark off me?
I was accidently burned by an iron maybe a week or so ago and a thought the mark it left would go away but it's still there how do I get rid of it

don't know

vitamin e oil at its largest usi number....

vitamin E and aelovera

Tyler Motta
Some burns may scar for life, some may heal over time, there's special lotion out there to use. Go to a local pharmacy and ask.

Best of luck.

really u cant get rid of it but for years it can get rid of if u put ice or lotion on it it could of got little better so yea

renea angela
In the pharmacy selling creams, for scars.Long time ago ,happened to me ,the same situation,and the pharmacy gave me a cream,I for got the name.But ask for any cream for scars, if is with aloe vera better

you can always buy the neosporin (sp) scar patches, they work pretty well, it's just a small patch that you put on for little pit and it gets rid of the scar. or you can buy anti-scarring cream that also does the job. but if it's a minor burn, it should go away within two weeks or so.

Put it over a flame. Works like a charm.
trust me, i'm a PROFESSIONAL.

~*Bride in 2010*~
I have bad scars from a rash or something I had al over my legs. My doctor and pharmacist both recommended "Maderma". You can but it right at Wal-Mart, however it is a little bit expensive, but really worth it. My scars began to fade in no time! Good luck!

aloe vera will help sooth and heal it. but it will go away it justs going to take timee.

because I said so
give it time & it will

nominated Y/A best avatar ever
if u got burned bad then it will never come off

well i had the same thing and i put toothpaste on it alittle bit i know its gross but it helps....ITS WILL GO AWAY SOON I GOT BURNED ONCE IN THE SUN AT THE BEACH AND I STILL HAVE IT ......HOPE THIS HELPS ..

Use neosporin until it heals then use cocoa butter for the scar.

it will go away after a few months.

I was burned by an oven a while ago and it was a different color for about 5 months.

Just give it time and it will go away.

giggle taco
put tooth paste
it works:D

Vitamin E lotion

i had the same problem as yew and my dad told me to put neosporin on it and the mark is going away:]
buh yew have to put it on everyday.

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