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Khadz ...x
can you get spots by sweating ?

lol..... no

no! lmfao!

no because sweating is natral its just for cooling your body down the are no side affects or whatever..lol

um, no.

But it does increase acne.

If thats what you mean by spots

easy 10 points


wash after sweating....dirty sod

It could be a sweat rash

you can if you dont wash

Monkey Hanger
only if wear the same clothes for 48 hours. I did when i was away i was that tired from traverling when i got to the hotel i layed down on the bed and went to see sleep and couldn't be bother to change clothes in the morning

Silly gurl!
If you wear a shirt sometimes it leaves spots!
You go to take a like a shower to cause sweaty makes you stink bad I think....... lol

well i know of a condition where if your hands over sweat then you wll get theese little spots. like pimples on your hands that just pop over time. but oher than that , nope. i dont think you can :)

xx rachel xx
when you sweat it can become a rash if you dont wash regular, there like spots but smaller. just keep the areas where you sweat clean

Jammy Dodgers
I think sweat is what causes them? Or else it's that they start IN sweat glands, but running around and getting very sweaty won't increase your chances of spots or anything... Cos you sweat a little every day no matter what you do!

Miiss Cherie
yeah if you dont wash afterwards the sweat could get into your pores and give you spots xx

yeh yeh , it blocks your pores. you won't get them if you was your face after exercise etc

not by sweating,but surely if you dont wash up after that

Cotton headed ninny muggins
if you sweat alot and don't cleanse your skin the pores can become blocked and cause spots

If sweat or grease clog up your pores then it's a perfect breading ground for bacteria and spots can form. Sometimes I get this if I've been running all afternoon. Wash your face as soon as your done working out

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