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Broken Pearls
Who thinks 50 years ago, less people suffered with acne? or is it similar to how it once was?
My science teacher told me more teenagers suffer with acne today then back in the 50's, anyone know why? is it to do with diet? the air around us? thanks x

Its to do with diet and environment. Kids used to have to wake up, do chores, have a shower, walk to school, walk home, do chores, eat an organic home cooked meal. Sound like your life?

probably because we eat more junk food nowadays which MIGHT have an effect on our skin, like making it greasier and stuff.

Shut yo mouf
Today's diets are less healthier for us as opposed to back then.
The crap they put in our foods amaze me as to how something so dangerous can be legal for human consumption.
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) for example. People are getting more aware of this dangerous additive that they are now hiding the name under other alternatives such as Partially Hydrogenized Oil, etc.
Just be careful what you eat. Although it's hard to do, at least try.

jenna r
I would definitley think diet. Just like obesity is rising, so is acne. People are eating less natural food and more processed, they are drinking less pure water and more soda and coffee.

yea its bc of the foods we have now. they are loaded with preservatives and all these fillers. not to mention the grease content in fried food.
And the carbonated sodas.
there are lots more, its mainly due to junk food,

Probably because of more hormones in the foods we eat. Other than that I don't think there is much of a difference.

btw: Eating junk food and chocolate has nothing to do with getting acne. That's an urban myth.
Read "drivebyboater"'s answer. He has a good point.

I agree with your teacher. The foods that we eat today are so processed and filled with preservatives and coloring and fillers it's scary; that we live as long as we do is amazing.
Although acne is a natural response to hormone changes that occur through out puberty, it is amplified by the types of food we eat. 50 years ago, fast food was an afterthought to the everyday home cooked meal. Even then, the foods that were being prepared were more natural, less processed than what were being served today (french fries actually got spoiled back then). Diet has everything to do with the ability of the body to sake care of itself. It can only use what's given to it.

I would say Yes more do suffer with acne now than 50 years ago

because of us eating more toxins and not being as active

when your body is changing rapidly it needs more good food so you eat more if you eat more food that has a lot of toxin's or things the body does not want it will get rid of them either through bowel movements, sweating, or acne.

spunky rabbit
it has to do with our diets..which is why people in the east.... like in asia.... often do not have acne....and healthier skin...

Because of the diet mostly. My brother suffered from terrible acne, saw dermatologists all the time. Finally he got one SMART dermatologist that told him to stop eating greasy and sweet foods and told him to stop drinking soda altogether.

A few months later he had NO acne at all.

info seeker
Diet....we have a lot of processed foods. If we all ate exactly what is grown on earth....then we wouldn't have acne.

Surely no.

all the processed foods people eat today. all the sugary drinks.

Well.. I'm 69 years old and I WAS a teenager in the 1950's and I remember we have even WORSE problems with the zits because we didn't have all the preparations and stuff that is available to teenagers today... so you science teacher doesn't know what he is talking about.

Probably all of the above. Think of all the chemicals we're exposed to today. True, there are more laws regulating pollution, etc, but think of how much strange stuff is in... the conditioner you use... the food you eat... the dyes on your pillowcase... your cellphone rubbing against your face.

More is expected of today's teens, too--the pressures are greater than ever before--and stress can definitely cause breakouts.

I was around in the 50's, and that doesn't make me senile as one answerer suggested.
I don't think acne is more prevalent today, we had lots of kids with acne back then, it's just that with more people and more communication, we're more aware of it. (all the Proactive commercials)
Just because your science teacher "says" it's more prevalent doesn't make it true either.
And we had just as bad of a diet back then too, we drank kool-aid with our meals consisting of noodles, bread, and grease. We ate sugary sweets and candies. Just like today. In fact, our diets may have been worse because we didn't know all that refined flour, sugar, and lard was bad for us! Now the focus is on more helathy eating.

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