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 hi, i have really sweaty hands and i dont know how to prevent my hands from sweating. any advice?

What is a good cure or a hang over?
I know there is no real cure for a hang over but come on there has to be something that takes the edge off

How bout not drinking so much in the first place?

Salma R
Give the source below a look. If you follow all 4 steps on the page, you will most likely reduce your hangover effects the next time. You might find something to help you now also.

500mg acetaminophen and 200 mg ibuprofin and 4 tumes

I'm Ecstatic!!
Water Water Water. The reason for a hangover is the lack of hydration. Liquor dehidrates your body so after drinking you should always drink water. It really helps.

[email protected]
yerba mate is a the national drink of argentina. works like a charm. get it at health food stores.

Take 3 aspirins before you go to bed. Then drink lots and lots of gator-aide electrolytes are the key.

The other option is to slow down on the drinking if this is a constant issue. But I am sure you tell yourself never again each time it happens......

Good luck.

shizzle m
a hang over is actually severe dehydration. you can actually avoid one or at least minimze by making sure you are well hydrated before heavy drinking. if your not then drink hydrating fluids ...water or gatorade or something like DO NOT DRINK CAFFINE it is dehydrating same as alcohol

[email protected]
Not getting that drunk in the first place.

But two glasses of water and some disprin before going to bed seems to help.

I use something called "Wake Up Call" by Alka Seltzer. It has aspirin and caffeine and other vitamins in it. That helps more than anything else I've tried!

Pot. It works wonders! That's why they give it to chemotherapy patients because it reduces nausea and headaches. Try it, it works everytime!
But if you aren't a smoker, then the next best thing is tylenol and water

What is a good cure or a hang over?
Well, I'll just give you both...
The first: Penicillin
The second: A side effect of excess drinking.

Yoda's Tattoo
A large very sweet iced tea (preferably from Chick-Fil-A or Bojangles), a fairly rare steak, and 3 Excedrin. Works every time.

Madame Butter-Crumpet
Lots of water.

Take AlkaSeltzer, take a cold bath, then take a rest. Drink also lots of fluids to flush out the alcohol in your system. It this doesn't work... Take 2 Advil and sleep. Your body needs rest from drowning from the toxins of alcohol.

Just time and try to keep yourself hydrated.

Tylenol and rest.

None of the 'cures" work

Don't drink. It's your body's way of saying DON'T DO THAT!

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