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 How can get hickies to fade in 2 hours?

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my mom will be home in 2 ...

 I have bruises all over me but am sure i haven't caused them.?
Is there a condition where you come up in bruises or a virus? i have them literally all over me, i even have them on my hand and have no idea where they have come from! Any ideas?
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 Acne, what's the best treatment?
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Can I use Garnier/Loreal suntan lotion on my dog ?

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What do you mean dogs dont need it....So they will just burn then.......

 I accidently burned my face with hot oil and rubbed some of my skin off. is there any way for it to get back?

 purple spots on my skin?
I have purple spots on my butt.
Looks like a rash but does not itch,hurt,burn or anything like that. they are not bumpy i cant feel them.
No its not a birthmark,and no its not brusies.

 i really need to know this because i think i have it, can you get a wart in your ear??
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 what does a rectanguar birthmark on your lower back mean?

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its red their arent any ...

 How to get rid of zits?
What type of product will gets zits of my face fast like a day or 2???? not like acne....

 ahhh some bump under my ear?
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 is it true? dry skin?
can dry skin on your face make you break out?
Additional Details
well, duhh i know oily skin makes you break out. but i have heard that dry skin can also do it....

 I have really dry irritated skin around my nose from rubbing it what can I put on it to make it stop...?
burning and itching?...

 I have wood worm in my wooden leg , Should i consult a tree surgeon ?

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 Elbow crust..suggestions neded?
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 What's the best way to treat canker sores?

 A dry, hard spot/lump on my upper thigh? Is it anything serious?
It's about 1cm in diameter, and is 2 inches from the top of my leg. It started off as a normal spot, just red, but has grown and is itchy. If I pick it by accident, then it hurts for a long ...

Emily D
I want to get rid of all the acne on my face.chest.everything.?
I have tried Netrogena.
That's a trip.
I have tried Proactive
But it runs out soon. And I'm totally broke to get more.
I've even tried Caress soap and water.
It didnt help.
I am so embarrassed by it.
Help me.
But tell me something that isn't to expensive.?.

1. Seriously cut down your fat intake - cut out all oils, fried foods, things like chocolate (which are mostly oil).
2. Shower with a good glycerin based soap in the morning and evening before going to bed.

I would suggest Clean and Clear products, they are very affordable, and I have been using them for years. They have always worked for me, and have given my face a soft smooth glowing feeling. Plus it makes your skin really tingly.lol. I do NOT recommend Neutrogena or Clearasil though because they did not do anything for me, they made my skin burn, and did not make any improvements.

The best, Cheap and effective solution is, drink lot of water you can.
Change your bath soap...

honestly the only thing that gets rid of mine quick is alcohol swabs.

drying my face out works. i use bar soap and rubbing alcohol, i wouldn't do that everyday though, you don't want to dry your skin out too much

Expecting #1 Feb 6th 2010!!!!!!!
My skincare routine:

Cleanser: Basis....this is just a bar of soap that matches your pH level of your skin....so it wont dry out your face(if you don't use moisturizer though it will) This cleanser seems simple and it is not meant to fight acne...but in a sense it does...it really cleans your face well without drying out your face...i didnt believe my mom when she recomended it...but man does it work wonders

Toner: Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner...really any toner you prefer is ok...but this it the one i use. Start from the top of your face and go towards the temples...aslo with cheeks...go towards the temples...then on chin go in circular motions only(not making it up...this is what you are supposed to do whenever applying anything to your face) This will take off the dead skin and make your pores smaller(helps with the dirt getting in) It also leaves face really smooth and nice looking!!!!

Moisturizer : Sheer Cover Oil Free Moisturizer...again any moisturizer will be good...just as long as it is oil free, made for the face, does not have any acne fighting agents in it. Dot it all over face then apply just like i said with the toner. Moisturizing can really halp fighting the acne. Did you know that dry skin is actually a cause for acne and pimples? The dry skin will actually clog your pores and therefore cause a breakout. Dont listen to people saying you just need to dry your face out...its a lie.

Facial scrub: Oatmeal and Sugar....seriously...this is the BEST scrub i have ever had....just take oatmeal and grind it into a powder and the add Sugar( more Sugar if you want more of a scrub...less if you just want something soothing) then add a little water and make like a paste( not too thick and not too thin) Rub on your face for like 3 minutes then rinse with warm water...put moisturizer on right afterward and your face will feel so refreshed and soft!!!!! Do it about once a week. Dont rub too hard or you will damage face. The oatmeal is for sootheing for face of redness and dry skin. The sugar is for exfoliation.

Steam your face for about 5 to 10 minutes a week. Mousturize right after you steam. This will open your pores and get all the dirt and grim out. It also helps with dryness. Dont steam and use the scrub on the same day. It is best to use it on seperate days. Dont ask me why...just figured it out. =)

I suffer a little more from dry skin...but yet it can get oily at times...but with this routine has been great....and now i don't have a single blemish or patch of dry skin!!!!! It is amazing!!!!! Do this routine( excluding the scrub and steam) twice a day. Your skin will clear up...but in about a week or two your face will break out and that is a good sigh. This is because all of the dirt is getting out of your skin. Just keep with it and it will pay off in the long run...i have great skin right now(used to have horrible skin...i could have seriously been on one of those acne comercials it was so bad)...but now i have stuck with this routine and my skin is now soft and smooth!!!!!!!


Vitamin E(taking it and also rubing on face) is really good for your skin

Olive oil is also good(rubbing on face...wamred...rinsed with warm water

Taking fish oil is also good

Try not to touch your face....it pushes the dirt into your face

Marinelife Hobbyist
I just answered a similar question and I told them to use this brand called Murad the company is based in California for me its about $60 but it really works wonders for me heres their site


check with your Doctor about Accutaine.

eryca k
Try cortizone.

But really you need to go to the dermatologist and get an rx for Accutane. Sounds like you have cystic acne. I used it for several months and it's been 2 years since my acne has been gone.

Big D's Sexy Peach
most of the time acne comes from within your body. i have done a ton of research on it and i'm in my 30's...never EVER broke out before. i started getting acne after i had a miscarriage four years ago. i finally found something that has worked for me. Its called Herpancine. Its a hebal supplement that you take. its fairly inexpensive on the internet. i would not recommend Alcohol...like some have suggested...thats really bad for your face and so is lava soap....i've tried everything..proactiv...all of it. keep in mind that most products take up to 4 months before they really start to work. try using the herbal supplement and use a face wash that has tea tree oil. i recommend Thursday Plantation Acne Tea Tree wash. good luck sweetie.

atanu M
5 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

Acne leaves one bothered and frustrated especially before a big occasion. However, there are some home remedies which are marvelous.

More Info Here:-

take the real step and go to a dermatologist.
They will hook you up with any number of relatively effective drugs:

Things like :
Accutane ( I wrote adderall for some reason haha)

that was my course...
it is kinda working I guess... I'm only on step three there with the tetracycline, but it seems to be having a good effect.

QT Pie
How to cure a pimple

1. Wash you skin thoroughly and pat it dry with clean towel.
2. Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and hold it over the spot for a minute or two; it'll help bring down the swelling.
3. Dip the end of a cotton swab into some diluted tea tree oil (available at any pharmacy, and trust me, this oil was meant for the skin!) and dot a tiny amount directly into the pimple.
4. Leave it alone to heal. Don't pop, pinch, or squeeze pimples, it will only make it worse.

Also, you can dab a bit of toothpaste, alcohol, or vinegar to pimple before going to bed each night. When you wake up the pimple will be gone. This is because toothpaste, alcohol, and vinegar will dry the oil out of pimples.

This works SOOOO well! I'm not kidding, and you got to try it!
And, tomato juice does work... you cut the tomato into slices and use it like a cleansing pad; rub it around your face and on pimples and pat dry with towel. And oh yeah, lemon juice works really well too. Just dab a bit on pimples and skin and pat dry.

i have always had a problem with this and i could never find anything to work i tried everything you did too and really i never found anything that would help i even went to a dr. and tried everything they gave me only with age (27 now) did it start getting better on it's own still gets bad around my period if you ever hear of a answer that helps let me know ha

lava soup.
it works,it dries out your skin which gets rid of them pimples.
i used to use it.
now i just use warm water
and you can also place a real hot rag on the places of your pimples and let it sit for a min or two.
and that helps too
goood luck


Sofia G
Tooth paste, It actually works, but it kinda dries out your face.

Apply fresh mint juice every night to treat acne and pimples as this is a good home remedy for acne. More such solutions at http://solutionsforpimples.blogspot.com/

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