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 Does Proactive Acne medication work?
So i'm a 13 year old girl who has acne and currently i'm using nuetrogena acne stress control stuff. but all my friends say proactive is great and you hear about it online and on tv so much....

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 My face is a mess of acne?
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 how do i get rid of acne scars without a medication or surgery?
im 14 and i dont really have any pimples anymore..
but i have scars
does any one know what i can do without having to get a mediaction or surgury, or without paying alot...
:] thanks....

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i have it on my face and i ran out of aloe

is there anything that i could use tht is in most homes
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what will help clear the ...

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Hi please help me please.
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about the leg part, they just ...

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I am going on holiday tomorrow and i have 4 red blotches on my nose, they look disgusting

I need advice on how to get rid of them overnight? any home remidys that work? I cant go out now ...

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 if my belly button is infected, what do i do?
i cant go to the docter.
and im freaking out.
what do i do?


 what can i do about my acne?
i've treated my acne with stridex and it works great but i have like red spots from where my acne has been and i still have a couple zits what can i do about them the red spots make me look like ...

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I heard lemon juice is good for healing acne scars, I have some lemon juice how do I use it on my skin?
Had an acne promblem last year and used tablet treatment to get rid of the acne. I know have acne marks and found out about how lemon juice helps. But I never found out how to use it - am I meant to rum into my skin, or put it on and leave it there? Or anything else?
Thanks everyone :)

Mick L
stick poo it works

Rub it in and leave it.

lewis p
makes it worse.

My mum told me all about this.

Just makes your face sore for a long time.

Its an urban myth.

Im sure your doctor can perscribe you something for the scars.
They go away eventually (most of them).

i've never heard of that. try mederma.

Put some peroxide on the pimple and it will never come back its painful but it works!

Before you rub it directly on your skin, rub it into a small unnoticed area. That way if it's too concentrated, or your body has a reaction to it, it won't happen all over your face. Always always try this first when using herbal remedies.

What you do is you put it on a cotton ball and then rub on your skin and let is sit for a minute or two then wash your face off. This remedy has only been able to work on a few people so it may not work for you.

Bo P
i would think it would dry it out more and make it worse...

use ambi fade cream for acne marks or mederma

Will E
im not so sure about the lemon juice but i had acne scars and have recently just started using a cream 3 days ago. Its brand name is Duac. Just type it in on google and you shoudl try it! It works wonders , I noticed a difference within 2 days :D woo!

I've never heard of that one before? I would dilute it with some warm water and apply it with cotton wool-like a toner. I wouldn't do it too often though as it's too acidic.

You can either dab it on with cotton wool or rub it into your skin after you have exfoliated or steam your face. Beware it will sting a little but no painfully.

I have never heard of that but I know how to prevent the Acne problem
ACNE:- Pimples on face and body

Acne is a small pocket of infected oil in the skin, produced by the sebaceous glands located in the chromium of the skin which open into hair follicles. When this oil is trapped and infected it produces pimples known as acne

Symptoms: It generally occurs on the face and back and can become abscesses or deep infected lesions in the skin.

Causes: The production of the hormone testosterone, in men as well as women (although it is greater in men), causes the skin cells near the pore produce keratin. When these two substances mix, the greasy oil and keratin produce an amalgamation which blocks the pore causing a blackhead. When the pore is plugged up due to this substance, bacteria begins to accumulate and grows. This inflames the area and forms a pimple ( acne )

Suggested treatment daily:
1). Wash your face with a balanced PH liquid soap every day, morning and night to remove the oil. ( Dry your face with a paper towel, So that the skin is not contaminated again ).

2).Apply propolis cream with aloe Vera (women may apply their makeup over the propolis cream).
3).It is a good idea to clean the skin deeply with a cleansing facial mask two times a week, which will remove dirt and oil from the deeper layers of skin.
4) Take Beta-Carotene ( 15mg/daily) Vitamin – E (800-IU,400IU every 12 hours), Vitamin- C (180 mg) & Vitamin – D (800-IU) daily.
5) It is advisable to use an exfoliating cream periodically. Wash your face with neutral liquid soap. Also apply facial mask (see wrinkle) with a retinol and fruit acids base to slowly correct or mend damaged and mistreated skin.
6).Take a natural antibiotic like Bee Propolis until the infection diminishes.
7).(Acne requires a treatment lasting about 4 to 6 months.)
8). Avoid the use of greasy creams or cosmetics.
9). Avoid soaps that contain sulfides, iodine, bromides or oil.

Important Supplement are used as below
Aloe liquid Soap, Propolis and Aloe Vera Cream, Bee propolis, Garlic thyme, Beta carotene + Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C

You can download here http://www.mediafire.com/file/kximzjbthf... Vera Products.zip for for above products & other products

well first tabel treatment is horrible for the skin no matter what the doctors tell you. Lemon juice does help, put a small amount on a cotton ball and just tap it on your scars..thats AFTER you wash your face every morning and every night.

tina k
-Lemon or lime juice. Dab lemon or lime juice on your skin and let dry. This will exfoliate the area and lighten the scar. After ten minutes, gently remove with a washcloth and warm water.

This is just one home remedy for acne scars...there are many more.

one atomic mama Due August 15
Lemon juice, as with all citrus contains enzymes and complex acids that have been known to brighten the skin and provide excellent and essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy glowing skin, however, they can also be very harsh and drying to your skin. I would suggest that you use the juice from a lemon wedge as a toner after you wash your face. just cut a lemon into 4's (about the size that comes in a drink at a restaurant) and squeeze the juice of one of them onto a cotton ball and swipe it onto your face and let dry. Be careful though, if you are using any acne medications topically. Like I said it can be drying. Alba botanical makes a fantastic cleanser made from pineapple, orange and lemon juices that cleans well and smells great. Plus, it has added moisturizers so it is not to harsh on the skin. It is available at Target and Whole Foods. I did the lemon juice toner until I went on a Retin-A treatment and my skin became very dry.
Hope this helps!

I too have never heard of that,
you ever tryed bio oil?
it works for stretch marks so it might also work for acne scars
im not sure how much it costs my mum said around £7 although that may have been on offer.
You should try the lemon juice when you find the correct method of using it as its much cheaper but if it fails i reccomend you try the bio oil

Don't put lemon juice anywhere near your skin. For God's Sake!


That Girl
The acid from lemon juice could burn your skin, try Vitamin E oil, you can find it at any drug store or Wal Mart, it helps heal and fade scars, it works really well! i get boil like pimples and they scar really bad, but you can't see any of them and Vitamin E is what i use. Good luck!

Best thing is get to a laser center that specializes in acne scar removal. Lemon juice will bleach your skin color.

good luck to you

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