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 I have terrible acne scars. How can I get rid of them fast? NOTHING works! (PICTURE)?
This picture is kind of old. The acne is completely gone thanks to Clearasil : ). But the scars are all still there and haven't gotten any better at all. I've been putting vitamin E oil on ...

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 What is the best thing you've used for a dry skin (face)?
That doesn't over do it, and make your skin oily?...

 What product worked best for your acne?
Just curious here, what products or remedies worked best to get rid of your acne?

Regular vitamins and apple cider vinegar work best for me.
Additional Details
I use it as a ...

 Any Good Acne Medicine?
I dont have "acne" but i do have a few spots, so i asked my doctor. he sayed it wasnt bad enough for prescribed meds.
Any Products that you have used and worked?

 How can get hickies to fade in 2 hours?

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my mom will be home in 2 ...

 I have bruises all over me but am sure i haven't caused them.?
Is there a condition where you come up in bruises or a virus? i have them literally all over me, i even have them on my hand and have no idea where they have come from! Any ideas?
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 Acne, what's the best treatment?
What is the beast treatment for acen, i have tried all that clearisil stuff, and the rest, but i cant find anything any good. I suppose its just something i have to put up with!...

 Can I use suntan lotion on my dog ?
Can I use Garnier/Loreal suntan lotion on my dog ?

Additional Details
What do you mean dogs dont need it....So they will just burn then.......

 I accidently burned my face with hot oil and rubbed some of my skin off. is there any way for it to get back?

 purple spots on my skin?
I have purple spots on my butt.
Looks like a rash but does not itch,hurt,burn or anything like that. they are not bumpy i cant feel them.
No its not a birthmark,and no its not brusies.

 i really need to know this because i think i have it, can you get a wart in your ear??
so i have this thing in my ear and when i touch it it hurts my ear! so is that a wart? can you evan get a wart in your ear???...

 to young for a bellybutton ring?
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 how do you get rid of lice?
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 What's on Fat people's necks?
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 what does a rectanguar birthmark on your lower back mean?

Additional Details
its red their arent any ...

 How to get rid of zits?
What type of product will gets zits of my face fast like a day or 2???? not like acne....

 ahhh some bump under my ear?
i have this bump about 3 cm. under my ear.. i have no clue what it is..i just got it on saturday .. its inside not on the outside of my skin..its about the size of peanut or smaller.....its hard..i ...

 is it true? dry skin?
can dry skin on your face make you break out?
Additional Details
well, duhh i know oily skin makes you break out. but i have heard that dry skin can also do it....

 I have really dry irritated skin around my nose from rubbing it what can I put on it to make it stop...?
burning and itching?...

abercrombie rocks dude
I have very dry skin+i use mousturizer everyday what could i use that works really good???????????????????????
very dry near my eye brows!!!!

help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what REALLY helps? Using proper grammar and saying "works really WELL".

I suggest using a clenser, toner, and then a moisturizer on your face. The best that ive tried is Olay it really works well and the moisturizer is incredible it makes you feel fresh and soothes your skin.

baby oil of baby lotion even cocoanut oil works good if you like to go tanning a tanning bed elinminates dry skin doctors can even perscribe it and if they do health insurances will cover the cost.

Poe's Rose
Try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion

Use baby oil (for sensitive skin so you don't break out) on the problem area. Don't use it all over your face or you will get acne.

Dry skin always so irritating...I hate it so much...I suggest you try using Zenmed Derma Lotion from Zenmed or Autopalm from Skinstore.com.

Zenmed has no side effects and it's non-irritant to the skin. It's proven to works fast and it provides Maximum results! It's certainly a good lotion to prevent further outbreaks.

Another product that I think is effective is Atopalm. This dry skin mlm is one of the best seller at skinstore.com now. (Skinstore.com holds more than 10,000 skin care products) It's pretty effective, and worth the dollar paid out.

Zenmed Products Reviews

Do check this website out...

Home Remedies For Dry Skin

my mom uses Lancome face lotion. not sure if it will work though. and it cost a lot.

♀♥☼ alycat☼♥♀
Stay away from lotions that have perfume, lanolin, Aloe and Vitamin E. These actually dry your skin more...your skin becomes dependant on them. If you are using soap to wash your face, I'd suggest you stop it for a bit, just plain warm water will do. A bit of cortisone cream will only help short term and will 'mask' the problem. Try using a lotion that is very plain like lubriderm or uremol.

Vitamin E moisturing cream...Jamieson is a good brand and very inexpensive. Better than all those expensive moisturizers on the market and there base ingredient is yes...vitamin e. Try it...you'll see the difference almost immediately!

Aveeno skin lotion..you'll be surprised

Grejuc R
um I had had that too, I tried alot of lotions, but they did'nt work so I went to the Dermotalogist and he gave me some cream. It went away and it worked. u should try it.

teddy bear

Burts Bees is awesome. If you can't find it you could try to add a few drops of olive oil to what you are using. Try to stay away from baby oil, it is a byproduct of petrolium manufacturing.

gold bond

If you tell the sales clerk at Bath and Body that you have dry skin I'm sure she'll help you.

try some Vaseline

Nigella sativa
VASELINE!!!!! Trust me, put it on generously and those dry elbows will disappeare.

Stop using those lotions loaded with chemicals. You need to use an all natural product, such as Burt's Bees moisturizer. Those chemicals won't help a darn thing...in fact, they just increase the problems.

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