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 i really need to know this because i think i have it, can you get a wart in your ear??
so i have this thing in my ear and when i touch it it hurts my ear! so is that a wart? can you evan get a wart in your ear???...

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 What's on Fat people's necks?
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 what does a rectanguar birthmark on your lower back mean?

Additional Details
its red their arent any ...

 How to get rid of zits?
What type of product will gets zits of my face fast like a day or 2???? not like acne....

 ahhh some bump under my ear?
i have this bump about 3 cm. under my ear.. i have no clue what it is..i just got it on saturday .. its inside not on the outside of my skin..its about the size of peanut or smaller.....its hard..i ...

 is it true? dry skin?
can dry skin on your face make you break out?
Additional Details
well, duhh i know oily skin makes you break out. but i have heard that dry skin can also do it....

 I have really dry irritated skin around my nose from rubbing it what can I put on it to make it stop...?
burning and itching?...

 I have wood worm in my wooden leg , Should i consult a tree surgeon ?

 Does Preparation H Hemmorhoid cream work for Under-Eye Darkcircle???
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 Elbow crust..suggestions neded?
Hello. i have some white crust on my elbow..its like patches of red irritation wit "crust" on it... ive tried peelin the crust..but it just comes back.. any suggestion...remedies..etc ...

 What's the best way to treat canker sores?

 A dry, hard spot/lump on my upper thigh? Is it anything serious?
It's about 1cm in diameter, and is 2 inches from the top of my leg. It started off as a normal spot, just red, but has grown and is itchy. If I pick it by accident, then it hurts for a long ...

 Do I spend to much time in the sun?
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 I have big (open) pores on my face. I know u cant shrink them but is there a makeup to make em LOOK smaller?
I know there's nothing that will actually make them smaller, but I was just wondering if u guys know any kind of makeup that will at least make them appear smaller. thanks....

 How can I get rid of my acne?
Hello friends
I have light acne. i just have pimples that are on my cheeks, and they blend in with my skin. I don't know what type exactly, of acne I have, but can you recommend a good ...

 My friend noticed that I have some excema on my right hand. He said that I should try peeing on my hand. Does?
this work? I know on the discovery channel you should from a jelly fish sting but what about this? Or is my friend being weird....

 can someone give me a good hand cream?I'll give u 10 points?
my hands are always dry.i need it to soft....

 I have LOTS of little red dry patches on my skin... I'm using the "fungus cream" but its still spreading!
It started with a fairly large dry red patch on my lower back, then on my arm, then on the skin opposite the arm (Which suggests it spread onto it from the contact) then I got about 10 more all over ...

I have terrible acne scars. How can I get rid of them fast? NOTHING works! (PICTURE)?
This picture is kind of old. The acne is completely gone thanks to Clearasil : ). But the scars are all still there and haven't gotten any better at all. I've been putting vitamin E oil on the scars and going to sleep at night like that. That helped a little bit, but after a while, the progress stopped completely.

Is there some cream or something that I can use that will make the scars disappear fast and effectively?




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Kaye B
.did you try aloe vera like I suggested to you ages ago
Price lazer treatment


surgery or i heard that coco butter helps

Bio-Oil and Mederma (U.S. only) are amazing over-the-counter products. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned them. They are recommended for scarring and they work, I know from experience. However, they are a little on the expensive side, but totally worth it!

Here are the product websites for more information:


Here's where you can purchase the products:


As another user suggested, egg whites are good, but I really believe Bio-Oil to be the fastest and most helpful in evening my skin tone. Every month (with my period), I get horrible acne. I get the worst kind, the nodules that grow under the skin. Frustrated, I usually try to squeeze them thinking I'm helping the problem. You can imagine the scarring it causes, but Bio-Oil really seems to be helping! The best thing about it is you can use it as often as you want and it won't irritate your skin. It helps any acne that surfaces on my skin. This is coming from someone with very sensitive skin.

I've never asked my doctor or a dermatologist about medications for healing, but feel free to do so. After finding Bio-Oil and Mederma, I haven't felt the need to ask. I think with medications from a doctor or dermatologist, you can probably expect to pay more...and then there's the trouble of making an appointment (or appointments) to see the medical professional, or being referred to one, having to fill prescriptions etc.

Aloe products, like another user suggested are only really good for speeding the healing of acne wounds, but not for completely ridding the skin of acne.

Tea tree oil is also good, but it smells so bad! I stopped using the product because the smell was so strong and awful.

I really would NOT recommend microdermabrasion. Not only is it really expensive, but I've heard it can badly irritate the skin and leave it blotchy and red the first two weeks after you get it done. Chemical peels follow suit.

I think using a simple scrub (St. Ives Apricot Scrub), and an astringent (Clean & Clear Astringent) would be good enough to help with the scars and to keep the face clean in case of any irritation (bacteria) that may cause the odd pimple. With these products I use Bio-Oil twice a day (or less/more is fine) and Mederma at night. You don't have to use both, but I like fast results, so I do a routine of both.

Give microderm abrasion a try it helped me. Also exfoliating twice a week, use pure black african soap and after put on pure unrefined shea butter this really helps!

Laser scar removal. Expensive, but effective.

and unless you just had poor hygene, clearasil did *not* cure your acne.

You grew out of it.

Nothing you can put on your skin can fix your hormones, I'm sorry.

Use this mask.
I know you're going to say "Face masks are for girls!" but they really aren't. I have acne, and I have terrible scars, but I've been using this mask for a month now, and my skin is gradually getting lighter every time I use it. It also has cleared up my skin as well!
Eat healthy and also at night before going to bed, make sure you do apply that Vitamin E oil to your skin. Vitamin E is very beneficial to the skin because it helps to fight free radicals, especially ones that enter through your skin. When you apply it to your skin, it eliminated free radicals, preventing acne, which also prevents scars. It helps to lighten the scars, and return the skin to it's natural state.
Also, exfoliate your face with a face exfoliating brush/glove once or twice a week. This will help remove the top layer of your skin, which is all of the oils, dirt, and dead skin cells that cause breakouts.
Hope this helps!

An expensive but non-invasive treatment called "Fraxel". Google it.

Ashley :]
I'm sorry that this has happened to you hunny. I experienced some acne scars and i found it help full using egg whites. It really helped my acne and acne scars go away very well. You need a good exfoliation to re-new your skin and remove dead skin cells. You should use sugar or salt and a mild-based soap. I use neutorgena's glycerin soap and seen some good results. On GOOGLE: look up egg whites, lemon juice, and other home remedies for acne scars. Wish you best of luck sweetheart, xoxo (:

Patato Juice.

Get a patato, slice up 3 - 4 thin slices and rub all over face. leave overnight wake up and wash off and continue with daily routine.

This really helps.

you can get topical lotions from your dermatologist. go to a dermatologist for a visit and they can help you.

tea tree oil
bio oil
mederma cream

they have meds for dat. either ask your doc or google it
thats http://www.google.com/

kelly e

Try that site for more acne support. Advice etc.

I would invest in Booth's Apple Dermabrasion scrub. Use it twice a week.
It was mentioned above but the Clinique after acne stick (I read great reviews) is supposed to help.

i am going to say something here, it probably sound too girly
but i suggest you go to the boots shop
and ask the lady, about your acne, she would give u something to clean your acne
well i know what it is, its called Clinique Anti Blemish, my bf sister had it, it really worked well on her
but you need to tel them, if your skin is oily, dry or mild, they should able to give you one
and its will be abit expensive around 70 pounds....

have a look at it


remember in world wide its called anti acne, which is the same thing as anti blemish
it just the UK, that called it that way

ok good luck :)

Microdermabrasion. (A dermatologist will call it "acne surgery") You can have it done at your dermatologist office for less than $100. If you have good insurance, they'll pay for it completely. It will help IMMENSELY.
Other than that. See a a doctor, and they'll prescribe something like differen, which is an ointment that also works very well. Some things cannot be got rid of on our own,
Good luck.

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