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 What is a homemade cure for really bad dry hands.?

 I want to get rid of all the acne on my face.chest.everything.?
I have tried Netrogena.
That's a trip.
I have tried Proactive
But it runs out soon. And I'm totally broke to get more.
I've even tried Caress soap and water.

 can maggots get in a humans skin while they're still living?

 My son has ringworm, but he's only 9 months old. What could I use that would be safe to treat it?
Every medication I've researched is reccomended for children over the age of two. Any advice would be apreciated....

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I have them on my nose and upper cheeks and chin.
I have tried popping them, all I get is a load of white gunky stuff. I sometimes manage to break the skin, which leaves marks. I have also tried ...

 Is it okay to pop blisters?
I played some hardcore drums today for the first time in a long time. I took a nap, and just woke up.

There is a really big ugly red bump in the middle of my middle finger. Its half the ...

 I have a mole on my left shoulder?
Should I bear through the pain and rip it off or let a doctor do it and let them check for cancer. How would I go about ripping it off, cutting it with scissors, or pulling with hands?

 I have terrible acne scars. How can I get rid of them fast? NOTHING works! (PICTURE)?
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I know there is no real cure for a hang over but come on there has to be something that takes the edge ...

 What is the best thing you've used for a dry skin (face)?
That doesn't over do it, and make your skin oily?...

 What product worked best for your acne?
Just curious here, what products or remedies worked best to get rid of your acne?

Regular vitamins and apple cider vinegar work best for me.
Additional Details
I use it as a ...

 Any Good Acne Medicine?
I dont have "acne" but i do have a few spots, so i asked my doctor. he sayed it wasnt bad enough for prescribed meds.
Any Products that you have used and worked?

 How can get hickies to fade in 2 hours?

Additional Details
my mom will be home in 2 ...

 I have bruises all over me but am sure i haven't caused them.?
Is there a condition where you come up in bruises or a virus? i have them literally all over me, i even have them on my hand and have no idea where they have come from! Any ideas?
Additional D...

 Acne, what's the best treatment?
What is the beast treatment for acen, i have tried all that clearisil stuff, and the rest, but i cant find anything any good. I suppose its just something i have to put up with!...

 Can I use suntan lotion on my dog ?
Can I use Garnier/Loreal suntan lotion on my dog ?

Additional Details
What do you mean dogs dont need it....So they will just burn then.......

 I accidently burned my face with hot oil and rubbed some of my skin off. is there any way for it to get back?

 purple spots on my skin?
I have purple spots on my butt.
Looks like a rash but does not itch,hurt,burn or anything like that. they are not bumpy i cant feel them.
No its not a birthmark,and no its not brusies.

 i really need to know this because i think i have it, can you get a wart in your ear??
so i have this thing in my ear and when i touch it it hurts my ear! so is that a wart? can you evan get a wart in your ear???...

 to young for a bellybutton ring?
i'm 14 and want a bellybutton ring. my mom thinks it will look really cute but, my dad doesn't want me to get one. I'm a really skinny person and all my friends also think it would be ...

I have a wart on my right thigh, and I'm afraid it will get bigger. How do I get rid of it? Please Help!?

DUCT TAPE! seriously though it gets rid of the seeds inside of the wart.

Go to the doctors and they can remove it with liquid nitrogen, or use Dr. Scholls freeze away.

Reggie Mills
Keep poking it. Poking is funny.

go get wort remover and there stuff out there its called wart freeze!!!!!!!!!!

go to the nearest drug store and buy sum freeze off wart remover or what ever is in stock for warts and that will help get rid of it! :)

I had one on my toe and i froze it off like three times till it came off one day by its self that was like in a 2 year time period

Warts are easily dealt with, but as far as I know, once a wart starts to grow in a spot it'll keep growing back no matter how many times you treat it.

There are plenty of stuff out there on the shelves that can help you treat and manage warts. There are kits you can use to "freeze" them off, similar to the method someone would use if you were to get medical attention.


Miss Honesty
buy some wart remover and apply it to your wart. its that simple

Home remedy: soak cotton ball in cider apple vinegar. Make cover with small piece of saran wrap. Place on top of wart. Wrap with water resistant white medical tape. Leave in place overnight, while you sleep, or for at least 6 hours. Repeat as often as necessary until the wart drops off. You will see a difference the first time you use this method.

Mother and wife
There is a chance that it could be gential warts that spread a little bit. I would go to the doctor to get it checked out. It is extremely common and easy to get rid of.

those doctor scholls band-aids work great! and you dont even have to go to the dermatologist. get rid of it ASAP! mime got so bad that i had to get it cut out and i had an inch deep hole in my foot.

i used to have one on my right heel, and it hurt. it wont just go away. you have to go to the doctor and they can either cut it off with a knife, freeze it off, or zap it off. trust me, it doesnt hurt at all! a wart is a dead piece of skin; that is why it wont hurt. the best way is to cut it off, and here is a tip: unless you like the sight of blood, dont watch.

you are not going to believe this, but it worked. take hot baths. or use hot water on it . it kills the wart virus. no fooling.
if you can't wait my son had one on his toe, it was so big, the dermatologist lasered it off. it was gone by the next day and never came back. but seriously, i got a wart last year and i read about the hot water and it worked in a few days, they were gone and have never come back. it just kills the virus that causes the warts! Good luck!

Dermatologist will freeze it off for ya.

Go to the pharmacy. They sell tons of stuff to get rid of them. I've had them before. And quite messing with it and picking at it ^-^

you can go to the doctor and they can freeze it off

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