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 Any Good Acne Medicine?
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 purple spots on my skin?
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Looks like a rash but does not itch,hurt,burn or anything like that. they are not bumpy i cant feel them.
No its not a birthmark,and no its not brusies.

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its red their arent any ...

Rachel B
I've had a blood blister since wednesday and haven't popped it?
will it just go away?
Additional Details
it was a lite purple now it's black??

As long as you use wash it, use a sterile, sharp instrument to gently pierce the skin and then wash it again and cover it, you should be fine.

Depending on the size, you will probably want to have some clean gauze to absorb the blood, too.

take your thumb and.....................................… it !

Lauren N
well yeah what i do is pick it out if that helps.

3 to 4 weeks and it'll be gone.

good for you.

dont pop it or you risk getting it infected.

elastoplast do these really fantastic plasters made especially for blisters so if and when they do pop they are contained and heal very quickly.

Jim Justice
some day

•○☺ Tiffery•Blocksen ☺○•
Eventually it will but may take quite some time to do so. Pop it, it's kinda fun anyways.

Yes, it is better to leave them alone, if you pop them it hurts, but if you leave them eventually it will dry off. I think blisters are a response of the body to harsh conditions, adaptability.

Leave it alone and it will dry up and heal better. If you pop it, you risk infection,

normy in garden city
Whenever I get one I always snip it open with a nail clippers. The sooner you break it open the quicker it's going to heal.

go to walgreens and get the blister band-aids
they will speed up the process

Buy some cream for it. Whatever you do, don't pop it unless you want a scar (gasp!) or a mole (double gasp! Yes, it does happen!). Tie yourself up if you have to, but just don't pop it.

I Think You Should Leave It Alone, I Am Not A Specialist So I Am Not Exactly Sure What To Do, Maybe You Should Look It Up On One Of The Three Websites.

If This Does Not Help Than Choose Something Else To BeYour Favorite Answer I Am Not The Best,But I Am Not The Worst Either.

It could, but isn't likely. Stick a clean! needle into it. The blood will empty out, and it really doesn't hurt, trust me.

It will go away on its own , don't pop it, its a natural defense against infection .

Heero Yui
NICE, you are a woman after my own heart. Keep up the hard work, it builds character. And by character, I mean really tough skin that you can grab hot bars with, and bend as if you were the HULK. Kidding, the blister will go away, but it will also be red for a very long time, and hurt for a while.

Patient Paws
Apply a cold compress [ice wrapped in napkins, or one of those ice paks] for 20-30 minutes daily.
Depending on where it is, you can soak it in epsom salt [which you can get anywhere] and it will reduce swelling.

Don't pop it, it can get infected and you could [with dramatic overture] DIE!

Not really die, but infections can turn gangrenous and then its bad news bears. If you are truly worried about it, go to your doctor.

pop it, put triple antibiotic cream on it and a band-aid

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