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 What product worked best for your acne?
Just curious here, what products or remedies worked best to get rid of your acne?

Regular vitamins and apple cider vinegar work best for me.
Additional Details
I use it as a ...

 Any Good Acne Medicine?
I dont have "acne" but i do have a few spots, so i asked my doctor. he sayed it wasnt bad enough for prescribed meds.
Any Products that you have used and worked?

 How can get hickies to fade in 2 hours?

Additional Details
my mom will be home in 2 ...

 I have bruises all over me but am sure i haven't caused them.?
Is there a condition where you come up in bruises or a virus? i have them literally all over me, i even have them on my hand and have no idea where they have come from! Any ideas?
Additional D...

 Acne, what's the best treatment?
What is the beast treatment for acen, i have tried all that clearisil stuff, and the rest, but i cant find anything any good. I suppose its just something i have to put up with!...

 Can I use suntan lotion on my dog ?
Can I use Garnier/Loreal suntan lotion on my dog ?

Additional Details
What do you mean dogs dont need it....So they will just burn then.......

 I accidently burned my face with hot oil and rubbed some of my skin off. is there any way for it to get back?

 purple spots on my skin?
I have purple spots on my butt.
Looks like a rash but does not itch,hurt,burn or anything like that. they are not bumpy i cant feel them.
No its not a birthmark,and no its not brusies.

 i really need to know this because i think i have it, can you get a wart in your ear??
so i have this thing in my ear and when i touch it it hurts my ear! so is that a wart? can you evan get a wart in your ear???...

 to young for a bellybutton ring?
i'm 14 and want a bellybutton ring. my mom thinks it will look really cute but, my dad doesn't want me to get one. I'm a really skinny person and all my friends also think it would be ...

 how do you get rid of lice?
i think ive had lice for two weeks but what do i do about it i mean its sooo ...

 What's on Fat people's necks?
I've always wondered, what the heck are though little growths on the back of fat people's necks. I've seen it all my life on fat people of all ages and aside from it being really gross ...

 what does a rectanguar birthmark on your lower back mean?

Additional Details
its red their arent any ...

 How to get rid of zits?
What type of product will gets zits of my face fast like a day or 2???? not like acne....

 ahhh some bump under my ear?
i have this bump about 3 cm. under my ear.. i have no clue what it is..i just got it on saturday .. its inside not on the outside of my skin..its about the size of peanut or smaller.....its hard..i ...

 is it true? dry skin?
can dry skin on your face make you break out?
Additional Details
well, duhh i know oily skin makes you break out. but i have heard that dry skin can also do it....

 I have really dry irritated skin around my nose from rubbing it what can I put on it to make it stop...?
burning and itching?...

 I have wood worm in my wooden leg , Should i consult a tree surgeon ?

 Does Preparation H Hemmorhoid cream work for Under-Eye Darkcircle???
I was reading and I also post a question cuz I have serious darkcircle under my eyes. And all the question I have read and they post me said to try Preparation H Hemmorhoid cream. Does it really ...

 Elbow crust..suggestions neded?
Hello. i have some white crust on my elbow..its like patches of red irritation wit "crust" on it... ive tried peelin the crust..but it just comes back.. any suggestion...remedies..etc ...

I'm a nurse. Yesterday a pt asked me to scratch his bum.?
he just had surgery and was fat. He had difficulty scratching his bum. I don't think it is my job to scratch his bum. What's the best way to tell him to scratch his own *** without getting fired, or having him act vindictively towards me?

I work at a hospital so I know the crazy things that can be asked of us. I'd just say sir, I'm sorry but I can't do that or I'm not comfortable doing that.

that IS your job

ummm...ur a nurse if you can wipe an old mans butt then you can do that!!!

Its your job. Sometimes we dont like our jobs just deal with it. He wont be your patient forever.

Tell him it's against hospital policy for you to touch his buttox. You would, but you might get in trouble, but you are sorry.

get him an alternate tool to scratch and do his own body.

Jupiter Ceasar Leprechaun II
ouch thats tough is he really in need cause of surgery or just being gross scracthing arses is not part of ur job

tell him its not your job or delegate

Power House
Look lady this guy is obviously in Dire need of an **** scratching or else he wouldnt have ask "DUH"
But the safer and easy way is to look sir wait here ill get you something, and go off and buy a cheep tin **** back scratcher... cause **** if i couldnt scratch my own **** i would love someone to help me out even if it was with a stick


Give him a back scratcher or a fork and they burn them after he,s done scratching himself

You should talk to your boss about it.

scratch with a backscratcher, not your hands. Let your supervisor know the situation, and maybe suggest some zinc cream or calamine lotion to prevent the itching, or ask a doctor to check why the pt is itchy, maybe minor fungal infection that needs to be addressed

Prof. Dave
Look if he can't reach it and he did just have surgery what will hit hurt to give him a little scratch? I mean it's better to scratch his butt a time or two for 5 seconds than have him in a bad mood and you seeming like you could care less about his problems. Honestly, if you didn't want to do this kind of thing, ya should have gone to medical school and not nursing.

The mom
It's actually pretty easy. Tell him straight out that scratching his bum isn't part of the nursing service you provide, and he should ask a close relative to do that for him. If your unit has the in-patient kits that contain little combs, give him one of those and tell him to go easy with it. I'd also mention it to the nursing supervisor, so there's a heads up if he happens to complain. I don't imagine he will- but odd things happen. Don't feel bad here- I've been asked to do some pretty strange things by fellows, including lending a hand- if you get my drift. I just tell them that unless it is ordered as part of the nursing care, it's not a service I provide. There are some things nurses just don't do.

Get him a back scratcher from the $2 shop and leave it for him. Its a nice way of saying do it yourself.

unplug the life support.

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