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k a s ia
How to get rid of a foot wart ?
I have two on my foot and i see two more forming.
I dont know how to treat it. I am using this Compound W liquid thing and its so annoying because it just hurts whenever i get out of the shower or stand on my foot too long.

I dont want to go to the doctor anyways.

Jessicca Francis
If it's a planter's wart a doctor can remove it.I think they have to burn them off though.

well if you go to the doctor, then they might burn it
or put this acid stuff on it(which REALLY hurts))
when the dcotor but the acid stuff on my foot, i couldnt walk for about 2 days so i used cruches.

go to the foot docter he will remvove in 1min then it will be over

Nicole D
you can go to the doctor and have them removed and its a pretty painless procedure, they freeze them off

Or you can stick to the different store bought remedies, they work but can take a little longer and might provide a little more discomfort.

soak your foot in bleach water. 1 part water/2 parts bleach. while ur watching tv or on Y! Answers or sumthing

i went to the dr. and he just cut the thing right off! it didn't hurt, and as funny as that sounds, he didn't numb it either. the blade was so sharp that it didnt' hurt and i had caluses on my feet as well. your best bet is to go to a foot dr. you will need a tylenol about 30 min. later, but other than that, it really don't hurt and you feel much better when those things are off your feet!!! and they are called planters warts, they look like they have a white ring, and a hole in the middle.

a product called WARTNER you can get it from the chemist, its like a wart freezer instead of going to the docsyou can do in your self ...caution it is painful i had to do the procedure on my daughter it wasnt pleasant..but it does the trick and fast results, if you are consistent

yeah i used to have that problem, and i tried everything but nothing completely worked!! after a while they just went away

I know you don't want to go to the doctors but I found that the thing that worked the best was to see the nurse and ask if she is able to use liquid nitrogen on them, it hurts a little but will probably be the most effective.
If not you can also get home-kits to do the same thing, only i'm not sure they'll be the same strength as it would be from the doctors.
I think that's probably what evetually lead to them going away for me, but nothing is instant.

I tried everything and nothing worked! i took it upon myself and got rid of 30 something warts and its worked!!! let them grow out a little and then take a knife and cut half of it down put the medicine on it (anything over the counter) then leave it covered and in 2 days they are gone! and dont come back

If you don't want to go to the doctor, you can pick up medication at the drugstore. There are little kits, with things like band-aids that have wart medicine on them. They work really well! Here's a link for you:


put duct tape on it should heal within 2 weeks

When my daughter was young she had 1 wart pop up on her foot. About a week went by and she had about 12. I too tried all the over the counter things and nothing worked,seemed to make it worse. I took her to a dermatologist and she heard all these horror stories on they have to cut them. NOT TRUE! The doctor came in and sprayed a solution on her foot and I'm not kidding they were all gone in 2 hours. It didn't even hurt a bit.

doctor put liquid nitrogen on my wart. it fell off.

Put duct tape over the warts; this kinda suffocated them and they go away. I promise you it should work. it did for me.

I had one on my left heel and I tok it upon myself to remove it by using a fresh razor blade to cut the thickness of it down to less than half. Then I went to the pharmacy and bought some acid plaster pads and put them on the wart for 2 days. The wart fell off after that and came off when I removed the acid plaster bandage.

If the warts are on the bottom of your feet, they're called "plantar" warts.

Plantar warts, because of the pressure on your feet from walking, are deeper than warts elsewhere. This makes them very difficult to remove using over-the-counter remedies. The longer you have walked on the warts, the deeper they're pushed.

I have never known anyone with plantar warts who successfully treated their own warts; they all had to go to physicians.

You may want to read more at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/plantar-warts/DS00509.

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