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I had lots last year in the summer too.

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 Bite on my neck? please help
i got out of my shower and i noticed a small bump on the back of my neck

i used my phone to take a picture, and it looks like a red bump

i dont think its a zit or anything

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i think the reason ...

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How do I get rid of poison ivy on my infant?

Egh. What were you doing in poison ivy with your infant hanging out?

well when i had rashes or animal sting i used something called anti histergan it said it helps with animal stings rashes and plant reaction

take him/her to the hospital!!!

I've got a better question...

how did an INFANT come in contact with POISON IVY.

Did you let them crawl into the woods?

Bare Bear
maybe go to doctor.

poison ivy cream u can buy at walmart

This is possibility a serious condition, which you should show to the doctor immediately as she seems to have suffered from some sort of an insect bite or an allergic reaction to some kind of plant like poison ivy. You need to note that some kinds of spider bites can cause tissue necrosis, which can end up being fatal and cause other sorts of complications as well.

A good weeding, but be sure to wear gloves.

Fred Savage: King of Assgard
infant? really? take it to a pediatrician

apple pie♥♫♥
poison ivy cream

Chelsea <3
i would say just get rid of it like u would on an adult. use caladryl =)

lmao what the crap? answer: DOCTOR!

best to take your infant to the pediatrician..

As a rule, infants don't get poison ivy; so, I'd have to doubt your diagnosis. Having said that, and since you're dealing with your infant, it would be prudent to have the correct diagnosis made, before entering into unchartered therapies. Please take your child to either your pediatrician or to your dermatologist.


take her/him to the doctors, they'll prescribe a medicine or advices :D


i suggest you should go to doctore before you do anything

I would try Zanfel, its about $40 at most pharmacy stores. Just make sure its safe for infants. I used up the last tube I had or I would read it for you to see... Good Luck!

█⇨ℐℇ®șᴈϒ ʛɨʀʟ⇦█
Calamine Lotion. You can get it a local pharmacy/drug store.

anna k
Use Rubbing Alcohol with cotton. The irritation is caused by the oils from the plant. The alcohol will lift it. After you get rid of the oil give your baby a gentle bath and while the skin is still wet put on a few drops of baby oil to soothe the skin.


PS: Most of the people posting here don't seem to have any practical experience with babies. Really people! A hospital for poison ivy? No wonder our healthcare system is messed up.

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