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 4 yr olds finger is swollen and puss under nail bed wot infection is it and wot treatment?
finger been like that for abot a year. had antibiotaics and cleared up but keeps coming ...

 I've got a weird blister thing going on downstairs. What could it be and should I go to doctor?
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 How can you get rid of the holes in your face called craters?
ok. so here is my problem. i do have some critters or craters on my face. i am very self conscious about them, and cover em up every day with make up. is there anything i can do to get rid of them so ...

 My face is a mess of acne?
I have oily skin in some places and dry spots in others. I have black heads on my cheeks and nose. My face is red and sometimes itchy. I have tried many products including acnefree, head and ...

 how do i get rid of acne scars without a medication or surgery?
im 14 and i dont really have any pimples anymore..
but i have scars
does any one know what i can do without having to get a mediaction or surgury, or without paying alot...
:] thanks....

 how to get rid of sunburn fast!?
i have it on my face and i ran out of aloe

is there anything that i could use tht is in most homes
Additional Details
what will help clear the ...

 What is this gunk called?
Every time I scratch my head, this gunk comes off in my nails. What is it?...

 Help me i'm itching like mad!!!?
Hi please help me please.
i'm itching like mad its driving me nuts i'm itching as i'm typing this!!!! i've tried everything E45, hydroquartzone, salt! everything. it starts ...

 HELP! What do you do when acne treatment has left your skin dry?!?
im between 13 to 14 and i get mild acne. and i wash my face everyday with neutrogena followed by acne pads and a acne cream or i just skip the pads and use the cream. WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE HELP REA...

 I found some rash on my sunburn i've never seen before. It's white and leaks if picked.?

 The arm on my skin is bubbly. What's the problem?
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 ugly red bumps on the arms?
so i have red bumps on the back of my arms and my legs, im 95% sure it's not acne. Does anyone know how to get rid of them quickly?
Additional Details
about the leg part, they just ...

 Omg please please PLEASE HELP?
I am going on holiday tomorrow and i have 4 red blotches on my nose, they look disgusting

I need advice on how to get rid of them overnight? any home remidys that work? I cant go out now ...

 can you have a bath or shower when you've got chicken pox?
my son woke up with them this morning,he's not very happy....

 if my belly button is infected, what do i do?
i cant go to the docter.
and im freaking out.
what do i do?


 what can i do about my acne?
i've treated my acne with stridex and it works great but i have like red spots from where my acne has been and i still have a couple zits what can i do about them the red spots make me look like ...

 Head lice...Need some answers!?
Okay my niece had Head Lice but, the thing is she still has nits. Now if I go over to her house is there a chance that I will get nits which are eggs will that will turn into Lice? im ...

So today I was outside swimming for about 3 hours and got a really bad sunburn. I know I should of used more sunblock. I have a really bad headache and am hurting really bad. Does anyone have any ...

 What are ways of getting rid of acne?
I have acne one my nose,forehead,few on my left cheek.I used acne-free products,toothpaste,and maybe tried to pop them and wash it with alcohol.And each time some go away,more come in.Some of them ...

 I am scratching my skin off!!!?
Hi. I woke up all itchy this morning. I have been this way for two days, allthough the worst of it is comming today! I have scratched my skin off and bleed in places.

Should I go to school?...

How can I get rid of the dry cracks on my feets' soles?

Mary Lou
use a pumice stone, they work great and they get rid of dead skin.

creamy k
Soak them, then scrub the dead skin off. Then oil or grease them down with vaseline and put socks on. Or you can soak your feet and then get some medicated foot rub and apply some on the heels of your feet. Use cream as directed. You should also consult with your primry physican about this problem.There are tons of medicated lotions for the feet. You might just have foot fungus.

Nick Willis
I know this sounds a little...REALLY wierd but keep you feet in Jello for around 15 minutes, and they will be gone, well for about 4-5 months. Lotion my help...Cocoa Lotions work well.


♥~Summer Breeze~♥
After you get out of the shower, put some foot lotion on them (put some more lotion on before you to to bed, then put some white socks afterwards to keep them moist). Do that for about 5-10 days, keeping lotion on them with socks on before bed. If you don't see any change after ten days, then do it for another week or so faithfully every day. Hope this helps.

dancin thru life
There is a product called Flexitol that is absolutely amazing. It's available at Walmart or many other stores. You put it on after bathing. I put it on thick and cover my feet with socks twice a day until the cracks healed, which happened very quickly. Then I use it once every day or two to keep them up.

I swear the best stuff you can get is HEEL RESCUE @ walgreens

[email protected]
go to your local store (walgreens) walmart, etc..many stores (in the medicine section) in the lotion section..
have you ever gone to get a pedicure? try going once (average 15-20$)and get one and go buy the stuff your self (foot soak, a foot scrub, etc pumice stone (to scrub and soften your feet) and maintain them yourself its cheaper.
also try go to bed with vaseline on your feet with socks they will become softer :) good luck!

Vaseline at night

get some foot lotion

You can go buy a foot scrubber and the next time you are in the shower with soap on your foot, use the scrubber were your foot is dry and cracked. After the shower rub a good lotion on them every day, twice. If they are really bad, go to a nail place and get a pedercur. Here in WA. state that only costs about $25.00, and worth it! Either or both ways are good. The latter is the fastest way.
In the answers above that tell you to put differant stuff on your feet and then socks, the socks work best if they are white.

Use Udder Balm liberally then put on a sock.Wash (scrub) daily.

I heard that soaking your feet in vinegar and water helps that. I've never tried it, but somebody I worked with said she did it and it worked great.

show and tell
liberally apply vaseline to your feet and then put on socks. best done if you do it before you go to bed so you don't have to walk around with squishy socks. it works GREAT. i live in a cold dry climate and my feet get dry easily. i do this 3 or 4 times a winter and it works every time.

My mom used to use Lanolin - sheep skin oil?


dada girl
Get a professional pedicure, keep your feet moisturized and stop walking barefeet .... and do not constantly wear flip-flops.

isaac m
Vasoline Petroleum Jelly

You Lames!
What i do is at the end of every shower while the water is still running, I run my fingers across my feet and i can feel the dead skin and dirt coming off.

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