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Megan b
Head lice...Need some answers!?
Okay my niece had Head Lice but, the thing is she still has nits. Now if I go over to her house is there a chance that I will get nits which are eggs will that will turn into Lice? im worried


ahhhh i think im contaminated just reading this post

James I
no theres not they can't live without blood so if they come off of her/his head they would of died but nits can jump up to 1 meter so stay away from her head

Yes you can get lice. They can get on furniture and beds and jump from on head to another.

Yes you can, her mother needs to go buy a treatment kit for that and thoroughly re-treat your nieces hair. She also needs to go through and wash her clothes , coats , hats etc... and her bedding. She needs to also get some spray and treat the furniture and carpets too. It is alot to do, but needs to be done to make sure all of the nits are killed and the lice doesn't come back. Sorry your niece is dealing with that. Good luck. She is probably upset about it , because if any kids know about it , kids can be kids and sometimes can be hurtful , so sending hugs to her and just reassure her it will all be okay.

It all has to do with Immunity...but that could also be a myth! Help your niece and buy her a shampoo for that! You grab your hair on a ponytail , so you don't get them, and prevent . Then help her wash her hair! How old is she???? Is she old enough to dye her hair, that might help to kill them off! also a hair cut. make it fun and go to a beauty salon, after everything turns out well!!! Good luck with everything!!

Cindy B
Not if her parents sprayed everything around the house with bug spray. Also, they have a special comb for that comes in the lice shampoo kit. Otherwise her mother can pop those nits one by one. Sounds kinda repulsive but it works. The nits are stuck on to the base of the hair shaft and they don't come off easily so you don't need to fear that they will transfer to you.

new email [email protected]

!!**Obama is our Prez**!!
Do NOT wear anything on your head of hers. And I would protect my hair just in case.

No you can NOT get the nits these are attached to her hair waiting to hatch But if an adult is crawling around off her body some where in the home and they do this and can be off a body for at least 2 days then must find a host to feed again You can get infected with an adult not an egg.And Miss Shasts dear they do not jump or fly they can only crawl and do so very fast.Most treatments don't kill the adults just stunt them any more since they have become immune to all treatments out there I have found a treatment that is great called LICE KILL works get off the internet.They live about 23-30 days female lays the eggs (nits)These hatch in 12 days full grown in a few more..Feed on human blood But can live several hours crawling around besides the human head floors (carpets) bedding, furniture, pets (but wont feed on pets or stay long)cloths, get the drift? These bugs like warmth about 82 degrees, and humidity about 70% this is why these are more common in the Southern states and around school times. In the South Its Lice Time all year long. I keep LICE KILL all year long in my home since we are in FL where the lice never die...You have to decide if you want to risk getting any lice or not but can't condem your neice she didn't go looking for this it just happens,If worried so much just stay outside with her don't go in and don't use any of her things but be careful not to get close to her either since lice can crawl on you from her if they are adults the nits as I said before are stuck to her hair with the glue a bug makes as she is placing the egg in a head of hair..The female has a hook like claw that helps her stay in the hair as well so she wont be running to you as soon as you walk in to your neices home Be careful best you can do but she will get over this like a million kids do a year.

U, S. Citizen
Your problem is not the "nits - eggs", its the lice.. If your niece has nits, she has lice. You will be exposed..

The life span of lice when out of the hair of the infected person is less than 2 days.

kathy z
If she is not nit free, you possibly can catch them, chances are 1 of those nits have hatched! They need to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the bed linens , put their pillows in trash bags for 7 days, spray with lice spray, even in their car, anyplace she has laid her head! I agree with the other people it is not her fault, please don't treat her like an outcast, my FIL used to say "its not a shame to get lice but its a shame to keep it"!

Gosh there are some ridiculous answers to this question. I like a previous answerer get really frustrated when myths get spread around, head lice CAN NOT jump.

There is absolutely no need to worry. The only way you can get nits from your niece is through physical contact (eg play, sharing clothes). If you take precautions to make sure that your hair doesn't touch hers than there is no chance of you getting her nits. It would be a shame to miss out on spending time with her over some unfounded fear.

Do NOT shampoo with pesticides 'just in case.' The lice preparations you buy from a chemist are pesticides and every pesticide has the potential to do serious harm, even if used 100% as directed.

If you want to help your niece with her nits than please see the following website for more articles and information.

Good Luck.

All of the nits need to be removed - or she will get it again. Now just by going to her house does not mean you will get it. Dont brush your hair there, do not try on any clothes or hats, if you have long hair pull it up. Are you spending the night there or just a day visit? If spending the night wont hurt to take your own pillow and bed clothes.
And please remember this is not her fault - so dont be mean or rude to her - all that will do is hurt her feelings.

ADD- Lice CAN NOT JUMP - do some research before saying that - they do not have any back legs - I hate it when people say that.

Taliban Dan
A product called Bornex.If you want to do it with home methods, mix a batch of mineral oil and white vinegar at a half and half ratio, soak head, wrap a plastic cover around your head, make sure it's relatively air tight and wait an hour. Remove and shampoo clean. wait a few hours and repeat one more time, that's it.

um you can go over but dont use anything of hers, or sit on anything that she has touched. if you go over you better just stand up and dont stay long. better yet just dont go over till everything is washed and she is better!!!

Use a fine tooth comb to remove the nits. Wash her clothes and blankets in HOT water. Shampoo her with RID to kill any lingerers.

Unless you wear her hats, use her combs, etc. There is very little chance that you will get lice.

PS - please don't treat her like an outcast, it's probably not her fault she got lice.

You can't get nits. But if the nits are not removed from her hair they could hatch and then you can get lice. You could also get lice if the home and everything in it was not properly cleaned to get rid of any lice.

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