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 any tips for me?
i have really dry elbows. they are so dry that they look dirty although i take a shower everyday. they get a lot worse in the winter. what can i do to prevent this?...

 Does soaking in milk help you?
I heard soaking in milk can help your body,is that true?I needa know!!!!Its really bugging me!!!...

 I have a dandruff problem and i need help getting rid of it?
I have dandruff and i use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo everytime i shower and it still doesnt go away can any one help me ? People that know about the scalp.
Additional Details

 ACNE! please help..i cant take it. easy 10 points?

Okay so,
I Have mainly whiteheads and blackheads,
but I've been using Differin for about 4 weeks,
and over this ...

 Why are my hands always so cold?
I'm afraid to even touch people because of how cold my hands get and the only time they ever get warm is if I'm really pissed or if i put them under warm water. They turn white, purple, ...

 I have a infected toe. its red around the spot and nowhere else. what do i do?
its my left foot big toe and its and its on the left side on the big toe. its swollen only at that spot. and its red. it looks like there's a 1cm blood bubble its GUSHY and red. its doesnt hurt ...

 what could be a reason why i'm itchy after showering?

 How do i disguise cuts on my shoulders?
I self harm. I dont need crap about I need counselling, just advice. The cuts look pretty livid and the skin is raised. Need help making them less eyecatching, any suggestions good peoples of the ...

 I'm 13 and have really dark eye circles??
what the heck!?im 13!

and there really dark!

I eat great. Get 9 or more hours of sleep every night. And i still have dark circles?

a lady asked me about it and ...

 oh no i have poison ivy! it's itchy and i need help!?
I'm pretty sure I have poison ivy. I scratched my arm earlier and felt bumps. When I checked it out closer I noticed I have a line of bumps, and another couple of bumps next to eachother. I ...

 my toe nail is reaching just under 4inches now do you think its time it had a trim?

 i'm depressed what can i do?

 Face so dry, peeling and flaking, stinging.?
So, I finally found a solution to my acne, and that is clean and clear astringent and toner, with the acne advantage face wash, but my face does get very dry, so i used the acne advantage face ...

 please please please help me?!?!?
ok i got a sunburn on monday, and its really bad. now i notice some sort of dots that are my skin color, and when i rub them or touch them they like pop and maybe water or puss comes out. wut is ...

 What's the best way to get rid of dandruff fast?

 what caused an itchy rash on my stomache that only appears when exercising?
it only occurs when exercising, i exercise alot and it just started a week or two ago....

 Wat can i do to get my head to stop itching fast!!!!?
My lil cousin has lice and my mom is buyig her that stuff to fix it but it will be a while so wat can we use ...

 Please help! I've had a plantar wart on my foot for around 8 years and nothing gets rid of it...?
I have a very slow growing plantar wart on the heel of my foot. I've been to the doctor and they said they can cut it out, but that this can spread it and that it will often grow back. I'...

 Why does my hair itch so much lately?
I am black so i have heard all the rumors about our hair itching but seriously, i have changed nothing about my normal life. same shampoo, grease and mousturizer, and sheen. in the 20 years that i ...

 i need poison.................................?
i don't want live any ...

Can smoking cause dry lips?
I'm 35 and have smoked a pack per day for 15 years. I have to apply lots of lipstick to mask it.

Yes it can I have smoked for 6 years...


My lips would always get dry after I smoked.

I have never read that on a package of cigarettes so I would say no.

yea because you are constantly pulling in air sharply through your lips and then blowing it back out. The constant air drys them out!

If you smoke, you can pretty much blame it for all your downfalls. We both need to quite. The way the prices are going we'd be cheaper off if we started smoking crack instead!

so, let me get this straight:

u r worried about dry lips and not ur life. oh thats smart :D

btw, smoking not only KILLS U, but it kills EVERYONE around you 2! maybe u want 2 add that 2 ur list of worries.

and smoking is ohhhsooobadd for you..
so stop... or at least cut back..
or if you dont want to.. and you just wanna be unhealthy and die sounding like a croakie frog, just use a lot of chapstick (the kind with vitamin E and healthy stuff)

i think so. i am sure it can lead to those tiny little wrinkles and cracks around the lips.

Squeak Mouse
you shouldnt be smoking in the first place. its probly mouth cancer

QUIT. I did xmas 06, good luck

it sure can, put some lip gloss on

answer mine


God of the Trumpet
Yea all those sticks you've been sticking in your mouth...(hahaah i used sticking twice) cause dry lips. BTW, dry lips means you have lip cancer.

well duh.. theres alot of bad chemicals touching ur lips everyday

yep. and lung problems. and heart problems. and body problems. smoker man is the one who caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan..t dont smoke. im not trying to be all preachy and goody 2 shoes but its so bad for you.

of course it can!stop smoking it might make your lip vanish

Mimi T
Ok, first of all, you shouldn't smoke in the first place, it's bad for you. secondly, yeah. you might wanna check if you have lip cancer too..

vanessa rose
um hunny lip stick makes your lips dryer best solution STOP SMOKING that's SICK it gives you bad breath yellow teeth makes your cloths smell bad and oh yeah it kills you gives you cancer not to mention your polluting the air way to go maybe you should get a meddle!!!

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