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 I am scratching my skin off!!!?
Hi. I woke up all itchy this morning. I have been this way for two days, allthough the worst of it is comming today! I have scratched my skin off and bleed in places.

Should I go to school?...

 My friend has yellow hands, why?
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Bite on my neck? please help
i got out of my shower and i noticed a small bump on the back of my neck

i used my phone to take a picture, and it looks like a red bump

i dont think its a zit or anything

do you think it could be a spider bite?

if so, what should i do?

i dont feel sick or anything, iot just freaks me out
Additional Details
it doesn't itch either

so thanks for the answerers, ill just wait and see what it does

and i don't recall any vampires ;D

Graveyard *****.!.
If its not causing you any pain or irritation, then I wouldn't worry about it. It will go away in a matter of time. Best to not touch it as well.

Is there a white dot in the middle of the bump? If there is it might be a spider bite.

It's probably just a harmless mosquito bite. If not that, then a harmless spider. If it was anything poisonous, you would have a much larger rash, or intense pain at the bite area... or numbness. If it just itches, that means it's healing. =)

Heather (:
its a vampire and you might die.
dont be alarmed.

lol maybe it's a birth mark, but hey go check the doctor if you feel weird.

Well, it could be a number of things. If it was raining that day, since it's summertime, it could have been a mosquito. If it itches, it's more than likely that, but if it feels like you could pop it like a zit but it doesn't look like a zit, then we're more than likely talking spider or something with venom in it. If you truly can't recognize what kind of bite it is, it's always safe to see the doctor about these things. It may turn out to be something not serious, but if it is and you don't see the doctor, it could be fatal though the chances of that is really weak. I would see a doctor just in case. You can never be too safe!

Thomas H
You are having a Angoraphobiadarnitall reaction!!! Wash with rubbing alcohol and put a bandaid on it.

it sound like a deep down mother ship zit

chill out...watch for swelling, heat redness or spreading or growing larger and any flu like symptons...if none of these occur you are fine. If they do occur and get progressively worse over the next 24 to 48 hours go to a doc and have it checked out..



probably a spider bite... but cortozolin 10 (cant spell it) and take a beagryl before you sleep!

WeaK minded FreeK
Well if you are still alive then I would say dont worry about it :) If you get any feelings that you never had before then I would go to the doctor to have them check it out.

[email protected]
it could be a mosquito bite because one time i got bit by one and had a red bump two inches long. If u were bit by a spider you would feel it when it bites you

ummm. get it checked... could just be a bruise or something... but yeh... be safe... get it checked

May M
call the doctor or ask a friend to look at it

How big/small are we talking here? Also it matters if there is anything around it...like a redish ring...
But the fact you feel find and wouldn't have noticed it if you somehow hadn't looked at the back of your neck (how did you see it there?) you wouldn't have known about it pretty much shows you are okay. Just don't mess with it and it will go away.

Relax. Don't worry. Even if it is a spider bite it's not like you're going to be Spider man in the morning. If it starts to itch just put some Benadryl on it or some non-itch ointment to keep yourself from itching it.
It could just be a zit like you don't think it is, but I can't know for sure considering I can't see it. If so don't mess with it until it's ready to be squeezed, then you go to town with that baby.

What ever you do, don't freak out, it's not that big of a deal and I promise you'll still be alive in a week. :)

Wait it out....

look it up on google lol

well it would help if we could see the pic u took with ur phone...

if you notice a strange sensation to drink another humans blood please go get help or hire van helsing lol


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