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 How do you catch an STD? Be nice please...?
I really would like to catch an STD...all my friends have one...please help...I wanna be like them!...

 can hiv aids hpv kill you?

 Should you go to work when you have? Nice answers please!!?
Should you go to work when you have an outbreak of herpes virus 1. Just the outbreak on your lips?
Additional Details
I wasnt sure if you can give them to someone just by touching your ...

 Is it possible to be HIV pos for 3 years and not no it, would'nt you have some kind of symtom, like, what?

 I need to know about oral herpes!?
okay, so i haven't kissed my boyfriend yet. But, I think he has oral herpes. (HSV1) I need to know...
if it ever goes away?
if it's okay to kiss him without tongue?
and any ...

 i just got a HIV test and i'm scared !?
i'm scared that it'll be positive!
what should i do
Additional Details
i really need help i've been crying for ...

 HPV??! A little scared, please help?
I got a call from my dr yesterday after a routine gyno checkup. She said something about needing to come in for further testing and they may have found HPV cells. Of course I didn't think to ask ...

 Could a cold sore transfer into genetal herpes?
If somebody has a cold sore, could that cause a partner to have genetal ...

 Which of the following is the most serious type of STD?
Which of the following is the most serious type of STD?
A. Hepatitis B
D. H...

 I'm 16 and have AIDS.?
I found out I have HIV about a month ago from shooting heroine. I am 16. I don't know how to tell my parents. I am afraid they will go after my boyfriend Corey who taught me how to shoot ...

 can i get HIV aids from shareing a drink?

 Syphilis?????freaked out totally!!!?
im afraid i might have syphilis. this is a dumb question but does the person your with have to have syphilis for you to get it or is it just like a virus you can get without the other person having ...

 what are the symptoms of true love???
in my tuition there is a boy who likes my friend very much that's what he says to her and my friend does not feel it so because she thinks him to be flirty and a liar and therefore he cannot be ...

 Blood in Pee, burning. Do i have an STD?
Ok so for about two days now it has somewhat burnt when i peed...but only sometimes. and its not like a burning feeling. its more like, when i am almost done peeing i get a sharp pain.
i have ...

 Can you get an STD by drinking out of the same cup of somebody has one?

 Why is it that when I pee, it burns and blood comes out?
I just don't understand . . . And I'm a little scared! :O...

 If AIDS is incurrable how come Magic Johnson hasn't died yet?
Its going on 20 years now sense Magic Johnson got AIDS. Shouldn't he be dead by now? And the HIV virus is extremely intolerant of certain herbs like Extra Strength Green Tea, Oregano Oil, Apple C...

 Should my boyfriend take an HIV/AIDS test?
Me and my boyfriend have been in a monogamous relationship about 7 years. I recently took an HIV/AIDs test and it came back negative. Well I was trying to get my BF to take one with me but we never ...

 is this normal??...?
is it strange if i always wanted to get raped and then get HIV and die?? because i'm 14 years old and i always have dreams about getting rape by my guy friend's brother and then getting HIV ...

 Do you think aids was man-made?
do you think aids was man-made. i dont know. part of me says its a way of population control by the government
Additional Details
if you think it wasnt made by the government, do you ...

is this crazy girl lying about having herpes?
My boyfriend found out (on Easter Sunday) that this girl he slept with a couple times several months ago has herpes (supposedly). Neither of us has had an outbreak and we're both going to the doctor. What bothers me is...this girl seems unstable. She said she is "immune" to herpes but somehow has it???? I read a bit online and found that it's impossible to be immune to it (unless you've already got it, then you're basically immune to the other type). My boyfriend has been telling me some of the things she's been saying and it sounds to me like she's full of crap. But the problem is...a person can have it and never show symptoms. And also, the doctor told my boyfriend that they have no way of actually detecting herpes in your blood, only the antibodies, so there's basically no way of finding out for sure until you have an outbreak. IS SHE LYING???????????????????

Please only helpful answers...I'm freaking out, I'm a hypochondriac ):
Additional Details
She's definitely lying. He says she just told him she's never had an outbreak. Meaning she has no way of knowing she has it, and therefore has no way of knowing she's immune. Sad that people feel they need to hurt other people and create drama like that. I'm still going to the doctor though. Thanks for your answers.

Le Comte
Herpes resides in nerve cells (neurones), and occasionally decides to come down these nerves the surface (skin, hence an outbreak). This cycle of peek-a-boo just repeats. Your doc is right, you need the antibody test. Yep there's no way until the outbreak (there are ways, but they're like research level stuff, not worth the bother).

she might be but you have basically answered your own question! you never know until you have an out break, its like the cold sore virus, everyone has it but its sometimes dormant in some people and they will never have an outbreak. these people tend to just be carriers of the virus, you or your bf may never actually have a break out. better to use condoms just incase though, wont prevent you catching it 100% but it will help coz my god they hurt!!!

With the details you said I think she was lying.It is really impossible it will never happen based on my research:)

darnell s
she probably is lying. why would she want to admit to that to the both of you

She's lying

Miss Ann Thrope
I knew someone who had a habit of telling people she had AIDS just to get attention. Trust your instincts. If you feel that she is full of crap, she probably is.

It is possible to carry the virus and never have it become active, yet still be able to "shed" it and pass it to other partners.

You could contract herpes and not have an outbreak for years, months etc...the only way to know is when you have an outbreak. She could be telling the truth, plus if you get an std, and the doctors catch it, are you not required to tell past partners? Idk I would feel some kind of obligation there if I had or ever gotton an std before.

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