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 is there a chance of me having aids. plz answer and read i am so scared?
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No, Nameless I do not. I just thought this was a great topic to bring up ...

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Its true! I got a link ppl.
I'm sorry but no man or women alive is worth a STD. Herpes lasts a lifetime.

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 Could a blood test or a urine sample determine if i have STD's or herpies?
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 Did someone already find a cure for AIDS?
My friend told me that some guy found a natural cure for aids a long time ago, but some ppl gave that person money so he wouldn't share the secret with anyone.

Also what does AIDS ...

hey random question about aids?
at my work at the end of the day i clean the bathrooms and i clean the tampac thing and empty them out i used gloves i had a small scrape on my arm one of the tissues touched me what are the chances of getting aids cause i know that stuff has been in there awhile so i would think even if the virus were there it would die

You'ld have a lot better chance of getting hepatitis. .

I don't think you have anything to worry about. If it was fresh blood and it dripped in your cut then I would be somewhat concerned.

The virus itself does not survive in open air but only in blood and skin tissue soo u shudnt worry but always were gloves and wash ur hands just incase:)

Dude, relax.
You wont get aids because a tampon touched you.

R Dawg 144
Usually AIDS can't live very long outside of the body. It really depends on how long it was exposed to the air. I doubt you could of gotten it, but if your still unsure, you can always take a blood test.

Uncommon Sense
dude, relax. if you are that paranoid, get tested in 6 months. also, wear bigger gloves, thats just gross.

well... hiv does not survive well outside of the body.. it's a virus and a virus needs a host (in hiv's case... our body's live cells).... so if it does not have this it cannot survive...

i would not worry about it, and plus you said you used gloves

you didnt say whether any blood actually touched you, but i would worry


peeps you
you need to be more careful, no aids isnt likely because its a fragile virus that dies when air hits it, but you can get hepititus, because its extremely hardy it even creates a protective enzyme over itself to survive for many days in air. not to mention syphilis and whatever other nasties, please be more careful and inspect your gloves for holes

i would think the chances are probably really small.

Relax, you wont contract anything this way honestly. If you are that worried in future then protect yourself with plastic sleeves and wear a long sleeved overall.
Stop worrying you will be fine.

thx for 2 points!!!!

Std Counselor
Most likely no. But you can never be too careful. I would wait about a month and then go get tested. I had the western blot confirmation test because I read on line that it is accurate as early as 5 weeks from exposure. I read it here.

The virus isn't a very hearty virus outside of a living human. Chances are, there are no living viruses on any tissues.

Rabbit R
I'd say there's about a .0000000000000001% chance you'll get AIDS.

The two main things are:

1. You generally need deep bodily fluid contact to contract aids, the tiny cut theory is rubbish.
2. Your cut wasn't fresh so blood couldn't get into it.

Arm scratches and Kleenex are the leading cause of deaths among retards named Matt..
say your prayers

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