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 If 2 virgins can't give eachother or get STD from one another, how did anyone get STD?

Additional Details
how did the first person get it?...

 Telling my Girlfriend i got aids?
I've been sleeping with my main girl for at least 7 months. To make my story very short: Just found out i got AIDs and i dont kno wat to tell my girl. Do i even tell her at all cuz by the time ...

 I'm growing a mushroom on my reer end. WHAT DO I DO?

 He Fingered Me and now i need help?
i met with a guy, who ive been seeing for aiges, i am still a virgin so its not an STI or anything.. but we were at the beach and he smokes, so his hands were obviously not clean, so i think i got a ...

 Would someone who has fewer outbreaks of gential herpes have a smaller chance of spreading the virus?
i just found out today that i got hsv-2, im really upset about it at the moment im keeping my distance from everyone and collecting as much info as i can on it so if anyone can help i would be truly ...

 would you tell your partner if you had an STD?
im doinqq this thinq about STDs in school and i was just wondering what the publc thinks=]...

Its true! I got a link ppl.
I'm sorry but no man or women alive is worth a STD. Herpes lasts a lifetime.

 Should I get this checked out?
Recently, I've gone to the bathroom and found my urine smells hoooorrible. I've been told its only supposed to have a faint odor but really, mine smells really acidic and even kinda like ...

 Can AIDS be transmitted like this?
My husband had a tattoo done last night and half way through the tattoo the stencil rubbed off. The guy tattooing him grabbed a marker off the counter and drew in the parts that had rubbed off and ...

 can yu catch an std?
Omigod im freaking out i kissed a friend of mine and i am so worried that i may have an std.they have been around the block a few times witha alot of ppl. i didnt have any sores in my mouth or ...

 Could a blood test or a urine sample determine if i have STD's or herpies?
i got it down recently like today, and they said i'm fine and have no problems. but could they still miss it?
Additional Details
sorry miss typed, i got the blood test done and ...

 Does Justin Bieber have syphilis?
I heard it from my friend. Is this true?...

 What is Redtube? I heard about it but im scared to go on it... Is it some kind of virus or something?
I heard about it but im scared that its really a ...

 Did someone already find a cure for AIDS?
My friend told me that some guy found a natural cure for aids a long time ago, but some ppl gave that person money so he wouldn't share the secret with anyone.

Also what does AIDS ...

 What's the best way to tell someone you have HPV?
I have a hard time trying to figure out when is the best time to tell someone you have HPV. When begining a new relationship if I tell them right away I risk scaring them off, but if I wait and get ...

 how can i ask nicely if someone has any kind of STD or illness that can be passed on?
I really wanna ask this person but... I don't know how to without sounded rude lol....

 Does anyone know how long it's possible to have chlamydia without having symptoms in men and women?

 plz suggest me a good slogan on HIV AIDS......................?
i hv a slogan writing competetion in my school on monday.......................the topic is HIV AIDS.......................can any1 suggest me a good slogan??????????????????...

can u get an STD through the ...

 Dont laugh okay? serious question..i think i have aids..?
mk before you laugh i have a friend who has told everyone she has aids except she ddint tell me
i drunk the tiniest bit out of her water bottle then a friend told me that i shouldnt of done that ...

he gave me herpes what should i do?

kick his @ss

oooh i would hit him soooo hard!

um yeah, get cleaned up my dear then use condoms from now on!

Work out how to tell your future partners you have it.

Sarah W
i would ask him if he knew he had it. my boyfriend showed no signs of it and had caught it before we got together and therefore passed it to me. that was 9 1/2 years ago and we are still together. you do need to talk to him about it.

Muscle Beach Party
give him syphlis in return

go to the doctors immediately and get it treated. that is the only way to do it. you can't get rid of it.

Tell ALL his friends. lol

No really, you should get yoursefl treated if you haven't already (?) and then tell him, and he needs to tell all the people he has slept or been intimate with.

i'm sorry, i didn't know, hang on a sec must have a scratch. please don't hit me or mess my car up.

chelsea ♥'s u
cut his d!ck off
shot him in the legs and mess up his car

im serious he needs to learn his lesson bout spreadin it to other girls
last december i was raped by someone i knew and i spend all christmas night in the hospital and i found out i had it

and lets just say the dude learned his lesson and aint no other girl guna get it from him

unless he told u he had it before you guys banged then u cant do nothin bout it

u can also take him to court

also i would tell him and see wat he says
hes prolly guna deny it but hey
or if your 100% it was him jus go ahead and kill him
no one deserves this nasty disease:-(

Easily Confused :-/
he may not even know he has it! herpes can lay dormant for ages until times of stress.. its not 100 per cent he gae it to you. talk to him

there isnt much you can do. You got it for the rest of your life =O
Theres treatments for it to reduce the outbreaks. Are you SURE its herpes? did you go to the clinic to get tested? I wouldnt sleep around with alot of ppl either unless you just dont care.

Modern Major General
Tell him...

Then kill him...

Then visit a doctor.


Visit doctor then cut the telling him, just kill him!

Well there's not much you can do but deal with it. Go to your doctor and get on medication. Unfortunately there's no cure for herpes - it's something you'll live with the rest of your life. However, taking medication should keep it under control and don't worry you won't die from it or anything. Good luck.

nothing you can do but take care of you

Robert D

Condoms are good at preventing STDs.

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