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 What if she has herpes. What do i do?
So, I met a girl, but a problem came up. She had a cold sore (witch is euphemism of herpes) but now what. Do i try to date her? just friends? I'm not sure what she wants from me, but as of now ...

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 Is this normal...?
Is it normal for herpes sores to bust? And if it is what do I do?
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I have gone to the doctor and I have Valtrex...I was just wondering if it is normal......

 Hiv from kiss????????
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 What do I do with all my infected yeast?
The doc said it will go bad in 7-10 days......

 scared of std need some opinions?
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 What could happen if you get fingered or ate out?
can anything serious happen
like stds..or anything
and if so what should i look out for
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 Can you sue a laboratory for a wrong result?
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 Should I get an HIV test?
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 Can herpes be contracted even if there is no visible out break?
I don't have herpes, by the way. It's juat that I could never really get a straight answer to this question....

 Why dont my girlfriend like anal?
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 Is it possible to get an STD from someone you know doesn't have an STD?
And please don't say like "You don't know that person doesn't have it."
Additional Details
By the way, I don't have an STD. I'm honestly just wondering....

 is herpes treatable plz help?
is herpes treatable plz tell me.......

 How can I know that I am affected by AIDS?
How can I know that I am affected by AIDS???
Please tell some ideas.
I am a 18 year old.
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Please tell in detail and simple ...

 if blood comes out of the anus area, what does that mean?

 Found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me - how long until I can get an AIDS test?
and how long until I can be tested for STDs? Thanks
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HarleyDevil - GOOD for you! Good luck....

 How can I tell my bf to get an std/herpes test?
I just want to be safe how do I tell him?...

 how do i know if i have a yeast infection?

can i still have a good family?
uhmm.. its like this.. im male.. getting married soon..i want to have a happy family... but my prob is that... i have STD... and my questions are as follows, can i still have a child?... will he/she be born normally or will he be affected?... will my wife (soon) be affected by the disease?..

i cant take this out of my mind.. please.. i need help..

What is phone?

It depends on what STD you have. Some of them (if not all of them) can be spread to your partner, and there's always that chance of a baby inheriting the disease. If you really want good information, talk to your doctor.

That depends on what std you have. Some cause fertility problems for men and women while others do nothing to your partner or your own reproductive system.
Some children can be born healthy and normal while others may be born with problems or have the std passed genetically to them.
You're wife could be affected by your std, if you have not taken precautions to protect her from getting it.
You should go to the doctor with your wife, have the std treated and your wife tested and treated (if she happens to have the std) then talk about having children with you health care provider.

yes , it will pass to ur wife when in contact....but wont usually pass to ur baby...but there is exception.....talk it with ur wife before marriage so that if she is marrying u she does so with all her will.........but u should talk to her clearly....but if she refuses then u should let her go as she took her choice....be brave and be a good , honest, and loving husband...

There are many STDs and they all have very different repercussions.

Mr. Confid3ntial
Having a happy family is no big problem, even if you have that certain disease. What is important is your soon-to-be family understands you & your situation and respects you despite that fact.

These are questions you MUST pose to your doctor, with your fiancee in attendance, so she can ask questions too.

It's the law that your condition be disclosed before marriage, or it's fraud and you could be both criminally and civilly liable if you don't.

The affect of the disease depends on which one you have.

That depends on what the STD is.

which STD? you should talk to your doctor about this. You can still have a family. If your soon-to-be wife does not know about your disease, you really should tell her before you get married because she really is bound to find out sooner or later and you should want to protect her as much as possible.

good luck

you have to say what kinda std its is in order to tell if they will get it.

It depends entirely on which STD it is. I would recommend going to a doctor, even if it might feel embarrassing, because your health and the health of those around you seems to be your main concern and seeking the help of a physician would be the responsible thing to do.

Imma firin mah lazor!
I wish I could but you really have to be more specific as to what STD you have. It depends on the disease. For example: AIDS can be transferable to the child (obviously not a good thing).

This account is Retired.
What STD?

it depends on what you have. why have you not told your fiance? this is not something to hide from her-as it affects both of you.some std's are treatable with antibiotics, others, well not so much and there is a high chance of spreading it to others without proper protection. please be a responsible man and tell her what's going on. wouldn't you want the same respect from her?

nobody can answer your questions unless you specify which type of STD you have. some can be cured and others can't be.

Irene H
A) it sounds like she does not know you have it and shame on you for not teling her.

B) you need to specify what it is so we can help you

1776 - 2008 R.I.P.
Go to the Doctor. Get cured.

Yes, your wife will be infected.

If the child will be in danger or be able to have a child depends on what kind of STD it is.

Mark - if you can't solve this minor problem, do you really think you are ready for marriage and fatherhood?

Billy Mays Here!
Which STD?

Billy Mays collects them as a hobby, and is willing to help!

Hi Mark, I can hear that you're really stressed. I'm so sorry about this. The answer really depends on what STD you have. If you share that, I will certainly have a better answer for you. Best of luck. @(~_~)@

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