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ஐ♥P u S s y CaT♥ஐ♥is a mummy!!!
burning sensation when peeing!!??
what could that possibly be?? i have no discharge whatsoever

you should be running to the dr. not asking us!sounds like an std .

Enlarged prostate? oh wait thats for men. Uh... kidney cancer? i don't know how girls having burning pee, probaly your pee is getting... hotter, like too hot for you baby.

dont pee on a fire ?

probably a bad case of Rheumatoid Ecclesiastes. It makes you fell like it's burning, after two weeks it becomes gagrenous! get i tchecked out!

Sounds like cystitis, I wouldn't worry about it. Drink lots of cranberry juice, as I've heard that this helps to clear it up. If you're worried about it or it has lasted for longer than 2 weeks I would go see a doctor.

Mr Abba
Get in touch with your G.P or local GUM clinic. It may be a std.

Julie F
sounds like a urine infection. cystitis go and see youre doctor asap, he will prescribe you with anti biotics.

Very common complaint....drink lots of water and cranberry juice (which stops bacterial growth in the bladder) and get yourself off to the doctor.

alison h
cystitus,its a water infection not an std,either drink loads of water to neutralise your water or drink cranberry juice as it is excellent for cystitus,you can also get tablets from any chemist.

you probably have a urinary track infection..im not sure if thats how you spell it but basically you probably have a urine infection its nothing serious the doctors give you antibiotics for it for 3 days or so..but you should defintly see the doctors regrdless to treat it or whatever it could be.

Due to lack of info here, it might be a UTI or even STD/STI...go see MD and get diagnosed and treated. Good Luck...:O)

Cystitis?? x

sarah kate
just go see or call your doc. webmd.com will probably have some help also!!!

It sounds like cystitis. Drink plenty. Cranberry juice is good.

Cystitis? Go to GP or GUM clinic anyway just in case...


You might have cystitus, you can buy sachets over the counter at your local chemist, and drink plenty of water, should clear up pretty soon.

cystis drink plenty of water if no gone in 24hrs go doc

Most likely its a UTI. However, you do not HAVE to have discharge for it to be another disease or STD. Not everyone experiences a discharge, most do, but some do not. That is why it is very important that you go to the doctor and receive a proper diagnosis.

almost definitley cystitis (an infection of the urinary tract). Try drinking cranberry juice, getting remedies from pharmacy or go and see your GP.

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