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 how can i ask nicely if someone has any kind of STD or illness that can be passed on?
I really wanna ask this person but... I don't know how to without sounded rude lol....

 Does anyone know how long it's possible to have chlamydia without having symptoms in men and women?

 plz suggest me a good slogan on HIV AIDS......................?
i hv a slogan writing competetion in my school on monday.......................the topic is HIV AIDS.......................can any1 suggest me a good slogan??????????????????...

can u get an STD through the ...

 Dont laugh okay? serious question..i think i have aids..?
mk before you laugh i have a friend who has told everyone she has aids except she ddint tell me
i drunk the tiniest bit out of her water bottle then a friend told me that i shouldnt of done that ...

 how do you make yourself throw-up? i stick whole toothbrushes down my throat, but it just doesn't come up.
how can some people throw-up with two fingers, and i can't with an entire toothbrush!?...

 What Should I do if I have warts on my privates? lol?

 Is a Urinary Tract Infection a form of STD?
Thanks in advance for your wisdom and time!...

 im freaking out ! please answer?
i lost my calculaor and i have a math midterm tomorrow !
and my teacher already said that if you loose it they will not give you a new one
im scared ! what should i do ?
Additional D...

 HIV from urine on a toilet seat?
I know that this sounds crazy but I have to ask.

I was at my local mall and I had to go to the restroom so bad.

I know that having OCD and a chronic phobia of HIV holds me back ...

 My little sister asked me what fingering is!?
okay im 16 my little sister is 10 and she asked me what it means and i just ignore her. but should i tell her? don't say why is she asking this she told me that an 8th grader asked her if shes ...

 Would there be an HPV vaccination uproar if it were for boys and men instead of girls?
Just curious.
Additional Details
I love the answers so far (even the hostile ones), but some clarification:

1) In the spirit of the question, IMAGINE that all of your concerns,...

 Can anyone think of an STD game?
i need a game about STDs for sociology. It needs to involve my classmates and it CANNOT be health related. Any ideas?...

 Just got diagnosed with HPV?
My gyno called me with results from my Pap Smear...I have HPV. She said I had some abnormal cells and suggested a colposcapy (sp). I'm a little freaked out. I've been bad with my Gyno ...

 Can someone who has aids give birth to a child that doesn't have aids?
Someone with aids giving birth.....................

 IF You Catched AIDS, How would u feel?
How do u feel if u catched AIDS? or if u know someone who has, how is their life like...
Additional Details
*Caught* Aids.....

 Besides Chlamydia what else is the gift that keeps on giving?
I have never had it, and you can tell by looking at me, I'm way to sweet and innocent looking.
Additional Details
Luey-not rude at all you are absolutely right........

 Should I be worried about having HIV?
I thought i had been exposed to hiv 4 months ago and i recently got tested last week and it says im negative. Should i still be worried about having hiv?...

 Can someone please help me I'm so worried??
I had a pelvic exam and pap smear last tuesday night and am a little worried about my results. This has been my first pap test so that is really the only reason I'm worried. For those who'...

 I might have "crabs" will the Doctor care if I show him my pubes?

Would someone who has fewer outbreaks of gential herpes have a smaller chance of spreading the virus?
i just found out today that i got hsv-2, im really upset about it at the moment im keeping my distance from everyone and collecting as much info as i can on it so if anyone can help i would be truly grateful

Sorry to hear you have this diagnosis.

Once you have it, you have the chance to spread it to others.

Always use a condom - for the rest of your life !!!

Not just occasionally or when you think you have active lesions.

You need to use condoms for the rest of your LIFE.

Make sure you respect your partner and tell them you have it before you make love.

See link below.

Good Luck.

The virus is with you for the rest of your life but can lay dormant so even if you never have another outbreak after the initial one, you can still spread the virus... I believe the term used for this is "shedding". It's best to use latex condoms because any other type are not effective against transmitting herpes or other STDs. Be honest and be careful with your partner(s) and all will be fine.

No, the virus is still in your body!!!

Cry. It. Out

Research shows that you can spread herpes WITHOUT an active outbreak. So, the very best way to stop the spread of the virus is to be *completely* honest with your past. present, future partners, and use protection regardless. Best of luck to you!

From what I have heard, yes, though it is possible to transmit it to a partner even when you aren't having an outbreak.

Most of the girl's I've talked to that have it [i don't] only ever had one outbreak.


You don't need an outbreak to spread herpes.

Not really because the virus is there no matter what. They do say it's easier or "more likely" to spread it during an outbreak, but you never know you are ABOUT to have an outbreak until it starts. Some people have herpes and never have an outbreak at all, but they still spread it.

I sympathize with you on finding this out. I found out in Oct. of 06.

Hi there, i just thought i would let you know that there is hope. You don't need to use condoms for the rest of your life, and you do not need to keep your distance.

My partner was diagnosed with HSV2, 2 weeks after we began dating, as i asked him to get a STD check. We used protection and he used an antiviral medication. (which we now do not use)

Now years later we are engaged and pregnant. We decided that since we are going to be together for the rest of our lives and we wanted children what was the point of using condoms. hence the pregnancy. I accepted the fact that i had a real risk of contracting HSV2, and i had to come to terms with that.

I just recently found out that i have not yet contracted HSV2. The doctor thinks its because A) he doesn't have any outbreaks and B) he probably has had HSV2 for many years which means the shedding period (the contagious bit without symptoms) is a lot less.

HSV2 is not a death sentence. And infact 1 in 5 people have it. Just the majority of people don't actually know they have it !!!
Cheer up, its not the end of the world i promise :)

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