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 Why dont my girlfriend like anal?
Ill righty looky here fella me and my girl Aka big mama dont like in in the brown door she says when she was 18 women in jail took turns in her chocolate factory looking for dat der golding ticket if ...

 Is it possible to get an STD from someone you know doesn't have an STD?
And please don't say like "You don't know that person doesn't have it."
Additional Details
By the way, I don't have an STD. I'm honestly just wondering....

 is herpes treatable plz help?
is herpes treatable plz tell me.......

 How can I know that I am affected by AIDS?
How can I know that I am affected by AIDS???
Please tell some ideas.
I am a 18 year old.
Additional Details
Please tell in detail and simple ...

 if blood comes out of the anus area, what does that mean?

 Found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me - how long until I can get an AIDS test?
and how long until I can be tested for STDs? Thanks
Additional Details
HarleyDevil - GOOD for you! Good luck....

 How can I tell my bf to get an std/herpes test?
I just want to be safe how do I tell him?...

 how do i know if i have a yeast infection?

 How to catch Voldemort?
I have to find all his horcruxes, any idea where they will be?

Please help! I have to save the world because I'm The Toy Who Lived.
I am the Chosen Fun!


 hey random question about aids?
at my work at the end of the day i clean the bathrooms and i clean the tampac thing and empty them out i used gloves i had a small scrape on my arm one of the tissues touched me what are the chances ...

 i'm scared! what are my chances of having HIV/AIDS?
I ask because I recently went out with a guy who was rather sickly looking (gray-white complexion, extremely thin, dark circles under his eyes), and I wonder if he might have had AIDS. I have no ...

 My Dad / AIDS Please Help!?
well my dad has had HIV for a couple years and his umm liek a number i guess went really low so technically he has aids now he cant afford it at all right now because he has to pay off other stuff ...

 i think i have a std and don't have health insurance help?
i can't get medical care because i'm still with my parents .i can afford to go to the ER I live in washington dc is there free clinics that will test me without me have to pay for it. the ...

 can you get hiv from the following:?
I was at an ice stadium for iceskating. I borrowed a pair of iceskating shoes. The room where the staff had stored the iceskating shoes was as cold as the ice stadium itself. Afterwards I found that ...

 Should I tell my boyfriend that I got herpes from his dad?
I slept with my boyfriend's dad last week. I am 20, he is 52. I was intoxicated and it is not something i would normally do. Now I have herpes and don't know what to do. It would kill ...

 he gave me herpes what should i do?

 How long can you have HIV before you start to show symptoms?

 Aids came from the black race or from the white race ?

 Little Debbie Brownies with the candies on them???
Okay, I have a question.

I am 19 years old. I have been diagnosed with OCD and a phobia of HIV.

I have not eaten one of those brownies in forever up until today.

My ...

 can animals get aids?
Additional Details
my mum is not an animal :(...

Which of the two diseases scares you more ?
Cancer or AIDS , I think cancer has a much higher mortality rate.
So therefore cancer is the scariest thing that anyone could have !

Cancer easy, it can hit you in so many ways; be virtually unpredictable. It can come at any time, and not give you any warning sign's until your too far along and have no chance at all to live. I do hear that a product called cantron significantly lowers your odd's of getting any kind of cancer.

lol cootees and *** cancer

Cancer scares me more because you can develop it out of no where. At least with AIDS you have to engage in some risky behavior to contract it.

I'm not really scared of either both can be lived with, both can kill.


aids. you are more limited when you have aid sthan if u have cancer. you don't feel as dirty or people don't cringe when they are around you if you have cancer. there are more ting sto do to prevent cancer from spreading. you can still mak elove when you have cancer. you can still touch and kiss without others feeling its wrong. society accepts u more with cancer than aids.

Tyree D
neither one because chances are I will have neither. Don't fear anything.


ebiye w
AID is more fearsome to cancer.cancer can be easily cured while AIDS has no known cure for now.

AIDS....cancer can be treated, AIDS WILL eventually kill you.

Good Times
AIDS scares me more. Too many associations with your lifestyle to convince someone it's hereditary! Wrap it up!

LOL why would you ask a question like this? lol....I wouldnt want neither.

But I will go beneath myself and say AIDS...everyone will get SOMETHING within this lifetime, as long as there are no new inventions or technology to control the diseases and illnesses.

i dont wish for any. but i would say that not all cancers kill, but aids has a 100%mortality.

Sara G
AIDS is a lot scarier to me because that is something that I could potentially give to someone that I love. Cancer is a terrible disease but at least it would by mine.

Waiting and Wishing
AIDS because it's a terminal illness. Cancer can be survived.

for both cancer and hiv the earlier it is caught the better the management...to be fair cancer has less stigma attached to it

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