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 Is this normal...?
Is it normal for herpes sores to bust? And if it is what do I do?
Additional Details
I have gone to the doctor and I have Valtrex...I was just wondering if it is normal......

 Hiv from kiss????????
ok my girl had a cold sore on the side of her lips we were dry kissing no tounge and i think i touched it with my lips and i have a canker sore under my tounge dont no if she has hiv but what are my ...

 What do I do with all my infected yeast?
The doc said it will go bad in 7-10 days......

 scared of std need some opinions?
even though i use condoms i am still scared of std what to tell ...

 What could happen if you get fingered or ate out?
can anything serious happen
like stds..or anything
and if so what should i look out for
like for fingering what will happen if his hands are dirty..or for getting ate out its ...

 Can you sue a laboratory for a wrong result?
If you went to a laboratory and got tested for HIV 3 times. And the result came back negative 3 times too. And then you went to a different laboratory to test for HIV and the result came back ...

 Should I get an HIV test?
I lost 50 lbs and have developed brown spots on my face and have night sweats, I am really scared. Should I??...

 Got Tested for HIV, But Now I'm afraid That The Medical Assistant Used The Needle On Someone Else TOO!!?
Should I think This Way, I feel like They already used the Needle on someone else too? Is there a way on catching HIV If the Doc Used The needle Twice?...

 Can herpes be contracted even if there is no visible out break?
I don't have herpes, by the way. It's juat that I could never really get a straight answer to this question....

 Why dont my girlfriend like anal?
Ill righty looky here fella me and my girl Aka big mama dont like in in the brown door she says when she was 18 women in jail took turns in her chocolate factory looking for dat der golding ticket if ...

 Is it possible to get an STD from someone you know doesn't have an STD?
And please don't say like "You don't know that person doesn't have it."
Additional Details
By the way, I don't have an STD. I'm honestly just wondering....

 is herpes treatable plz help?
is herpes treatable plz tell me.......

 How can I know that I am affected by AIDS?
How can I know that I am affected by AIDS???
Please tell some ideas.
I am a 18 year old.
Additional Details
Please tell in detail and simple ...

 if blood comes out of the anus area, what does that mean?

 Found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me - how long until I can get an AIDS test?
and how long until I can be tested for STDs? Thanks
Additional Details
HarleyDevil - GOOD for you! Good luck....

 How can I tell my bf to get an std/herpes test?
I just want to be safe how do I tell him?...

 how do i know if i have a yeast infection?

 How to catch Voldemort?
I have to find all his horcruxes, any idea where they will be?

Please help! I have to save the world because I'm The Toy Who Lived.
I am the Chosen Fun!


 hey random question about aids?
at my work at the end of the day i clean the bathrooms and i clean the tampac thing and empty them out i used gloves i had a small scrape on my arm one of the tissues touched me what are the chances ...

A True Gentleman
To those who say 'Don't sleep around because of STD's'....?
...If STD's never existed would you then be telling everyone to go ahead and sleep with whoever they chose, or would you find another reason for people not to sleep around?

stephanie k
they can get std's with out knowing it

I don't say on't do it, I say be careful, if their were no STD's there would still be unwanted pregnancy, that's one thing to watch for!

But people should do want they want, as long as thery protect them selves it's their life! I would never have a one night stand without making sure all I'm getting is a bootie call, who wants to go their elderly GP and tell him your nethers itch? No thank you!

The BudMiester
Mine has always been "old fashioned" morals and self respect.

profound insight
You scilly girl - OF COURSE we would all agree that it is okay to sleep around (until a mariage declaration is made) with anything and everything you like (and can get consent from). Why the hell not. Is having fun & being adventurous so bad?
Most people who disagree with that are extremely religious and do not have much of a mind of their own. STDs support the evangelists and ad a valid argument for people with their own brains too.

michael l
well no but if you tell someone not to sleep around and try to give them a moral reason do you really think theyd care? people take stds seriously so thats what we say.

You only need to sleep with one infected person to catch an STD. Its not just people who sleep around with lots of people that catch them.

Lolitta Innervisions
Find another reason

my sheds on fire
Which guy from the end of twelve monkeys do you mean? The one spreading the plague?

Mystic Magic
personally condoms only actually give you a 99.9% of protection. Theres still actually that 0.1% that can get through the layers of a condom. Personally, i would suggest people dont sleep around for 2 main reasons:-

1) Your only get a name for yourselve and no one will respect you. They will just see you as an easy lay. If that doesnt bother you then you havent got any self respect and the least you can do for yourself is respect your body.

2) Pregnancy!!!!!!!! There are enough unwanted children out there these days and if you dont want to become a teenage mum or dad then USE protection or just dont sleep around.

ankle biter tamer
If there was no such thing as STD's and you are not in a committed relationship and are honest with your partners, and mature enough to deal with everything else that goes with sleeping around (self asteem issues), then why not? Of course there are some feaky people out there that will try to control you or kill you etc.. if you don't get to know them pretty well first. So there are other dangers to sleeping around. At least get to know them a bit first (references?) Enjoy!!

STD's are one reason, and a strictly medical reason I advise people not to "sleep around." If you want to bring personal opinions and morals into the conversation, I'd list you maybe a dozen reasons why I don't think people should sleep around. But in public forums, medical and scientific principles are the least debatable, so I wouldn't bring those up.

But aside from the fact, the theory game doesn't work here, because we live in a world where we DO have STD's, some of which can be fatal, and many of which can have life long consequences, so the whole point of your question is moot.

its still not safe as multiple s*x partners are a risk factor for cancer

Lisa K
STD's aren't the only reason for not sleeping around, have some self respect for pete's sake.

Paul H
There is a reason not to sleep around outside of not catching STDs - it hurts people's feelings. Most men value loyalty in a female mate higher than anything else. I know I do. That, and without DNA testing, you know who's children you are raising - an important issue, especially among royalty.

morality, pregnancy, self-esteem, there are lots of reasons other than just STDs but it is one of the stronger points nowadays

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