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Its true! I got a link ppl.
I'm sorry but no man or women alive is worth a STD. Herpes lasts a lifetime.

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Little Debbie Brownies with the candies on them???
Okay, I have a question.

I am 19 years old. I have been diagnosed with OCD and a phobia of HIV.

I have not eaten one of those brownies in forever up until today.

My roomies and I had a box and so I ate one.

Up until the last bite everything was fine.

Unfortunately, with my diagnosed problems, I constantly think or feel that HIV is everywhere and in everything.

Well, the last bite had this white shell looking thing with white stuff around it.

I didn't it but I don't know if it was anywhere else in the brownie.

My question is, has anyone seen this before?

I am freaking out because I always think that weird or out of the ordinary things are going to give me HIV.

So has anyone seen this before?

Does anyone know what it is?

Please help me figure this out.

SERIOUS ANSWERS only please.

it's prob just a nut shell don't worry about it

maybe it was some sugar that didn't get mixed in or a nut shell possably a piece of candy. chocolate also gets a "white" look to it as it ages maybe they wern't fresh. definatly not hiv/aids. u need to seriously get some therapy for the ocd.

Yo Mama
I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist, but something clicked in my head that can help you.

Can you call your local infectious disease department? Ask to make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in HIV & Aids patients.

Tell them you are really concerned about how & someone can be infected with the diease.

I called a doctors office once to help me get over my fear with doctors. I ended up with a nurse, but it truly helped me. They answered most of my questions and were good sports about answering my odd questions.

Hope my suggestion will help you out.

allison b
you will be fine,,,,,,,,,,,it was just piece of the candy

Seriously, this is your question? Therapist. Now.

honey, u need to see someone for some professional help asap ok? u are fine though. u wont get hiv from that brownie. u need to get to the root of the problem. good luck

Buff Me
i have never heard of this. but there are alot of people that have phobias. you have to face this problem head on to cure it.

go to a hospital where they have people with hiv. go and talk to them one day.

I have never heard this or anything like this before.

Its probably a little bubble of white sugar (sometimes it clumps together in the baking process). It is not HIV, which is the important thing, because HIV would never survive baking, transport, sitting in a container, or your stomach acid.

Shannon W
If it was on the brownie part it may have been just some flour that didn't get mixed real well. If it was on the candies it was probably where the chocolate got hot and then cool again it will cause it to have a white color instead of brown.

James D
You need to seek medical advice from a medical professional and not from yahoo Answers. Don't risk your health go see a Doctor.

Whatever it was it won't cause HIV. You should have saved in and contacted Little Debbie.
As far as your obsession with AIDS you need to be on medication that helps eliminate obsessive thoughts. My antidepressant helps me so much with recurring worries and fears. I am so much better off taking them

go to a counsellor & talk to a human about this phobia. Do some research on HIV. Obviously you're not totally informed on the wholde deal.

It could have been an eggshell from the factory or something. The odds of you getting hiv from a brownie that has been baked and then sealed are none! Just keep telling yourself that its the OCD. Read the book Brainlock. God bless you sweetie.

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