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 I don't think that a person infected with HIV even slightly can ever get cured?

 transmission of STI's?
can someone plz confirm that you CAN'T catch an STI by sharing drinks, eg bottled coke.

i know it's a silly question but i need to double check.
thanks guys!...

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i might have an STD & i want to get checked but Im only 14 and Im not supposed to be doing what I did soo i dont want to face the consequences....

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 can hiv aids hpv kill you?

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if it ever goes away?
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what should i do
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 I'm 16 and have AIDS.?
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 can i get HIV aids from shareing a drink?

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im afraid i might have syphilis. this is a dumb question but does the person your with have to have syphilis for you to get it or is it just like a virus you can get without the other person having ...

Elaine K
Just got diagnosed with HPV?
My gyno called me with results from my Pap Smear...I have HPV. She said I had some abnormal cells and suggested a colposcapy (sp). I'm a little freaked out. I've been bad with my Gyno appoints, hadn't been in years. Is she worried I have progressed to cancer or something else? Is this standard with the diagnosis? I'm stressing here.

I'm 30.

What is HPV? Is it like HIV? OMG! You got aids?

Darth Hideous
you need to get treated. STDs can either kill you, or you will be in pain.

I feel so bad for you. I do not know what to say about your doctor's visit.

Georgie P
**** Man. I would be worried. Get treated fast. Not that you should be worried lol

oh honey! go to ur doctor! this will more than likely lead to ovarian, cervical or uteran cancer. My sister was diagnosed with this, and she blew it off. she now is fighting ovarian cancer, and had to have her cervics froze and removed. she's only 34.

not a big deal. The colposcopy is just a fancy word for biopsy. They will take a piece of tissue and check it for abnormal cells(pre cancerous) Even if you have them, no big deal. I did. I went threw like 4 outpatient surgerys. (have surgery and go home in the same day) And they got all of it finally and now I'm perfectly fine. Just after it's all removed keep going to the gyno. to make sure nothing comes back. But yes, this is a common thing. All the women in my family had pre cancerous cells on their cirvix, all of us did the colposcopy, and we all came out of it fine. They will probably do a LEEP procedure too. Ask them about it. I did the colposcopy, a leep procedure and a cold knife biopsy before they took me in to remove part of my cirvix

ice queen
when you get this, it just means that you could get cancer, not that you will, they just need to keep a regular check on the cells and see what they are doing. i have had this for 2 years and have not got cancer yet. thank god. But i pray everyday. you will be fine, ask the doctor anything and they will answer and not lie to you. stay strong.

The colposcopy is standard. They will put you up in stirups like a normal pap and apply a solution to your cervix that will make the abnormal cells turn white. They will then take a sample of those cells (this may cause abdominal cramping) and send said sample to the lab. The results will tell you what strains of HPV you have and how abnormal they are. From there they will decided your treatment. If it is not cancerous they will probably just take a wait and see approach where you will come in every 6mo for a pap. If it has progressed to pre-cancerous or cancerous you will have surgery. If it is pre-cancerous you will most likely have a procedure called a LEEP (look it up or ask your Doc for more info) if it has progressed to cancer they will remove some/all of your cervix and check your uterus for cancer. Hope that helps

I had HPV before and had to get a colposcapy too. I was lucky enough to not have the cancer forming kind and it ended up going away and now they come back normal thank God...but remeber there are many different HPV types and only four to five are fetal...I wouldn't stress until the absolute final results....Good Luck to you..

Anytime abnormal cells are found the doctor would set you up for a followup. Just go and get it done. Never wait. I was just diagnosed with colon polyps and you better believe that they are being taken out pronto.
Now keep up those GYN appt's from now on. As long as you get this proceedure done, you are one step ahead of the game. Best wishes.

Just because you have it doesn't necessarily mean that you will get cancer. Just like if you get HIV, doesn't mean that it will progress into AIDS. Research it and don't freak out until you get all the facts.

The oldest of the Solo's
HPV is common. It has no side effects generally. I think there is like 4,000 varieties and some cause cancer in femals. Stick with your OBGYN appointments and you will be alright.

I mean some cases it don't result to cancer but in many it does. Just follow up with your Gyno....

Lily L
No you shouldn't be worried.

First of all, at least 8 of 10 women will get HPV, so the fact that you have HPV is no shocker. And since men cannot get tested and condoms do not protect you, HPV is sadly just a risk that we women face.

Second, let me reassure you that you do not have cancer. I guess it's possible, but most cervical cancer doesn't appear until you are in your 50s.

During the colposcopy, she is not looking for cancer (though in the unlikely event you had cancer she would find it.) She is looking to see how far you PRECANCER has progressed. She will most like do a punch biopsy. (This is NOT painful.)

If it's just "low grade" abnormalites, those mostly go away on their own and so are left untreated. If the abnormaltities are "high grade," she will recommend treatment to remove the bad cells. For most women, once the cells are gone, they never come back. A few women have to have them removed a couple of times, but it's seriously rare for this be a continuing problem.

So go get the colposcopy. You are fine. RELAX!

And good luck! oh, and it your doctor does recommend treatment, you might look into a clinical trial!! There are several ongoing trials for a theraputic HPV vaccine! I think it's pretty exciting. Basically what happens is that they inject you with something to boost your immune system so you fight of the HPV, and the abnormal cells just go away without surgery. Feel free to email me for more info.

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