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 Can you have an STD if you're a virgiin?

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 What STD's can you catch from a toilet seat?
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 How can women transmit AIDS to men?

 Can i catch STD from eating from food the person had too?
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 Can a person get HIV through sharing lipgloss?
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Lil bit
Is it possible to be HIV pos for 3 years and not no it, would'nt you have some kind of symtom, like, what?

you can have it for that long and it does not shows any syptoms it takes 6 months after being infected to show up in the body it can not show syptoms for a long time mean while speading throught out the body by the time the body shows syptoms it may be too late that why it is so dangerous

I'm not sure on this kind of thing, i mean i'm only a student. but i think you get prelonged cold/flu like symptoms, white things around the side of your tounge and other stuff,

maybe check of a website, type symptoms of HIV in a search engine and see what come up
good luck

Actually, that can happen as far as I know. Many HIV positive people are very healthy.

HIV is a retrovirus. This means it is opportunistic and may lay dormant for, yes, three years without causing you any symptoms.

Gothic Rose
I believe doctors and scientists have determined that you can have HIV for years before getting positive results on a test and without symptoms.

Check out the Center for Disease Control or www.webmd.com.

HIV can be in your system forever and not show any symptoms. Your best bet is to go get tested.

Yes, that is possible. People who are HIV positive can have no symptoms of being sick at all. And they can stay HIV positive for around 10 years or so, after which they develop AIDS. The only way to find out if a person is HIV positive or not is to get himself/herself tested.

it can take HIV up to 10 years to even show any signs that someone might have it, so yes it is possible to have it for three years and not know it

*Jelly Baby*
Its common to have no symptoms for a very long time.

You feel slight symptons that feel like a cold first few months, and then you feel nothing else for an average of 10 years, and then it turns to AIDS, where you find out.


its possible...

Absolutely possible. I know several people who had HIV and didn't know it for years.

Also, there are *NO* symptoms specific to HIV-infection. Yes, there have been reports of severe flu-like symptoms but not everybody has that and, even if they did, it couldn't be relied upon to make a diagnosis of HIV infection. The only way to tell you have HIV is to have a specific medical test which specifically tests for HIV.

Chances are, if someone has severe flu-like symptoms, they have the flu. HIV does not cause sore throats. It doesn't cause body aches. It doesn't cause any sort of rash at all.

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