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 would you ever DATE someone with a incurable STD?

 Can you get a disease like an std or something by getting fingered?

 when u have hpv .................?
i have the type tht gives u warts i think. do i need to see a doctor or am i ...

 can HIV AIDS spread through french kissing?
can HIV AIDS spread through french kissing???...

 Herpes Exposure? (This may sound stupid..but I'd appreciate it)?
I just found out a new guy I'm seeing had a one night stand with a girl a few months ago who has herpes. He found out and got checked out and didn't have herpes.. but is this enough to ...

 How do i ask my parents ?!?
i might have an STD & i want to get checked but Im only 14 and Im not supposed to be doing what I did soo i dont want to face the consequences....

 How do you catch an STD? Be nice please...?
I really would like to catch an STD...all my friends have one...please help...I wanna be like them!...

 can hiv aids hpv kill you?

 Should you go to work when you have? Nice answers please!!?
Should you go to work when you have an outbreak of herpes virus 1. Just the outbreak on your lips?
Additional Details
I wasnt sure if you can give them to someone just by touching your ...

 Is it possible to be HIV pos for 3 years and not no it, would'nt you have some kind of symtom, like, what?

 I need to know about oral herpes!?
okay, so i haven't kissed my boyfriend yet. But, I think he has oral herpes. (HSV1) I need to know...
if it ever goes away?
if it's okay to kiss him without tongue?
and any ...

 i just got a HIV test and i'm scared !?
i'm scared that it'll be positive!
what should i do
Additional Details
i really need help i've been crying for ...

 HPV??! A little scared, please help?
I got a call from my dr yesterday after a routine gyno checkup. She said something about needing to come in for further testing and they may have found HPV cells. Of course I didn't think to ask ...

 Could a cold sore transfer into genetal herpes?
If somebody has a cold sore, could that cause a partner to have genetal ...

 Which of the following is the most serious type of STD?
Which of the following is the most serious type of STD?
A. Hepatitis B
D. H...

 I'm 16 and have AIDS.?
I found out I have HIV about a month ago from shooting heroine. I am 16. I don't know how to tell my parents. I am afraid they will go after my boyfriend Corey who taught me how to shoot ...

 can i get HIV aids from shareing a drink?

 Syphilis?????freaked out totally!!!?
im afraid i might have syphilis. this is a dumb question but does the person your with have to have syphilis for you to get it or is it just like a virus you can get without the other person having ...

 what are the symptoms of true love???
in my tuition there is a boy who likes my friend very much that's what he says to her and my friend does not feel it so because she thinks him to be flirty and a liar and therefore he cannot be ...

 Blood in Pee, burning. Do i have an STD?
Ok so for about two days now it has somewhat burnt when i peed...but only sometimes. and its not like a burning feeling. its more like, when i am almost done peeing i get a sharp pain.
i have ...

IF You Catched AIDS, How would u feel?
How do u feel if u catched AIDS? or if u know someone who has, how is their life like...
Additional Details
*Caught* Aids..

i would be devestated, but i would do the best thing and get started with teatment, my aunt found out 22 years ago that she was hiv+, and she's still here and living a normal life, it doesn't mean your going to die, just stay healty, and don't spread it

probably consider suicide ...


I would be devastated

I love mutts but Hate BYBs!
Well, if i caught AIDs I will be most angry/upset andi if someone who passed it to me without telling me they has aids i would like kill them! (Of course i am clean!, just imgairne...)

Candy Kisses
It would be dreadful. It would feel like a death sentence.

Awful I guess .. it's the modern day 'Russian Roulette' .....

i would feel bad

Tummy Bunny
You can't 'catched' anything, let alone AIDS. It's a common misconception but you cannot catch AIDS. You catch HIV which can progress to AIDS, but AIDS in itself cannot be caught i.e. you can get HIV and not have AIDS but not the other way around.

If I caught HIV I'd be devastated, but think I would try to manage it around my life. It has become easier to live with HIV due to increased awareness and safeguards (although neither is 100%). If it developed to AIDS, well, that would be a different matter altogether.

It's caught, not catched. Get it right.

If I caught AIDS I would feel badly.
However, I have no intention of catching it, or of doing anything that could lead to catching it.

I have a friend who has HIV, he has had it for 10 years and has only just started taking medication to prevent it developing into AIDS. He doesn't talk too much about it - he told me it affected him much more when he found out and now he doesn't even think about it every day. I guess we all have a life sentence hanging over us - he knows that he has a disease which could potentially kill him but he has learned to deal with it and so has his partner. he's a real inspiration for being so strong.

My partner has been HIV+ for 25 years. We have been together for 12 years and I remain negative. He never thought anyone could/would be interested in being with him. I feel we have enriched the lives of each other. In all honesty we don't think about it all the time. It's there. when he takes his medications each day, with the appointment to see the specialist and the medical problems that he has besides the HIV. But realistically they are no different than people that face other life threatening illness like cancer.

With the personal experiences I have gained I have been able to add this knowledge to my professional life and have never been more fulfilled professionally.

I would be very annoyed, considering there is no reason why I should, except for careless nurses taking blood samples, or dentists and their instruments.

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