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Ahmed Yar K
I don't think that a person infected with HIV even slightly can ever get cured?

Depends what you mean by "slight infection".
There have been plenty of so-called "needlestick injuries" where someone gets stung with a syringe from a HIV pos patient. They HAVE to start taking drugs right away, and have a fair chance of never developping the disease. SFAIK 6 months treatment to make sure.
SFAIK if someone already has the illness then chances of cure are bleak. However with competent treatment one can lead a fairly normal life and of normal duration.
Plenty of people work on a cure. 20 years ago HIV meant death within 3-5 years. Today it means a life of 30-50 years after infection. In another 10 years we might have the cure.

Yes they can be cured infact look up OZONE. One man wsa given Ozone and vitimin C for a few months and he was cured.

There is no cure but symptoms can always be treated.

I have not heard of anyone being cured as yet.... Anything in this world is possible.

no you can never get cured from the hiv virus. But people with hiv have different viral counts and thats what you are probably taking about. The higher your viral count the weaker your immune syptoms. Today hiv is not a death sentence, many people live for many years with current medication

just me
yes you are right but HIV dose not always turn into aids that is a matter of how good you take care of your self

wats up

Ya, you are right ..
it is clinically prove that .. one infected with HIV is never been cleared from HIV organisms from body.. Only the time of their replication can ber retared.

You are right but hopefully they will find a cure.

There is evidence that if given an anti viral treatment within a couple of days of exposure the virus can be eradicated before it takes hold...but I do not think it is 100% effective.
NO ONE who is HIV positive leads a normal life. Maybe years of anti viral therapy which causes lypo-dystrophy and many other maladies but can lengthen your life. These treatments are expensive and your still contagious.
Do not get complacent....BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharlene R
Hello Ahmed Yar K,

You are right, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS. However, there are many new drugs that can help keep a person who is infected healthy for very long periods of time.

There is hope for those infected with HIV. With good medical treatment, many are able to live long and productive lives.

Best wishes,


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