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How to hide needle marks from illegal drug use?
Desparate. Have found needles hidden. Have felt something wasn't right with husband. Have not seen any marks unlike the last time he had problem 10yrs ago. How can he be hiding the needle marks? I have to find proof he can't deny, because I can't go thru this again. Help

why are you with a drug addict...

stop using

To hide them you should stop using them

♥ღ.Queenie McCain .ღ♥
First of all i can say i totally sympathize with you. Both of my parents were i.v. drug users and i couldn't present proof for 2 years after i had suspicions. It kills you inside to know that you know that you know. But that you can't confront because you don't have proof. It rips you up inside. And be prepared that when you do find proof he will make you feel like your wrong, how could you accuse him if you love him, that he would never do that to you, and that you must not really know him after all. He will be trying to make you feel so stupid and have you wanting to apologize to him. DON"T DO IT!! DON"T GIVE IN!! If you know for positive that he's doing this, DON"T back down. He needs someone to put it in his face. And take on the problem head on. He could have track marks anywhere! In the webs of his fingers, toes, on his back, neck, feet, on his behind, inner thigh, anywhere. I am so sorry you are going through this! But stay strong! Don't give up , don't back down. But in the same sense, don't be mentally abused. Try to pop in while he's in the shower where he won't be suspicious that your looking for marks on his body. You can get through this. I hope the best to you and your family!

Be direct with him. Ask him if he's having a problem again. Then ask him if he is willing to try and end the addition.

He's your husband your supposed to support him not throw him out. There are medical procedures you can go through to detoxify without the w/draws that can kill. Maybe he would be willing to look into steps like these if he can be honest with you and know your there to help him not flip out and hate him.

maybe he's doing it on his foot or something. i think finding needles is a enough proof, you know what's going on and he knows what's going on, so why do you got to look for more proof. in no way shape or form should needles be hidden around one's home, and if they are, then you got drug use. so either it's him or one of your children doing drugs---my bet is on him.

Many people use a vein in the neck or on the feet such as between the big toe and the next toe. Some also go into the stomach. You may need to do a full body check. Good luck!

He could be skin popping, which could be done in his stomach, almost like a diabetic injecting insulin

Why do you need proof? If you feel he is using, and his attitude reflects that, just leave. You don't need to justify it to anyone.

Ali K
feel sorry for you....you dont deserve it, plz take care of it and solve the problem, may be you should talk to your doctor? do not try to handle it yourself you need professional help.
take care

may not be needles but crack
may be his is shooting up in his legs
may be he likes weed
may be his brain is fried from ten years ago whe he was on it and you just noticed.....

tell him to stop using them...or youll leave him or turn him in to the cops or a syco place...if he loves you then hell stop..and if you love him you talk to him!!!! he could be hiding it by makeup or he pus the shots somewhere were you wont notice or where his clothes cover up!! idont know..hope it helps

You can shoot it under your tongue. Hard to tell though.

Why do you need more proof? Get the hell out.

Look behind his knees, between toes & his groin.

NYC Chutzpah
junkies will use almost any vein to shoot up in. under tongue, between toes. If you found needles and he isn't diabetic ask him to take a drug test. or just forget about him cause he loves his drugs more than he loves you.

between his toes. i'm sure there are other places in his body, i'm just not too sure where...i'm sorry.

He may not be using in his arms... causually check his feet,ankles and wrists, and hands too, possibly even his neck. Good luck to you, you are in my prayers.

could be shooting between his toes also

Bottom Contributor
he could be shooting around his fingers and feet

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