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lost boy
Can you sue a laboratory for a wrong result?
If you went to a laboratory and got tested for HIV 3 times. And the result came back negative 3 times too. And then you went to a different laboratory to test for HIV and the result came back positive. Can you sue the first laboratory for giving you a wrong result?

if you got it negative three times and positive once then the second lab is probably the one you want to sue

oh yeah, if you signed a paper, then no



you could try... but it sometimes takes a while before it shows up in blood test, you'll usually have one, then go back for another 12 week later,,,


ya i think so

oh my goodness

yea more than likely
or u didnt have it then....

Michael H
well ya but if you only tested 1 time at the other 1 i be there the 1s who are wrong but if you real unsure just do the place that gave the possitive 2 more times

George H

beautifully broken
well yes, but remember that it may not be their fault because HIV can take a while before it shows in the results, even though you may possibly have picked it up.
the third try just might have been enough time.
im not saying its true but just try to figure it all out.

I would have it checked again by a 3rd to see before you point fingers

did you sign anything?

Can you prove that the first lab intentionally gave you the wrong results with the intent of causing you great mental anguish or other harm?

Medical science is not perfect.

You can sue if you want to, but what do you want to accomplish when it's all over?

Also, here's a thought: what if the second lab is wrong, and you don't have HIV. You gonna sue them, too?

- Stuart

oh my!

Nicholas M
In your case I don't think so,

If you could then you would be able to go to a many different labs and get tested 100 time before you contract HIV and then go to another lab after, then sue the all the other ones just to make money.

There are too many variables, both labs would have to use the same type of testing with samples taken at the same time.

Good luck but I don't think it will work.

No. HIV has a incubation period and it may take awhile to show up. Most labs run the same exact test so you don't have a chance

Emma F
No. HIV can take up to six months to show up in blood work. So the first three readings would have been correct, because the HIV had not shown up in the blood at that time. The fourth time however, the HIV virus could be detected. So there were no mistakes made.

Well, assuming they still have the samples, ask for them back and have them tested again at your new place (if they're still viable).

Maybe you got HIV since you left the first laboratory?

Either way, yes, I believe you can sue. Call a lawyer and ask.

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