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what do you do when you don't feel good about yourself?
i become very irritating & shout at everyone around me.I hate it to do so.

take a vacation away from everyone for awhile, get a make over, listen to soothing music, write in a journal about my feelings, sip on a glass of wine, take a nice long hot bath. turn the phone off or let the answering machine pick up the message. this is what i do when people irritate me or shout at me, especially if i'm at work.

the moose
start writing down all the good things.. starting with appearance..talents.. friends.. family.. etc... pretty soon you will realize the good things....are everywhere.

You lack self esteem and you are insecure. Remember, you are just as good as the next person. Lashing out at others is not fair to them, nor is it fair for anyone to lash out at you. Just because I am having a bad day does not me the right to take it out on others.

You might try getting your hair fixed, buy something new to wear that really makes you look nice and begin going places and doing things that are relaxing and fulfilling to your emotions. You will need to work from the inside out to change your perspective about yourself and others. And most of all, smile at everyone you meet, not only does it help make their day but yours also.

I grab one of those gossip magazines that have bad pictures of celebrities in bikinis with cellulite. It always makes me feel better about myself.

bang my head on the wall and yell "oh im okay mom!"

go get some meds, you will feel better, mabey its just a chemical inbalance.

I love my Fiance'
find better friends

listen to music

Darth Maximus Macleoud
If this is a constantly reoccuring thing, I would see a pshyciatrist or psychologist, you may be experiencing a severe mood disorder, Anxiety, depression or a bipolar disodrer.

Laurie M
try a colon cleanser.

talk to other people. Why don't you feel good about yourself? Speak to me. You sound like you need more quality sleep. If people irritate you then you need to eat or sleep or see a doctor.

If I'm just in a bad mood, I try to do something for myself to feel better, like play some of my favorite music, take a relaxing bath with candlelight (a real treat I dont often do), or something to chill myself out.
If it's deeper than that, like I'm unhappy with some part of my life, I may go to counseling to get some feedback from someone outside my circle of family and friends. The first suggestion is kind of a quick fix for minor issues; the second suggestion requires more long term committment if I really want to change the situation.

Change is the key word.Change your routine .Do something new! Take classes such as making cookie,piano anything you love to do.You will meet new people there.You will change in better way beleive me!!!!
with love ,


Classy Granny
Can't believe that so many people think they need meds. Sit down and make a list of all the good things there are about you and we all have them. When your around people that irritate you, take a deep breath and count to ten. If you have to, exit yourself from stressful situations.

teprena j

Neil G
your just having one of them days that every one has the best way to deal with it is to stay away from people for a while

go to Iraq, declare you r a sunni or shite....it doesn't matter which, and stand by any roadside... watch the sunrise or sunset...doesn't amtter which....

...if you survive, go for a sauna, have a body massage...follow by a good b.j. you'll feel on top of the world again!

Lacy C
you should maybe go see a counselor and talk to them about your problems. they can tell you what is wrong and put you on medication if needed. but you have to open up and talk to them

daddys lil girl
well im not a very nice person all the time so...

deputy dan!!
You should talk to your doctor about it. Maybe its a bi-polar type of thing- he could hook you up with the right meds, and youll be happy go lucky!!

sometimes i take and write everything i feel down and then put it in a fire

We all get angry, take it out on others around us, some more than others!! I get lik tat 2, feel real guilty late 2! I feel for u! Wat i do is treat myself, go shoppn, day in d spa! Chat 2friends, ur not d only 1! Maybe a detox, clear out ur system, good for u and ur health! Make u feel tons better!

gypsy girl
pray give God your worrys.

well when i don't feel good about myself i go and get ready
and then i put make-up on and get myself looking good and then i take a real good look at myself and realize anything i've done supid or i think badley of myself i actully realize i'm a good beautiful person and that i really love myself and i know i don't yell at anyone any more and that's when i have my alone time away from my son and fiance and do what i told you it might sound funny but it works

i try to go for a walk go take a bath clean the house or do the dishes, or the laundry

I go shopping, get my hair and nails done call up my friends and go clubbing, it works everytime.

If you don't feel good about you then it is normal to feel irritated enough to shout. It is all in the nature of the beast, humanity being the beast.

The way to resolve this is to work on making you feel better. In one of your good moods sit down and write a list of what makes you feel good about you... hang it somewhere you can read it.. and keep reminding yourself of all the good things you are...

If you have trouble writing the list ask a friend to help..

Henry W
it is endless circle, give 1 good deed for a start, like ...
say a friendly hello?

gary h
I shut up and go to work.

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