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smokers and non smokers please answer this i am 15?
My friend and I are planning on having a fun homecoming week homecoming is this saturday and we want to do what ever the hell possible. I am intelligent but I want to have fun and do things. I'm crazy and outgoing. My friend is a smoker and I'm not. I hate when my mom smokes it drives me insane. Well my friends brought ciggerrettes for me and he's going to give them to me. They're newport 100's because thats what my mom smokes and I don't know anyothers and i got them cause my friend is upset because we might not go parting after the dance. I'm just wonder if I decide to smoke them will I get addicted I just want to have one, and it will be my first one. I don't want to be a smoker(addict).

please tell me if they're really the worst cigs out there
and side affects plus more if you can

list good and bad things
Additional Details
by the way i am smart, and i know its not all fun we just want to do something and by the way dont tell me intelligent people havent decided or wanted to do something dumb in their life so eff off

a b
Well all cigs are bad for you, but newport 100s are just about the wost cig for your body.

Im a smoker and started just like you, saying i will only try one. But for me i liked it so i kept on going. I started at 16, im now 19 and im helplessly addicted. I smoke 20 cigs a day, im very out of shape and cant exercise due to my bad lung condition. I hope i can quite on day soon, but i just dont know.

You really dont understand the power of nicotine addiction until you are addicted.

I would tell you to stay away, but you are capable of making your own decisions.

your not gunna get addicted having one but if realy if u want to have a good time y smoke cigs either go get **** faced (drunk) or smoke sum weed cigs arent that "crazy" if you realy want to hav an amazing time try shrooms or acid that **** will make u trip like crazy. try it if u want to hav a good time

fried green crack baby
Beware, be very aware. I know a girl who smoked ten newport 100s and two days later she was shaking and getting cold sweats. Another two days passed and she was vomiting blood. Again she ignored all this and smoked two more, one day later she fell into a coma. Luckily she didnt die but shes in a wheelchair for life and she cant speak and she has to wear glasses and headgear for the rest of her short life.

Yes. you should smoke up and get addicted like me and then pray to God you can quit and hate the day you started. Sure. Sounds like fun.

I am 54 and I started smoking when I was 15 because I wanted to be "cool". I got addicted to it and smoked for 20 years before I was finally able to stop. I am now 55 and was recently diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer, which was caused from smoking.

I had to have an operation and much of my neck was cut out. Then
I underwent daily Radiation and weekly Chemotherapy treatment for 8 weeks. I was sick all day - every day. I lost my sense of taste and can no longer produce saliva, so my mouth is always dry. I have a 50-50 chance of surviving 5 years.

I consider myself lucky because many people like me are dead because of smoking.

I share this with you in hopes that you will never, ever have to go through what I am going through right now. Please ... don't do it. Don't smoke.

Studies have shown that just ONE cigarette changes your brain chemistry. You become addicted and have withdrawal symptoms after just one cigarette. These withdrawal symptoms include extreme irritability, severe headaches, and feeling overall cruddy.

Cigarettes are not even fun. Trust me. If you have a whole pack in your possession, you will not be able to stop after just one, because you will have more. Your addiction will convince you that you can have another - and another - and another.

Next thing you know, you will be 75 in an iron lung.

most of the people who have answered this have no idea!
it takes a smoker to answer these questions...
and thats what i am!
no way will you get addicted from jsut one it took two months of causal smoking for me to get addicted dont listen to these losers in order to understand addiction you must be addicted to something

let's see if you smoke and don't get addicted no problem right? NO you will ruin your lungs and ruin your teeth and smell like shyt

i know because everyone smokes in my moms family,my cousin goes to school and her mom smokes and she smells so many people make fun of her do you want to be like that?

i tried it once and no you wont get hooked on it immediately but the next few times good luck my dear

Lucy Blue
Smoking is not an adult privilege, it's an unhealthy and disgusting habit. It's a highly addictive drug that kills thousands of people each year, that should be enough to make you stay away. The tobacco companies have gotten rich from killing people, including my Mother and I have known others who have died from smoking related disease as well. They also add chemicals to the tobacco. I realize that you're young and want to have fun but just try to find ways that don't jeopardize your future because you'll be an adult before long and you will begin to see the results of the choices you are making now.

Free Falling
Why do you want just one? Why introduce your body into anything that is potentially dangerous?

I don't understand your logic at all. Fun and stupidity are not equivalent.

Sorry dear... they just aren't.

smoking isnt like WHOA FUN ! its just...smoking.
you wont really have "fun" with it.

i say dont even try one.

its a bad habit dude trust me i no just dont start at all

Elephant Lover
Ok I'm not a smoker!

It depends on the person whiter you will become addicted with your first cig but it sounds to me like your mom is so that means you probably have the gene to and you will become addicted also.
lung cancer
yellow teeth and bad breath
always needing one
many people will make fun of you
it not healthy
its illegal

Godd things:
i guess that's having fun in your mind

If I were you I wouldn't do it! That's how people get hooked saying they only are going to have one. Go party and not drink, smoke, or do drungs, there are many other ways to have fun like dancing!

parents will find out and bust you
the cops will come and it will be on your perment record
possibly a fine
becoming an addict
wasting your money on worthless things that is only doing harm to your body
possible death from lung cancer
not getting a bf bc he doen't like smokers(a lot of guys don't like smokers)


dont smoke its better not to even try. Whats the point in putting drugs into your body that can do so much harm.

Hm.. i just wouldnt do it. Its not fun or anything. Why don't you just take some silly string and spray it all over people instead, thats fun*

Dont smoke. its bad for you. You'd can get cancer if you were intelligent.
You'd spit a lot more often if you got addicted. Its Gross. Im A girl and thats a turnoff. Sorry. Dont Smoke :)

Please don't smoke just because your friends want you to. Smoking is an unhealthy, expensive habit. Smoking decreasing your life. Nonsmokers can also smell the smoke on you. YUCK!

there is no good things about smoking

dont try it
dont do it
it wont make you look cool

smoking is a big turnoff for most people

All it takes is one to get addicted. Why would you want to smoke if you apparently hate it so much? Seems to me like you actually like it. Don't do it just because your friend is doing it. That makes you look like a follower and a fool. Be a leader and say no.

Just don't do it. Be your own person, don't smoke because you think it's cool. It's not. You DO get addicted and you'll die young.

adam T
you'll probely get sick after the first cigar and if you do it again you'll be in real big trouble causre you'll get addicted and there are no good things

there are no good things about cigarettes, you will get addicted, and might die/get lung cancer


Honestly, I can't think of a good thing.

The bad thing... I was 15 when I thought I would just smoke one or two, for my first time... it was going to be fun. You will NOT become addicted after one day, however--You will set a path that you will not want to follow in life. If you smoke saturday, your friends will think that you are a smoker, and to keep up, you will want to smoke again and again. Next think you know, you will be like me and not be able to put them down, ever. BTW--I'm almost 30, if that gives you an idea of how long I have battled my one fun weekend with my friends.

Smoking is stupid. Tell your friend that he can smoke alone. It is time to learn how to say "No."

15 and intelligent does not equate. If you were intelligent, this would not even be a question.

★☆ Carrie ☆★
if you really are intelligent you won't smoke. that's really just stupid.

Its a bad idea.

You could get addicted by just one.

Dont do it.

lauren M
Dont smoke at all,
Otherwise you can hardly shout at ur mum
cause that would make u just as bad
Plus who needs ciggerettes to have fun?

dont smoke period.

i used to smoke newport 100s but i stopped because they really are the worst cigarette for you. and no you will not get addicted after one ciggarte. if you smoke more then one you might get a head and feel light headed. chances are if you start off with new ports then you won't like it and probably wont smoke anymore but i don't know for sure because everyones different.

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