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 ARE you a smoker or a non smoker?
why do smokers repect you more if you say you quit, rather than your a non smoker?
They're less likly to smoke around you too!
Additional Details
glad too see so many non ...

 What's your bedtime & wakeup time?
My Bedtime: btw 12:00 - 2:00
Wakeup Time: 10:00
Additional Details
WOW....i'm shocked to hear some of the answers....there's ppl who get up at 4:00!?!?! That's ...

 i eat bugs out in the back yard is this normal?

Additional Details
im in my 20...

 What is about Cigarettes that people enjoy smoking them so much?
I am 23 never smoked cigarettes, all my friends smoke i recentley decided to try to smoke to see what it is about cigarettes it is that they like. After smoking two cigarettes i felt nauseous and D...

 I hate to ask this, but is it normal to poo everyday?
I heard that if one eats healthy they do or they poo every other day.
I also heard that Americans don't go as much as they should and only a few times a week.

Anyway, is it ...

 i have a habit of smelling dog poo , and im being serious?
shall i go dr or what ;(...

 help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......…
ok i have a misquto bite and it looks like wierd it has like a purple ring around it and then it is red then in the middle it is like white what dose that mean.help....

 What's your blood group?

 ok i need this answer in the next 10 minutes!?
ok so for a project i have to have a cast on my arm..the one that are super hard and it has to be colored! so please tell me how to do this!
Additional Details
OK FIRST of all i dont ...

 Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
ok, so i was wondering is it illegal to be SMOKING them, or just to buy them but u can smoke them if you're 13?
and can u get addicted from having just one?
thanks :3...

 Why DO people smoke anyway?
I'm not talking about the nicotine addiction or anything. I hear from some adults who smoke that it "relieves stress" or they "like the taste of it". I have never smoked ...

 ughhhhh important ! read!?
my stomach is killing me i feel like im about to vomit,
i know grosssss.
how can i make my stomach feel better or what do i do!?...

 Weed Or Alcohol Which Is Better?
People say that weed is better for you then alcohol
i occasionally do weed but not sure if its better or worst then ...

 Is it bad if you accidentally eat food with maggots in it?
I went to the grocery store today and I bought a bag of Tortellini. As I began to eat I noticed some dead maggots on my food. I had already eaten some of the Tortellini. Has this ever happened to ...

 How can I get to sleep?
Lately, I have been having trouble getting to sleep, any ideas?
Additional Details
Hi, thanks for everyones answers. Hopefully will work!
Thank you (:...

 Shaving your Armpits?
So I started shaving about a year ago and well..almost after every timee I shave...I will get razor burn. It will be fine for about a day then...BAM-razor burn!

How I shave is- I use aG...

 i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
i don't want to abandon her but its draining me to watch her do this to herself what can i do
Additional Details
1st thing for all you judgers this is serious no lies shes been ...

 Is anyone else embarrased by their habits?
What is your most embarrasing habit? I have had this habit of biting my fingernails for years....

 I'm peeing more often and my pee is now clear like water. Is something wrong with me?
I'm 14 and I drink lots of water these days. T...

 whats wrong with me?
sore throat
sore stomach
runny ...

should i cheat on my boyfriend?

Brite Tiger
Fair's, fair. Should your boyfriend cheat on you?

Would you want him to cheat on you?

If you have such little regard for the relationship, then it's not much of a relationship.

What I have found to my sorrow,is that a broken promise is a failure of myself not others. If you are unhappy, it may be best to end the relationship.

if u want to be with someone else, break up with him first...then have fun being single.

Your the perfect candidate for this Motto:

What goes around comes around !

Rhymin' Greiman
Why even bother to date someone if you wanna cheat on them?

NO! Cheating is wrong. Why would you want to cheat if he is your boyfriend?!!

You have some growing up to do. If you want to date/sleep with someone else than brake it off with your present love interest than move on. Have some respect.

mom is a freak
says alot about you that you even ask. if you like someome else, break up with the b/f and start something new. why be a tramp?!


If your going to cheat on your boyfriend, jsut break up with him

if you want.

only if you want STD's

arnold m
naw, but if u fine u can.with me lol

Why not??

You don't have his last name, nor ring on your finger...is he going to put one there?


Baby Girl 1214
Well Im sure you have your reasons.
Are you wanting to cheat to get even for him cheating? Or did you just find someone you are interested in but also want him still?
(Going off the assumtion he did not cheat on you)
Think about how you would feel if he did it to you. Its not fair to someone to do that. But honestly if you are looking elsewere then maybe its time to leave your boyfriend.
Just think about his feelings before you go and do something you cant undo.

why would you even ask a question like that? Obviously, you have absolutely no morals, and if he's smart, he'll leave your skanky butt as soon as possible.

NO! If you feel the need to cheat on him the relationship is already over, so you should just break up with him. You will hurt his feelings, and you will make yourself look like a tramp and will people won't trust you any more. Only bad can come from cheating.

galactic catholic
not a good thing! let him down first, it's only fair!

no, just leave him....if you feel that way.

Don't you think it defeats the purpose of having a boyfriend?

If you're even thinking about it, you might want to consider just breaking it off all together, cause something is definitely not right in that relationship.

Think about it. Good Luck!

Not without his permission.

has he cheated on you.. if so, yes do it

kendra m
If you are looking else where, obviously he is not giving you what you need emotionally or physically. If that is the case, why drag him along? Move on.

suzy Q
I say if you feel attracted to someone other than your boyfriend, then you and your boyfriend need to have a heart to heart and be open in your feelings, perhaps taking a break from one another to see, ask yourself would you like him cheating on you?? If he already has then what are you still doing with him and why would you want to bring yourself down to his level?

Go for it!!!!

I'll be waiting.

Moronic fool.

Only if you film it and let him watch.

john .
sure, email me

well how is your relationship right now? mail me so we can talk ill help ya out

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