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Cindy Ella
im 12, what will happen if i drank a full bottle or white wine?
will i get drunk or just stay the same way?? cuz i like wine a lot!
Additional Details
my parents don't no i drink it, we have a wine cellar outback.
im 5 9''
12 years old
133 lbs

probably tipsy.
depends on your alcohol tolerance.

YOu will get very drunk and you will laugh and think it's great and then you will start puking. Next day you will feel like you are dying. Not a wise idea.

It will depend on several factors like...

How long have you been drinking?
How much you normally drink?
How much alcohol is in the wine?
How much you weigh?
Are you a light weight (as in drinking)?

If you are an average 12 year old and have just started to drink than you will most likely get drunk from drinking the whole bottle of wine. That is if you don't get alcohol poisoning first.

1. youll get drunk.
2. youll go from drunk to stupid (no disrespect)
3. youll do something stuped (very)
specially if you are around boys...

Fat Albertos
Great story, my friend at that age drank quite a bit and he defecated (craped and peed) all over the place. He said it was the worst time in his life. Perhaps you should lay off the booze till your older

um it depends on your weight. if your a smaller girl yea, but if your larger it will take more maybe. It will get you loopy either way. You shouldnt drink. IT kills your kidneys

I'm guessing since you are 12 you still have a small stature which means you will get drunk more quickly and more easily than adults. But it also depends on how much you drink during an amount of time. You could have half a glass every hour and be a little tipsy, or you can drink a whole bottle in an hour and get sick/blackout and not remember a thing. It's up to you.

not a good idea, you'll pass out and forget what happened, and wake up the next morning throwing up like crazy with a killer headache. and yes, it sounds like you could be an alcoholic later in life if you do that.

you better not.
Drunk, hangover, want more, acholic.
Why do you drink wine?
Ive tried it when I was 7 (12 now) and it was gross!
You could pass out, or like mess your kidneys up.

you would get drunk because your still young and still growing


You would get drunk.
Unless, you say you like wine, so if you've drank it a lot, you might have built up some tolerance and might just get tipsy.

Are you just fooling around on the internet and making stuff up?

Amber Lorraine
You'll get drunk and decide to go out for a while. You'll find a party and some 19 year old will hook you up with some pot. So now you're drunk and high and that 19 year old will take advantage of you. You'll go back home afraid to tell anyone what happened. And some weeks later you'll find out you're pregnant!! :D

You need not be drinking any wine. Sounds like you already are on a bad trail down a worse road. Not only will it make you drunk, it could give you alcohol poisoning and you could die~~not a joke.
What is it that you are trying to blot out of your life with alcohol at age 12? THAT is what you should be looking for.
Really, get someone to assist you in getting some help. You are throwing your life down the toilet looking for answers like this.

Starry Eyes ♥
You'd get drunk and have a nasty hangover tomorrow.

not sure but honestly I hope that you get so freaking sick you puke your guts out and then have the poops for a week and a headache so bad that you cant see. then maybe you will not like wine or any alcohol anymore.. seriously you are well on your way to being a drunk for the rest of your life.

You will kill a lot of brain cells and it sounds like you need them all.

You might throw up.

Kill the obviously VERY FEW brain cells you have left in your air-head of yours.
Don't be an idiot.

um... u might overdose and die cuz your to young to drink

u could get drunk

Heavy Metal Jesus
You would probably die from Alcohol poisoning. I sincerely hope this is a joke. A 12 year old is too small for that much alcohol to dilute in the blood. I don't suggest it, at any rate.

Duck goes Oink Oink!
drunk! and isnt it illegal to drink at 12? haha

Great future you have!
What's next Meth at 13
Cmon you should NOT be drinking ANY alcohol whatsoever!

How about you just dont do it! Your wayyy to younG. like you said your 12. & Where are your parents?

.....what the crap?!

Tiny Werewolf
You're 12??? OMG where are the parents???

Holy Crap Its Jesus
you will loose your virginity

Even an older person will get drunk. You like wine and you're 12? What kind of parents do YOU have?

jesus, what has the world come to...

you'll probably just get sick and puke all over

but if you pass out and no one is around you might throw up and choke on your own vomit

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