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 Headaches everyday? Help please?
My girlfriend's 16 and she has been having headaches everyday for over a couple years now and she hasn't been getting it checked out?
What could be causing it and could it be something ...

 What's The Last Thing You Do Before You Go To Bed?
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 should i cheat on my boyfriend?

 What does smoking Pot do to your Body?
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 How can I make my day better if I feel like everything's horrible?
Sometimes, I don't feel pretty at ALL! (When other times I do feel OK) And I feel like nothing is going the least bit good, and I have no idea what to do about it. Any suggestions?...

 I am tired but i can't sleep any suggestions?

 What is something you want to do in your life before you die? Also, How do you want to die?
There are so many things I will like to in my life before I pass....

 am i addicted to smoking?
i started smoking and drinking at age 13. Now im 15 and i have to have atleast 2 cigarettes a day. If i dont i get really angry and moody....

 Which is worse: Drinking, Smoking, or Cutting?
I know that they are all not good, I'm just wondering which is worse......

 Is it bad to smoke at 14 years old?
what are the effects?...

 What's your take on Marijuana?
Should it be legalized? Would it be economical? E...

 I'm a 14 year old girl my height is about 5'3 How can I safely increase my height?
I'm a 14 year old girl my height is about 5'3 and I weigh around 144 pounds. I eat fruits and vegetables very often and sweets too but I don't drink milk. I used to wear 5 pound ankle ...

 What is best to do when your'e sick?
Ok i am REALLY sick. my eyes are all watery and itchy. my nose is runny. my whole body feels tired. my thought is sore (but i am not coughing yet). Whenever i lay down and then stand up my head hurts ...

 ARE you a smoker or a non smoker?
why do smokers repect you more if you say you quit, rather than your a non smoker?
They're less likly to smoke around you too!
Additional Details
glad too see so many non ...

 What's your bedtime & wakeup time?
My Bedtime: btw 12:00 - 2:00
Wakeup Time: 10:00
Additional Details
WOW....i'm shocked to hear some of the answers....there's ppl who get up at 4:00!?!?! That's ...

 i eat bugs out in the back yard is this normal?

Additional Details
im in my 20...

 What is about Cigarettes that people enjoy smoking them so much?
I am 23 never smoked cigarettes, all my friends smoke i recentley decided to try to smoke to see what it is about cigarettes it is that they like. After smoking two cigarettes i felt nauseous and D...

 I hate to ask this, but is it normal to poo everyday?
I heard that if one eats healthy they do or they poo every other day.
I also heard that Americans don't go as much as they should and only a few times a week.

Anyway, is it ...

 i have a habit of smelling dog poo , and im being serious?
shall i go dr or what ;(...

 help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......…
ok i have a misquto bite and it looks like wierd it has like a purple ring around it and then it is red then in the middle it is like white what dose that mean.help....

i killed a fly by drowning it by accident how to save its life?
i only only killed it for a second then rescud it help me

You can't really do anything except set it somewhere dry and room temperature. Leave it alone and see what happens!

yahoo answers
call 911 ask them for advice

Jacki Genocide
let him dry off. but it may just be his time to go. so dont be sad if he doesnt come back to life.

well its only a fly, it isnt a sin or anything 2 kill it. but if u really care about it put it on a tissue and let it dry off until its wings are strong enuf 2 fly again. o but dont put it near a window if its sunny bcuz it might be 2 hot

Ohh nohhh... what are we gonna do??? call the ambulance... make sure the police don't come... they'll charge you for fly-murder...! :O

CPR! hurry!

Why would you waste five points like this

CPR. Don't let it die!!!

Well...it's already dead so there's not too much point...say a prayer...you could always try some mouth to mouth CPR!!!!

throw it in a fire

Brie <33
Most flys will shake it off.
I mean i drowed a fly once for like five mins, and that little ****** wouldnt die o.o
There pretty hardy animals

the pacifist
cover In a pile of salt If you really want to save It,Personally I'd feed It to a spider!

let it out in the sun... out in the yard

killled a fly?
thats nottthingg.

alyssa rae
it's dead ,
you should bury it

the only way;
mouth to mouth.

i hope he lives.

If it's still moving, it's going to die. Besides, you can't kill a fly for a second and rescue it.You might want to go ahead and get the funeral arranged. Coffin-shopping's always fun.

Things die in life. You can't save everyone.

jules vane
Put it on a small pyle of salt.

Toggie T
It just needs to get dry.
I've found bumblebees in my pool and that always helps em, same with flies .

Flies lives only last 3 weeks anyway

ha ha ha
k well i don't understand your question but i think you might be saying you thought it was dead cause it was drowning and it wasn't dead and came back to life. all i have to say to this is leave it some food or something to help cheer him up. he's probably traumatized


youre sayin you KILLED it...meanin, its dead. just say a prayer and hope its happy in its afterlife :D hehe

Nothing. It's dead.

Sorry. ;_;

Ok this is really really weird but put salt on it. Im sure it wont work but its worth a try since nobody else is taking this seriously. But hurry!

Do you know where the maggots in trash cans come from? Flies!
No way would I try to rescue a fly. When they land on something, they vomit,, and when they lay their eggs they become maggots. Flies are the most nasty insects on the planet, and if you kill them, you're doing yourself a favor! Don't feel sorry for flies, unless you feel sorry for ratlesnakes...

Roberta P
Why would you want to save it's life. It was dead and now has brain damage. Let it go. It is better off dead than a vegetable. Do you want to be tied to this brain damaged fly for the rest of your life?

Stewie's Jell-O
OMG!! do CPR on the fly

You put it in your mouth for 5 seconds. the enzymes in your saliva react with the fly's outer skin. Then spit it out and if it is not alive do it for ten. keep repeating this until it is alived.

Jamie B
mouth to mouth

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