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 i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
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 Do you examine your "Poo" for health reasons?
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 How do you stop biting your fingernails?
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 isnt smoking a form of suicide?
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yes you could die from a ...

Clare Burn
i have a habit of smelling dog poo , and im being serious?
shall i go dr or what ;(

I don't think a doctor will be able to help you

i luv my horsie
try to replace the dog poo smell with maby like a perfume every time you smell dog poo walk away and smell perfume it will help break the Habit

you should rub in all over your face so you can smell it all day

like you smell it like and no-one els can?
or you physically bend down and smell it lol

both are a bit wierd

but whatever floats your boat i suppose =]

Peter J
Go into the Fertilizer Business !

You should just stop smelling it. Learn to have some self control.

I really hope you're not serious, for your sake

Super Mom!
That is gross, but your decision. There is probably nothing a dr can do to help, because it really isn't a problem. If a dr tells you they can help, they are full of it and want your money!

April (:
i answer a lot of questions, some can be very strange. No, you don't need to go to a doctor. Maybe you should stop yourself next time. Ween yourself off of doing this disgusting habit. trust me, it's a turn off.

Yeah, please do...

Can I ask, when you say smell, do you mean like.. get up close and have a good sniff? :/
Do you like the smell?

King J
you like the smell but you cant help that your dirty

Time to check into a facility friend. The walls are always freshly painted white and their is cushion all around.

Just put peices of dog poo in your nose so you can smell it all day

You should probably quit doing that.

Mike T
Depends on why you do it? If it isn't harming anyone else, or yourself (ie you don't touch it or get it on your skin without washing it off properly) and it's not interfering with your daily life, then no there's no reason to go to doctors. If it escalates from just smelling then there may be other psychological issues that need to be addressed.

just stop it, you'll get sick

Mom of one
maybe you should.

xx me myself and I xx
i guess you just enjoy the smell of it while other people find it repulsive you and maybe so other people will enjoy the smell too.

you don't need to go to the doctors they can not stop you from enjoying a certain kind of smell.

Whatever floats your boat
but ermm yeahh maybe you should see someone about it

Do you mean everytime u go anywhere, that's what u smell and you think something is wrong with your smell sense? Or do you mean that you actually put your nose in dog poo and love the smell of it, so now you make a habit of doing it? If it's the first question, then go get your nose checked. If it's the 2nd question, then go get your head checked. But either way you need to see a doctor. Besides if you have a habit of smelling dog poo, why not human poo, or another animal poo? Doesn't all sh** smell the same? Get help.

Well as hobbies go it wouldn't be my first choice, but hey what ever turns you on.

Jo M
ewww. just please stop. stay away from all dogs and dog parks and dog poo. It's strange

LoVe HuRtS
ewwwww that's nasty
and no you shouldn't see a doctor that's your problem and you have to control it!!!

Taylor M
Doctors won't help you! What you need to do is find a different scent that you love way more than dog crap! Say its a perfume, put a bottle in your purse. Then when you see some dog poo on the street distract your nose with the perfume rather than the ****.

You should also wear a spritz of it as your regular perfume. So you are constantly wearing it. Then when you see it refresh your dosage of the perfume and spray your self again.

seek help yikes

u can smell nicer fragrances so u won't be addicted to smelling poo anymore..

but anyway i dun think the doc can help...

im sorry but that is quite odd

Ummm.... yes, id say you should see somebody about this.

ur crazy!! u should definately seek help...

Seriously Confused!
I have a habit of smelling car fumes, not dog poo, i guess you just like the smell of crap, doctors can't help.. i'm afraid.

Clare, Have you escaped from the asylum again?

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