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erica p
help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......…
ok i have a misquto bite and it looks like wierd it has like a purple ring around it and then it is red then in the middle it is like white what dose that mean.help.

Red Sawx ®
go to the doc and get it checked out

it sound like ring worm, go to the doc

in portuguese this is called "furunculo". My friend always have. ure not going to die, it is only contasious if u touch it. put hot water and wait till u think u can skeeze it. it will come off a little black dot, very very small. if it doesent work (wat is almost impossible only if it is not wat im telling) go to a doctor. hope i help

it sorta sounds like a ringworm but then again i dont think it is but have a doctor check up on it

sounds like spider bite

That sounds like the symptoms for lyme disease. It is caused by a tick bite.

You should go to the doctor ASAP! It is a serious disease, and the sooner you have it looked at the better.

Best of luck!!

Sounds like a Spider bite and you need to go to a doctor. My sister had something like that and she went to the doctor, they gave her a shot and some jell to put on it and it went away in about a week.

sounds like theres a little infection there with some inflamation around it. pop it and get the pus out and see if that helps.

ask a doctor bout it.

you sure it's a mosquito bite? Sounds like a spider bite...put neosporin or another antibiotic cream on it. Keep your eye on it, if it gets worse go to ER asap

pop it, if that doesnt doANYTHING ITS A SPIDER BITE

sounds more like ringworm than a bite. or it could also be the starting signs of west nile virus.

either way get to the doc fast!

it means it's prolly not a skeee toe bite!

It would be best if you consulted with your doctor as soon as possible. It sounds like some other kind of insect bite. Not a mosquito. It might be a spider or a tick bite. It also might be an allergic reaction to a mosquito. The doctor would be able to tell for certain. It is always better to be safe than sorry. It could turn out to be nothing. But just check with your Dr. to be sure.

It sounds like a tick bite, not a mosquito bite. You need to have a Dr. look at it because you are describing a symptom of Lyme Disease.

medicine man
you mention no puncture marks or swelling --- both are important--- also you have not mentioned any weakness / nausea or dizziness--- and not say how long you have for ?
you have already several good and sensible replys [ as well as the usual idiots ]
sting is one centre puncture --- bite is 2 very small marks
ringworm is bad name but is not serious and as you are asking this now --- i can assume it is not deadly --- as they work very fast

but information given is very scant so i will repeat advice you already have

see a doctor for safety and cure reasons

be well


It could mean that it might be infected so you better go see a doctor.

it might be a boil, pinch it very hard, if a lot of puss comes out, keep doing it. If nothing comes out, it might be an absess, you might make it a little worse by doing that, but not to much damage, see a doctor if it doesn't go down in a couple of days. You might need to have it drained. If pinching it makes clear liquid come out, it is a bite, just put ice on it and it will go down eventually.

Genio Atrapado
It means that you have to go to the doctor because no matter what bited you, that is very infected. Good Luck gorgeous!

your skin is reactin to the bite,
you have a very slim chance of dying so dont worry.. yet.
your skin reacting is a good thing becuase it shows the your body is reconizing an intruder and will heal faster


from me to you
I think it's a spider bite honey-not a misquito.

go to the dosctor real fast....

it's a spider bite i had lke 3 of them && it like infected my body && now there are like scars from them. && for future ref. dont pop them it hurts like shiz!!

you are about to die.
probably before you even read this.
so, it's no use me giving you advice.


First, are you sure it isn't a spider bite? If it isn't, it may just be infected. Wash it with soap and hot water several times a day. If it doesn't clear up or gets worse, see a doctor.

Try using hydrogen peroxide to clean the area first. It will sting so be prepared. If the reddness and or ring get's bigger, you must seek medical attention. Hope this helps :>

Dipi s
Consult your doctor ASAP

nice knowing you

rae rae
that thing is infected u should put some anti- bacterial cream on it or something & no i don't think you r going to die. good luck go get it looked at by the doctor though (k) bye xoxoxoxoxox

The Hit Man
spider bite not mosquito.
Probablt just a common spider , nothing to worry about unless it gets worse.
just put some ointment on it.

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