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help me!!! i cant get to sleep at night!!!?
I can never get asleep i go to bed about 10.30pm and i dont get to sleep until after 12am. I dont know how to get asleep cos i cant and i find it hard and i think about things but how can i solve this problem, is there anything i can do to make me go to sleep quicker without distracting my sister who sleeps in my room aswell thanks x

I'd say there are some unresolved issues that your mind tries to work on but cannot without help, I suggest trying to see a psychologist.

*♥* donna *♥*
Go to bed later when you are more tired, keep the lights on low and turn off the tv and music a good hour before and have a warm bath. Don't have a lay in in the morning, should help.

take sum sleeping pills and a lil mountain dew

Squillre Boy S
close your eyes, breath deeply try to clear your thoughts.

Jenn V
Try Chamomile

Pastor Ken
Eat something or take a hot bath..

Count sheep?
Think about something boring...then you could probably fall asleep.

Don`t go to bed until 12

thats not a bad problem.i do the same thing but it takes me like an hour to go to sleep.try listening to ur ipod or something cuz that helps me.hoped it helped bro

reading a really boring book with small print usually works for me

umm, well the body needs to be cooled down before it could rest. so i would recommend to open a window, a tiny bit before you sleep- and have the room cold..

turn off your cell phone so you dont get any texts overnight that will make u wanna just text them back..

Amanda Staar
textign people can make you tired.

playing games on your ipod, downlaod a show onto your ipod and watch it

get a flash light and read!
just dont think of the bad things you've done and if anyone finds out. it could make you cry and stay up all night

You could try Listening to your Ipod. I find it that if you put boring classical music [no offense] that it will really calm you. You could keep a journal by your bed and scribble whatever you're thinking about on that. It'll help take things off your mind. Whatever you do, try not to watch t.v like an hour prior to your sleep. It'll really distract you. annnnd hmm, OH!, you could wear yourself out in the mornings. Do active things, that will make you fall asleep. It always works for me. I wish you the best =]

Three things you need to do....
1)Don't drink soda or eat before bed.
2)Don't work out before bed and try relaxing.
3)Try listening to a movie or music with headphones to distract you without distracting your sister.

These helped me so I hope they can help you.

Good Luck.

Drinking warm milk before bed.
Having a bath to get you relaxed before bed.
Reading before bed as this makes the eyes tired.

[email protected]
come here ill get u to sleep

Edward's Girl<3
read! i do that every night! but make sure its a boring book because if its as good as twilight or something you would want to stay awake! lol

Try these products from bath and body:

They help you sleep. :]

I've found out that drinking caffeine will keep me awake til 12am.
If I stop drinking any kind of caffeine 2 hours before bed and stick to water or something else that doesn't have caffeine in it then I can go to sleep before 12am.
Also, you may have to start going to bed earlier and at the same time each night in order to get to sleep by 10:30pm. If it takes you almost 2 hours to go to sleep then you may need to go to bed 2 hours before a for a few days to see if that's what you need to start doing.

If your mind races look up some techniques via search engine to help clear your mind like taking a few deep breaths to taking a relaxing shower before bed.

try to rock the bed you'll get tired and fall asleep works every time!!!

Kaitlin C
omgggggg i have this same problem and am looking for a good answer too!!
i usually put my ipod in my ihome and play it on rlly low volume..sometimes music helps me get to bed but sometimes it doesnt help @ all....

I have exactly the same problem! Annoying isn't it!!
The things i try is going to bed extra earlier thank normal, so you have more time to unwind and nod off. Take a hot water bottle or cup of tea. Wearing nice fitting, snuggling p/j's help too!! Have a drink of alcohol before you go up, or a hot bath helps.. You just have to try and switch off all the things that happened that day. And leave all mobile devices, internet and distractions alone.

Try a natural supplement for sleep aid. Melatonin works well for me. Also try reading, or taking a hot bath before bed. Lavender is known to make you sleepy so try using something that smells like that. Music can also work like in headphones. Good luck!

Honey R
Sweetie, the only way you can get a good night sleep is if you wake up before 11am. The other solution is to sort out all your problems slowly.. that way youll go to sleep way quicker.

Carlos Cortés
Try to use pill to get asleep, If you don´t like the idea try to do excersice before sleeping you'll be too tired to be awake.

turn the tv very low and watch until ur eyes get tired

just think of going to Imaginationland and let your thoughts take you away into sleepy time.

sum person
i always have too much on my mind so its hard for me 2. i just concentrate on my breathing. in, out, in, out. and try not to think of anything else but that. just dont breathe too heavily so you dont wake your sister

The Irish Lass
I have the excat same problem,its just your body clock,and what you are eating and the way you wind down to sleep. I bet you dont realize it but you prob have alot on your mind when you try to go to sleep. Try reading a book before you turn over to sleep or something.Trust me...I really know how you feel:(

Devin D
This answer is completely true and proven by tests.

1. Breath deeply in and out.
2. Breath through one nose and out the other.
3. Take a shower, it feel bad to be dirty.
4. Loosen your sleeping cloths
5. Watch movies (TV in room, Sony PSPâ„¢, Laptop, ect.)
6. Read before you sleep
7. Stretch before your sleep
8. Drink warm milk, or Eggnog
9. Eat turkey.
10. Count as high as you can.
11. Day dream.
12. Turn Lights off.
13. Sounds down.
14.Pillows are needed a lot
15. Tempurpedic© does work!
15. If this doesn't work see a doctor.

omg i have had the same problem!! since i share a room with my sis as well!

ok first of all take a hot shower at night --> it helps to relax your body.
then if you could in bed (if you have a lap top) go on the computer and go to websites where you mostly have to read to get around the website----> such as YAHOO LOL because what this will do is make your eyes tired.
or if your a twilight fan?? then read one of the books,
but if your not then don't go and pick up a random book and try to read it and expect to fall asleep because you won't you will just be bored....trust me .

what you NEED to do is basically shut your mind off because your wondering thoughts from that day are rattling inside you.. so
relax your body and make sure your warm enough.

and what i do is keep thinking "go to sleep"
over and over again

i hear thinking of fantasies help you get to sleep? like thinking of yourself as a rock star perhaps or getting married to someone you like ---> haha i not sure on that one, i read it in a magazine once

try putting some soothing music on on your ipod
your body may not be getting the right mount of activity of exercise so maybe go for a walk

and most important shut your eyes and try not to open them

i really hope i helped! =] '~`~`*SWEET DREAMS*`~`~'

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