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did you know that marijuana isn't bad for you?
and that the government is only making it illegal so they can take your money.
Additional Details
the way they make money is that every arrest costs money and a good amount of arrests are related to cannabis

Fo sho

Give 'Em Hell Kelz
Actually it does kill brain cells, but not so anyone would notice, usually.

Too bad the government would only make more money if they'd legalize and tax it. It'll take 'em a while though, I mean look back at prohibition... the government can be pretty thick.


Let's legalise crime, then there would be no criminals.

Did your government make all the medical website which says its bad for you?


Shayon B
ooohhh... i dint know that... I'm flattered... are you ?

i think its illegal because they cant tax it because everyone would grow it so if they cant make money its illegal.....they arent concerned about our health because alcohol is legal and it causes more deaths than homocide each year we would be better off if alcohol was illegal and marijuana wasn't but thats just me...what do i know ?

yeah buddy

Sally [=
dude hell yea!! although they would make more money if they just legalized and regulated it!!

~~rasta luvv!~~

oh course weed has always been good for u no wonder why they give it to people with cancer

true true

Steven L
Thank you for your service to the world.

yeah i no. achohol is 10x worse for you. people need to have perscriptions of marijuana for migrains that can kill you. marijuana isnt bad for you, if anything its healthy! it should be 100% leagal!

I think that it's funny that alcohol is worse for you then marijuana.

Of course marijuana is good for you ^o^
.................................be right baaaaaaaaack ;)

I think it's stupid that it's illegal, I mean it grows from the ground! And yes, I know government is doing that to take money and things. And drugs can actually help people. Yet, marijuana is bad for you. It can kill you, actually, if you do too much. That is also why it is illegal. But I encourage you that even though it's a stupid reason to make it illegal, please don't do it. It really can make you sick. And you will go to jail if caught.

im from CALI sooo its legal for those of us who can tell a Doctor our back hurts & have $100 for a Cannibis Card... =) Cannibis Store is SOOOOO COOL!

wow i think you had a little to much tonight your judgment seems off

Marijuana isn't bad at all. I don't smoke it but I know many people do as they have their medical card. It is legal if you have a card in Oregon. Not sure if its that way everywhere?

Yes I did know that, its why they prescribe it to me. At least people in California realize that, maybe one day common sense will reach the other states.

There's been all kinds of SMALL INDEPENDENT studies that have lied and said it causes cancer and makes you dumb permanently and all this and that, but Donald Tashkin is the country's lead cancer scientist (He's like the Tiger Woods of cancer research, the government uses his research for cigarette info) at UCLA, and he concluded in 2006, along with his team, that it does not cause any adverse effects on a person after 20 years of heavy use. We now know the truth about marijuana because he ran the LARGEST STUDY OF ALL TIME, which lasted 20 years and involved over 1200 people, so we can now see the long term effects, and they are not negative. THC, the chemical in marijuana, actually attacks cancer cells.

All these stereotypes about it making you stupid are untrue. I've been smoking it since I was 14 (now have a prescription), and my IQ was tested at 134 just 2 months ago. I've worked for USPS, Google, Northrop Grumman and Microsoft and I now own my own online businesses and teach people how to build their own. I fly to asia twice a year (and make videos while staying there and put them on youtube each time) and I know plenty of people who are stuck working 9 to 5 jobs working for someone else who claim that marijuana makes you stupid. They just love to find the stupid people who smoke it, and use them as examples. Nevermind the millions of people in the Bay Area, California (where majority of success people and millionaires live) that smoke it, including the doctors who prescribe it.

Google: Successful Potheads, you'll find a list of plenty of billionaires who have admitted to smoking pot.
Google: Athletes who smoke marijuana, you'll be surprised how many have admitted it or been "busted" with it.
So common sense obviously shows that you can still be successful and a world class athlete like Michael Phelps after smoking pot, or a President..

The Supreme Court ruled this year that its not harmful, even the government knows its not now.
They just dont know how to go about legalizing because theres such a stigma around it, that most politicians dont have the balls to pass a bill, they are afraid they will lose support from the public. Imagine if Obama came out and said "I think we should legalize marijuana". Imagine all the voters he would lose, sure he'd have California and Oregon and those states, but he'd definately majority of the other states. Not in California though, they know people in California are open minded so even our Governor said "I think its time we look at how its affected other countries that have decriminalized it and maybe put it to vote". It costs taxpayers $9 billion a year to arrest and jail people for marijuana charges. $9 billion a year divided by 135 million taxpayers equals approximately $66 per person. Eventually it will be legalized, but it takes a long time to reverse the tide of ignorance that was implemented over 60 years ago (It was originally made illegal so they could harass mexicans in the U.S. and arrest them, since at that time, they were the only ones smoking it and carrying it on them, look it up in Wikipedia or just google it)

But ignorance is bliss...

Well, not entirely. It's not as bad for you as cigarettes, or alcohol. But let's be fair, anything you light on fire and inhale is going to have negative side effects. And anything that adjusts the chemicals in your brain can be habit forming and therefore harmful.
Oh, and the government doesn't make money off of it being illegal. They're actually losing money on it every year. It would be much easier to legalize it and tax it.
That said, I'd agree with legalizing it for adults.

1) It is indeed not addictive, almost impossible to overdose on, and doesn't cause brain damage like many other drugs do (alcohol for example)... BUT, it is usually smoked - and smoking even when its not very much, is still bad for you: you can get cancer from smoking weed.

2) The government, if it wanted to make money, would legalize the stuff: just imagine how much taxes it could collect if it treated it like tobacco!! The REAL reason they are staying away from legalizing it is because they are afraid of public opinion - it is a controversial matter and most politicians are just not willing to risk losing a lot of votes, so they stay away from controversial issues as much as they can.

Making weed illegal isn't a way of taking your money. The money used to fight marijuana is in the hundreds of millions range. That's why they're talking about legalization--because taxing marijuana and stopping the control of it would generate large amounts of government revenue. Maybe you should do your research, or at least watch the news once or twice before spreading your fun facts.

Well the smoke's not great for you - it leaves tar in your lungs just like cigs.

Hence the creation of the vaporizer!

yes its so great . i believe the government does not make it legal yet because i think they are afraid that if they make it legal then they will look bad because they are legalizing a drug. but is it a drug? i know alcohol is the killer. it kills friendships . marraiges. familys all over the place all the time . they had a proabition on alcohol and it didnt work same pot . they need to make it lagal with restrictions on it just like alcohol i feel it would be the best thing a government could do in history/ it would make me happy. im lucky i get it legal. medical and im real.

I an I am tellin you maan. Smoke the Ganja if it make you feel irie maan. Rasta maan vibrations. Positive.

Let me tell you about marijuana. Marijuana technically isn't that bad for you, but also isn't very good for you. I smoke it sometimes, so I'm not trying to be a hypocrite. Weed kills brain cells, can cause lung problems, and heart problems. Prolonged use can cause depression, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts and actions. Weed is good for pain though. The government also long ago made it illegal because they said it makes a man want to kill his brother and things along that line. The people who made it illegal also never smoked it, so they were not speaking from experience. The government now a days will say doctors can sell it for medicinal use only, but the only reason they are really letting them sell it, is so they can get some profit out of it. The reason they don't like people selling it on the streets is because the government does not get any profit. Another reason they made alcohol legal a while back was also so they could make profit since they found out people were still making and selling it. So in conclusion marijuana causes lack of oxygen to your brain when you smoke it and can lead to many things with prolonged use, but every once in a while use, shouldn't really have many effects in my opinion.

marijuana makes all of my problems go away. the government is sooo full of ****. maybe obama will try to make it legal. i know he likes to puff puff that green stuff

i believe it! i do believe though that it does effect the memory, what was the question agian, oh yeah! lol

They would make more money if they made it legal, sold it in stores like tobacco and taxed it.

Ok, the first part is correct. Cannabis is not bad for you. The second part doesn't make sense. How are they getting money from you by making it illegal? Some people think it became illegal because tobacco companies didn't want the competition. Some people think it was because it was associated with Mexicans and there was a lot of racism back then so that created more fear of it. I'm not really sure why they made it illegal but taking your money was not the reason.

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