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 am i to young to be drinking and smoking every night?
im 13 i drink a whole bottle of jack daniels a day and i smoke 5 cigars a ...

 How hard is it to quit smoking?
Just wondering. And if you DID successfully stop, how did you do it?
Additional Details
It's not for me! I just wanted to know. Because I always bug smokers about stopping and they ...

 Is it unhealthy to shower when you're sick?
My mom thinks I will worsen my cold if I shower, is there any truth to this belief?...

 What would happen if a person were to drink bleach?
Like the kind you put in the washer with clothes (Clorox)? About a 8oz glass? What about an entire jug?
Additional Details
I'm not planning on drinking any bleach. It's a ...

 Is there a faster way to detox you're system from marijuana?
I recently asked my boyfriend to quit smoking weed, that was about two weeks ago and today, his parents said they'd be drug testing him or he couldn't use the truck (he's 19). So he...

 Whats so bad about cutting yourself if you really can't hurt yourself?
I understand oh you might slip and stuff but cutting is better than straight killing yourself, and if you use scissors you cant slip because it wont go deep it just won't I've tried. I know ...

 When is the perfect time to wake up?

 How can i wake up at 6:30 everday for school?
i usually go to bed at 9:30 but fall asleep around 12 and wake up around 11.and my alarm doesn't wake me up or i wake up 30 min. after it went off.How can i make sure i get enough sleep and fall ...

 Is smoking weed bad for my physical healh?
Do you think smoking can effect my performance on the baseball field?...

 How to get marijuana out of your system within 4 days?
-Today was my last day smoking and i have 4 days to get clean!? ...

 What's wrong with me?
ok, so for the past few weeks, i've been getting 7-10 hrs of sleep every night, but im tired all the time. i feel like ive been hit by a train. my energy is zapped as soon as I wake up in the ...

 why does everyone hate marijuana?
doesn't significantly cause cancer, but cigarettes do
doesn't kill brain cells, but alcohol does
isn't addictive, but alcohol and cigarettes both are
it doesn't ...

 How old do you have to be to donate blood?
Our school is having a blood drive this month and my 16th birthday is next month. Would I be able to donate blood with parent consent?...

 What do you think of magazines in the bathroom?

Additional Details
My husband likes it I think it is gross.
Any kind of magazine....

 I just swallowed my gum, what do I do?
I was gonna try and make myself puke to see if it comes out, but what do you guys think?
Additional Details
I think I got it thanks....I need a chill pill....

 Do you believe that someone can die from a broken heart?

 this happens to me almost every morning. does it happen to you?
the majority of my mornings, my alarm clock goes off. i hit "snooze" and i guess i might fall back asleep, or i might be thinking. i don't know

but i think to myself that i ...

 what is the best method of cleanicg marijuana out of your system. I don't need sarcasim?

 My Kidney's have hurt very much in the past three days what could be wrong?
I can not go to the doctors, because I just have no way to go, there has to be something I can do to relive the pain. Any ideas?...

 Should I Start Smoking?
am age 14 and i been thinking about smoking . i see all these people smoking yet i see absolutely nothing happening to them. i walk around downtown and i breathe smoke from other smokers and it taste ...

could i be a vampire?
i crave blood and alot of other stuff i dont feel comfortable saying

Roxxann <3
no ur just not normal

You insane *****
shut up&grow up

No, you're just sick.

U could if u really want to get sick and/or die

In the real world it just means you're mentally disturbed.

your not a vampire so stfu with this question... you've probably been watching too many stupid movies such as that vampire one with guards that look like a bunch of mexicans that just hopped over the border....whats it called twilight 2 moons i think??


number one question you shouldn't ask...

sammy J
twilight obsessed

you aint no vampire, you may be obsessed with them to even think about that though!!! crazy!

hahaha yeah i would say u are

They don't exist, and you will not find a gorgeous vampire that wants you for the rest of their eternal life and feel all tortured and be really 'romantic'. They. Don't. Exist.

Clown Knows

I must say, that's cute :3

But no. You could make a good vampire actor though! Just don't take it too far! (ie bite a neck and drink the blood for REAL!)

Life Changes Everyday
go stand infront of the sun and find out

You probably are. But don't worry. I am too. I met this guy named Edward Cullen. Oh my. He's so dreamy. He dazzles me. Do you know why? Because he sparkles in the sunlight. He's like my little fairy princess. We fell in love instantly upon meeting and got married a week after high school. Then he took me to his father's island where we ****** all night long and I got preggers and almost DIED because I was still human. That baby had a big *** head. After I popped her out, Edward had to bite me and turn me into a vampire so I could live. Now Edward and I live in a cottage in the woods with our baby and **** all night, every night because we don't have to sleep because we're undead.. It's amazing. You should give it a try sometime. I hope you find your vampire lover!

۩ Jerry ۩
No, but you could be a troll... do you enjoy hanging out under bridges?

Well that's a sign of being a vampire, so yeah im sure you are.
I'm sure by now that you know to stay away from garlic, and crosses and probably churches all together,and try not to do anything too vampire like in front of people, it's usually frowned upon.
But you get to turn into a bat, so that's pretty rad.

Good luck on your vampire journey

im craving high fiveing you in the face....

Diego G
Obssesed much?

Try biting someone, perhaps a parent or other family member? If they complain just explain that you're a vampire, they'll understand.

Hayle W
me tooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

p.s.- i totalllly LOVE twilight!!!!


grow up small child

Wow...this is why I hate Twilight, Vampire Diaries and all that other vampire crap. Sorry but no.

....Face palm

Stupid question is stupid.

I hope you get staked in the heart, regardless of whether or not you are a vampire, which I severely doubt you are.

This, children, is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies.

Veronica Pattison <3
No. You might be retarded though. Go back to Hot Topic.

That's called being a psycho, hunny. Vampires don't exist. The only people out their remotely close to vampires are cannibals and people who get fangs surgically inserted into their mouth.

Well.... there is a disease were you need blood in your diet to function properly. It's called porphyria, search it on google to find out more. It's sorta like being a vampire. But no, you aren't a vampire. & don't listen to those people who say your just obsessed with 'twilight' or crazy. This is a serious condition and they don't know what their talking about. There are people out there who are extremely simular to vampires because of this disease, and being a vampire is pretty much the only way to explain it. Good Luck :)

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