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can you die frommm this?
i forget how to spell it but my older brother did some the other day & i just wanted to know
Additional Details
okay , saying im stupid?
im ******* 13 & i just found out my brother is doing it,.
no **** i told my parents & i know he can go to jail.
beause he already got caught by the cops three times.
his gone to court & he got his license suspended his doing 40 hours of community service and his still doing.

Britnee a
If he uses to much it could be!
However it is harmful to the body.
Please, tell your parents immediately!

Nope, but you're still too young to try it.

Alex L
yes you should report ur brother to ur parents listen to me hes gonna influence it on other ppl tell and u have to bealieve me do tell ur parents marijuana will kill him tell him to stop my sister died cause she tried it once

probably not. it's a natural plant. unless they smoke WAY too much, they're fine.

Sexi L
not if you only do it once. (Not suggesting you even do it once!) One time can harm you If you overdose on marijuana you can die or if you get addicted and take it all the time. The answer you have is basicly yes. Hope this helps!

Bob L
you might be one of the stupidits person i know no offense

no u cant dont trip, i cant believe your tripping about marijuana grow up!

well it depends on what you will do after taking it.

Steven P
theoretically yes because you never know if you are allergic to it or if it is cut with some other kind of substance that could kill you... but in reality marijuana itself will not kill someone barring an allergic reaction of some kind

Ok, in a study where rats were exposed to marijuana smoke, none of them died. Lung cancer isn't linked to it. It just kinda makes you stupid and high. It's addictive, and this high addiction is why ppl don't want it around.

Although it is highly addictive, its effects and dependency are less severe than tobacco. Strangely, tobacco is legal while marijuana is not.

you're an awful sister. Snitches get stiches, g.

Well no but it does kill alot of your brain cells when you smoke it

Tell him to get off the stuff its very bad
he'll smell like and be dumb as $%**

Mike H
haha no you cant die from marijuana! they use it for medicinal purposes so you obviously cannot die from it.

Kennedy J
if he keeps smokin it then yea

Common Anomaly
It's surprising that so many people responding to this are saying that you can. They don't know what they're talking about.

Nobody has ever died from marijuana. You cannot overdose on it. It's not like it's good for you, it will damage your lungs like smoking anything will, and that can cause health problems over a longer period of time... but marijuana is relatively harmless.

Ignore comment 2-5. You can't die from marijuana and you cant overdose on it not matter how much you try. And that is a fact. Anyone who says they know someone who died because of it is a liar. Though its not something that it healthy for you. Most people think it is because unfortunately people are uninformed and dont know what the hell they're talking about


My health teacher told us that it is practically impossible to OD on marijuana. However smoking leads to lung cancer, and heart conditions. I wouldn't recommend it at all.

no dont worry forget about it you dont need to be conserned


Hector M.
not when your young but it will come back
to you when your older, it won't kill you it'll
just make you well how do i put it it'll make
you stup!d.

jaykue uchiha
no......... well mabe if it makes you laugh too hard.... your lungs could give out... but mostly the only way too die from it is the serios case of laugh'TO'hard sindrome

no you can't(:
unless you do something really stupid while you're under the influence

no you can't.
anyone who says you can obviously has no right to be alive.

There has never been a recorded human overdose from marijuana. According to which US Government authority you want to believe, the lethal dose of marijuana is either one-third your body weight, or 1,500 pounds, consumed in fifteen minutes. Researchers hired by the Drug Enforcement Agency have reported that it is nearly impossible to find a dose of marijuana large enough that it will kill a rat.
The only way you can die from using marijuana is if you burn the house down, maybe if you drive while stoned. My brother totalled his car doing that. It is physically impossible to O.D. on marijuana you would have to consume or smoke 1500 pounds in under 5 hrs and even if you could do that the cost would be enormous not to mention you would pass out before you could consume or smoke it all. But remember any drug can kill you!

Michael S-J
Not really no... it is harmful to your health (brain cells, lungs etc) and will affect you later in life if you smoke it a lot in your youth, but it wouldn't kill you


There has never been a documented human fatality from marijuana. One estimate of Cannabis's LD50 for humans indicates that about 1500 pounds of marijuana would have to be smoked within 15 minutes. This estimate is supported by studies which indicate that the effective dose of THC is at least 1000 times lower than the estimated lethal dose (a "safety ratio" of 1000:1).

nope. =] 420! baby!

No. Tests have been done and there is no way to OD on the stuff.

Long term use may have some carcinogenic problems like regular smokes, but you don't smoke them as often, of course.

No not unless you do something stupid and have a freak accident, or you can get neck cancer or something and die from that.

Pocket Protectorate
(Jane H. is wrong...it's impossible to Overdose on it...)

There's still the danger of lung cancer if he smokes it for a lifetime, but...

No...he can't die from it...it's relatively harmless...

It most likely won't kill you instantly. However, it can lead to an untimely death in one of two ways:

1. The person smoking marijuana uses so much that he/she engages in risky behavior (which results in death).

2. The carcinogenic molecules in marijuana cause the person to develop lung cancer. When compared to cigarettes, marijuana is far worse since it has more carcinogenic compounds in it.

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