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am i addicted to smoking?
i started smoking and drinking at age 13. Now im 15 and i have to have atleast 2 cigarettes a day. If i dont i get really angry and moody.

john k
no you are not
when you get to a pack a day then you are

well your screwed... but hey who's fault is that (yours)

just get some nicotine gum or a patch, and u wont b moody, then u can quit ez

Karina H
Yes you are addicted to smoking, and STOP drinking or else you will end up a person that it addicted to smoking and a drunky. So you need to stop doing both drinking and smoking and be very careful about what you do with your life.... no I am not a mom or anything like that but you will ruin your life if you keep on taking and making those kind of choices beleive me I have seen it happen and heard about it from friends. I am still young myself and alreaady have heard a terrible story that started like yours, they started things like that young then by the time college came by they were dead, not one a couple. From either drinking to much, or thy ended up trying drugs and got addicted. And it isn't a good life. Luckily I left those people before something happened to me, but I nevr saw something even close to that coming to me so quit while you can. I never started and you shouldn't have.



I too started smoking at a young age. I used to be about half a pack a day at least...

When i didn't have a cigarette in hand when i was 'craving' i would get really moody and tired. I would feel so sluggish, like i was missing something. I quit last year and also realized i was addicted to the habit... sometimes when i am stressed i go for one, but then remember... "oh yeah, i quit"...

hang in there, if you really wanna quit you can... but the cravings never really go away and you find yourself in situations when you used to light up and think, "man, if i only had a cig"

to make a long story short --too late on that one huh?-- Yes, you are addicted to the cigarettes AND the habit of smoking them

Mac T
yeah dumbass

that was stupid of yuu to do..
yes yu are

yes you are addicted and you really should stop...Cancer is a painful sad and degrading disease.....My father died from cancer right in front of my eyes....not from smoking.....but SMOKING is one of the leading CANCER CAUSING activities people do.....SO STOP!!! not that you'll actually listen....but hey...its gross....I did it for over 10 years...I quit...and got my life back....Good luck!

You better quit smoking, Thats not good at 15.

know you are not its just habbit at the moment but stop it shouldn't be to hard you will be adgitated for a few days/weeks and then nothing give up while you can when you are addicted no turning back, you will find SO many bennifits in giving up i promice kid!!!!!

Chemlab 1111
I would say you have a slight addiction. You're better off than most people. I went through a pack a day for a while. Quitting was hard. But it shouldn't be too hard for you. It takes will power...if you do want to quit of course

Yep, you are addicted to nicotine. Stop while you still have a chance to stop. or hate life when you my age and can't breath no more.

Yes and please quit.

Control this habit or your health will be up for grabs Lung disease has robbed most of my Family from their wish to continue to smoke. When they decided to listen to the ones that cared. It was to late. My Father,Mother Sisters and Brother are all with C>O>P>D>

Love Life
yes, try to stop now if you can. Reward yourself in other ways. It took watching my uncle die from lung cancer to make me stop after 4 years.So glad I did.

Umm, well every smoker is addicted... But 2 a day isint to bad... my brother started smoking and drinking at 13 and now he is 16 and he chain smokes wich is really bad, but he said he dont care. If you are trying to give up, go to your doctors, they will help you. xx

Not super addicted, but you should still stop.

Yes, those are the withdrawal symptoms. You probably aren't very addicted because you don't smoke much, though. It would be fairly easy for you to stop.

Terry D
If you smoke at all, then you are already addicted. Once you start your body does start to need the drug you are taking. Their are up to15 poisons that are either toxic or damaging. At your age do you really want to cut you life short in the long terms. Damage your health and abilities for life. Its a real loss for you as you still have a choice.. TAKE IT. to help you quit take 3x 500mg Vitamin B complex three times a day for a week. and don't touch any cig's at all.

Best wishes and luck Terry D.

Yes cigarettes are extremely addictive. Quit if you can now before it starts affecting your sports, health, performance, fitness, stunts your growth, & gives you cancer. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to quit.

If you already started drinking you're on your way to being a full blooded alcoholic or worse by 21.

lol u are

Chey Hale
you are addicted, find a way to stop, or you will die young.

If you have to ask....

Stop unless you want to end up like... Sorry can't say JUST STOP UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE!

Been There~Done That!
2 a day dear is not as bad as some that smoke a half or a pack a day.

Stop while you can.

The Wolf and Me
everyone who smokes is addicted.

My Evil Twin
Of course you're addicted. That's what cigarettes are designed to do.

yeap you are addicted...

You are psychologically addicted, but are unlikely to be physically addicted as the amount of nicotine in 2 cigarettes a day is not enough to cause physical addiction. Psychological addictions can be as hard to break as physical ones though

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