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black licorice
Why does my friend have a scent?
One of my good friends smells weird sometimes. It's not necessarily offensive like a bathroom smell but it's not very pleasant either. Sometimes when I'm in her room (we're in college) it makes my stomach hurt a little bit.

I'm pretty sure she showers daily, so I don't know what the smell could be but apparently two other people have commented on it.

Is it just her, uh, "scent"??
Additional Details
it's not a fishy or yeasty smell...it's a strange smell i've never smelled before...sometimes i wonder if it's just gas or something, but...uh...idk

Ben L
i know where your coming from, you just got to ignore it. Its just how her body smells and there is nothing you can do except hurt her feelings so just ignore it

its probably her hair. even though its clean if its thick or coarse it and she does stuff to it it might smell.

Brian G
sometimes it depends on where she lives or what she washes her clothes with or the shampoo she uses.

Angel M
well I think everybody has a sent. If she works out daily or something she stinks because of hormones and it stinks or she is on her period.

maybe she has a stack of cocaine hiding somewhere...cocaine has a strange scent to it

Nate Boy
um, my friend and his house smell too, but the smell is good. It's a cold, musty smell that's pretty good. (lol I'm weird)

Genetics...or diet.

Sweet smells can be caused by Indian cuisine, or a ketosis condition.
Indian cuisine good. Ketosis bad.

dr. hoops
dude i know exactly what u mean...its like thier "family scent"

nuttin u can do about it tho, sorry

Super Dog says:
Maybe its a perfume she's wearing. Try buying her a new one for her birthday and she'll start using it!
Good luck and happy smelling, Super Dog

Heather G
yes, everyone has their own scent. which is also the reason that fragrances smell different on people. I don't know why this is. and you just don't realize it because you never smell your own since you live with it.

Willyafro G*
Everyone has a natural odour trust me its normal whether it smells nice or not isn't the point they can't change only get rid of it by deodrants and other sprays.

miss c
Wow! well everybody has there own scent. some stronger than others some more smelly some more sweet. It may be her diet does she eat a lot of ethnic food? Sometimes what you eat can seep through the pores.

Taylor Swift Rox, Got that?
Maybe its her shampoo?

Plaid Shirts
yes. it could just be her smell. she cant change that. if its REALLY bothering you, then ask her about it

Some people sometimes emit certain odors and they aren't even aware of it until someone tells them. She may be eating something on a regular basis like garlic or she may take medication that is causing the odor. Why not tactfully ask. If she is your friend she shouldn't get offended. For some odd reason I went through a period of time that no deodorant would work on me. The deodorant I was used to using was no longer working. I have no idea what I did differently but this went on for six months and it suddenly went away. It was weird.

John K
diet, curry, greens, brocili?

heyy â„“.o.v.e <3
um she probably has rotting food in her room or she jus doesn't use deoderant:P ew thts just wrong:/

Jamie's Mom
i had a friend that smelled weird, but it was because she never washed her clothes and they smelled like old milk. her house smelled the same because it was never cleaned

edward m
I think everyone has their own certain scent or smell. Kind of like whenever you walk into someones house it has its own smell to it whether it be good or bad...i think its just her natural body scent or maybe shampoo

i bet it is the food that is cooked in the house

Lola F
You could always try the ol' *sniff sniff* "Do you smell that?" and just kinda follow her lead. Don't say anything derogatory, like "Well it's kinda gross"... just kinda say you smell something - sniff your own wrist, ask if you can sniff hers ("are you wearing new perfume?"). That kinda thing. Maybe she'll own up to something...?

lover not a fighter
Many people release many types of odor chemicals from their body. This is not strange for that it is the same for us men have smelly armpits than girl. just that our body releases chemicals at a faster rate. Many women are different some release chemicals more than women, even if they shower everyday. Its just how the body is.

it could be her hair... many girls take showers but dont always wash their hair kinda gets smelly

Lil D
Everyone has their own natural scent..sometimes it can be a little weird.
There's really nothing you can do about it.. but get use to it.

Some people have natural body odor. It is a real condition - sometimes brought on my certain skin conditions like eczema.

Also, if you friend is overweight, that can cause issues as well. I'm not trying to pick on anyone as my son is also overweight, but extremely overweight people can shower daily and unfortunately they will still sweat in the folds of their skin causing an odor. My son showers 2x a day and still has an odor sometimes and he has both conditions - exzema and body weight issues.

Please do not make fun of this person, sometimes body odor cannot be helped. It's not always caused by not showering.

she might not wash her clothes

some people emit weird gases and hormones through their skin. and its college weird smells happen. oh and if u rlly dnt like it buy deoderant 4 her b-day

The more oil you have in your skin, the different scent you have.

Maybe she goes places that have stinky smells. Or it could just be a family scent. if you want to say something like that.

victimOF YAcultures &group
She probably doesn't wash her clothes often and re-wears her jeans a couple of times without washing them.

I am a pony.
she may shower but does she wash her clothes?

Slate Jacko
It could be from her diet.
It could be that she smokes/drinks a lot. (You don`t have to smell of either)
It could be a liver problem....see if when she washes that she gets a good lather...there could be an acid/ alkaline imbalance.
It could be her feet, Halitosis, Dirty Clothes in her room.
Or a myriad of other things....check under her bed for long dead pizza`s, spilt milk........................
Tell her!

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